Best Spirit Moments: On Stage

Hey, blog world! For those of you who don’t know, my favorite place in the world (Spirit of Newfoundland) turns 20 this year!!! Yay!!! I have been a fan of theirs since I was 10 years old. To date, I have been to 33 of their shows and have loved every minute of each one! I loved some so much that I’ve seen them multiple times (I’ve seen “Duet Yourself” and “Where Once They Stood” twice and “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop” 4 times!) A few nights ago, I saw their newest show, “The Young and the Rest Of Us” and in it, they showcased their favorite moments from past shows! I thought I would do the same! Here are some of my favorite moments from shows done by Spirit of Newfoundland!

  • Victoria Badcock (whom I heard passed away last year. R.I.P sweet lady) made a special guest appearance in Spirit’s 100th-anniversary celebration of Bowering Park in 2014. She was there on that day 100 years ago when the park opened. Hearing her stories of the events of that day was incredible!
  • In 2014, they remounted “Grinch Dressing & Gravy” for the Christmas season. It was a Newfoundland… or rather “Whofoundland” adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss story. At the end of the show, there’s quite the plot twist! It’s revealed to the Grinch that all thanks to the night he spent in the back of a Jetta in the Whovelon Mall parking lot with Martha-May Who, he is Cindy-Lou Who’s father. This happens post heart growth, so of course, the news makes him very happy! He gives her a big hug. It’s so sweet!
  • The year before that, they performed “Christmas Around The World”. Michael Power delivered the most beautiful monologue! “Christmas Memories From Around The Bay”. He was Poppy John who was spending Christmas in St. John’s with his family. He doesn’t feel quite at home. There’s so much chaos going on Christmas morning with beeping, buzzing, his grandkids tearing open their presents, etc. Then… the power goes out. Poppy John becomes the center of attention as he recounts stories from his Christmases past.
  • In the summer of 2014, they performed “Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D” and one of the segments of the show was called “Beatles: Through The Ages”. The best part of that was when they rapped “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”! It sounded awesome!
  • Whenever Michael Power plays a skeet, he always has a smoke. I don’t know how he does it, but he blows smoke rings! It astounds me every time! It’s the coolest thing!
  • In “Sinatra On The Rocks” last summer, Evan Smith absolutely blew my mind when he played piano backward! He sat on top of the back of the piano, leaned over and played the keys! I couldn’t believe it!
  • I got to perform on stage with Spirit of Newfoundland on various occasions. Peter Halley and I performed “Think Of Me” from “Phantom of the Opera” at the Mother’s Day brunch in 2014. Both of us forgot the words, but we did our best! I also got to perform “The Mummer’s Song” with Janet Cull at the Christmas luncheon in 2013, which was a ton of fun. In 2015, I got to perform “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” on stage at the Christmas luncheon with Shelley and Peter and share with the audience why that song means so much to me. Each time I got to go on stage, it was the absolute most incredible feeling! Getting to perform with my wonderful friends and musical idols was a dream come true for me!
  • Boomer Stamp is Spirit of Newfoundland’s drummer, and was also formerly the drummer for the Wonderful Grand Band. Not only this, but he is also a comic genius! He writes a lot of parodies that are used in Spirit of Newfoundland shows! There is no video evidence of this on YouTube, though I wish there was, but one of his best in my opinion was his parody of “Galway Bay”

Maybe one day I’ll go back again to Ireland, if me dear old wife would only pass away. Sure she’s got me heart broke with her bloody naggin’! She’s got a mouth the size of Galway Bay!

  • In 2014, Spirit of Newfoundland performed in my neck of the woods! They performed their show “Skeets, Snobs & Peppermint Nobs” at the Legion as part of the Kelligrews Soiree. In that show, Erin Winsor sang a “proper English” version of our Newfoundland classic “I’se Da B’y!” This is the original

I’se da b’y dat builds da boat and I’se da b’y dat sails ‘er. I’se da b’y dat catches da fish and brings ’em home to Lizer

And this is Erin’s version

I am the boy who constructed the vessel. I am the boy who navigated it. I am the boy who apprehended the species and transported them home to Elizabeth.

She sang it in an operatic way and my jaw nearly hit the floor! It was absolutely breathtaking!

  • In 2011, I went with my parents to see “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”. Peter told the audience that his favorite ABBA song is one that is sung by the girls, but is from the perspective of two men. He asked the audience if they knew what song it was (click here to find out). I assumed that question answering protocol at a fancy dinner theater show such as this was the same as at school, so I raised my hand to answer the question. Peter was astounded by this! He said he felt like he was back in his classroom! He thought I was very polite for raising my hand. Later in the show, he asked another question to the audience, does anyone have a favorite ABBA song that hasn’t yet been sung. Again, I raised my hand to answer. He was talking to a group of ladies when he saw my hand in the air. He told them that their answer is void now because they were not as polite as I was and didn’t raise their hands! This by far is my most favorite onstage moment at Spirit, because it led to me getting to meet Peter after the show. We very quickly became best friends!
  • “Funerals Are For Dating” is my favorite scene from the show “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”. The scene is set in a funeral home and the characters in this scene are Margaret, an elderly woman who has accompanied her friend to a wake, and Barry who has arrived early for the 4:30 wake he was to be attending. They cross paths and begin talking to each other and eventually Barry starts hitting on Margaret! This scene, and the accompanying song “I Can Live With That” make me laugh a lot and make my heart feel happy, especially the last line of the song when they say to each other

No matter, I can live with you

Seniors in love is the sweetest thing!

  • Near the end of “Where Once They Stood”, the cast (Kara Noftle, John Williams, Keith Power, Sheila Williams, Shelley Neville and Peter Halley) sing “Willie McBride”. It’s hauntingly beautiful! Especially when they harmonize on the chorus. I got chills both times I heard them perform it.
  • In 2015, they did a show called “Women Doin’ Men”. Please retrieve your minds from the gutter, because the title does not mean what you think it does! Anyway, Kelly-Ann Evans was one of the stars of the show and she is an absolutely phenomenal performer! She did a tribute to Freddy Mercury and not only looked absolutely smot in her outfit, but she brought the house down with her killer performance of “Somebody To Love”! To use one of her words, I thought that part of the show was amaze-balls!
  • Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the Spirit of Newfoundland song! That’s my favorite part of any night out at Spirit! It’s such a beautiful song that makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy inside.

There you have it! My favorite onstage moments from Spirit of Newfoundland shows! Come back tomorrow to see my favorite memories away from the stage!




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