Donuts and Dragons

Hey blog world! I love board games! They are one of my favorite things to do with my friends. In fact, I have a game night at my house once a week! My top 3 favorite games are Ticket To Ride, Exploding Kittens and Party Encore. About a month ago, mom and I were on our way to Costco and along the way, I noticed a new building with a picture of a dragon on its sign. I leaned a little closer to the window for a better look and saw that this building was called “Donuts & Dragons Board Game Café”. I got really excited! A new board game café and it’s a little bit closer to my house than Mochanopoly, the other one downtown! I couldn’t wait to try it!

Yesterday was the big day! I had nothing on the go, so I thought I’d kick off my summer break by having a game day with some friends! I invited my board game buddy Kristen who loves board games as much as I do and comes to my weekly game nights, and my friend Erin who I love hanging out with but don’t get to see very often.

We got there and one of the first things I noticed was balloons!!!!! They were everywhere! I felt really uneasy and anxious. I’m a globophobe, which means I am absolutely petrified of balloons! I made sure to pick a table that didn’t have any nearby!

Another thing I noticed when I came in was how friendly the staff are! Literally seconds after we walked in the door, an employee greeted us with a big smile on his face! He welcomed us to the café, asked if we were here before and when we said no, he gave us a rundown of how everything worked. I loved everything about that encounter.

We paid for our games as soon as we came in. The prices were very reasonable. $2.50 for the first hour of gaming and if you stay any longer than that, it’ll cost you only $6.00! $6.00 to sit down for however long you like and play board games I think is a great deal! It should also be noted that mini meeples, children 8 and under play for free! That’s awesome!

Yesterday was a beautiful and hot day! Summer actually came to Newfoundland this year! Yay! Because it’s hot out, Erin, Kristen and me each decided to try a milkshake. Erin and I had a creamsicle shake and Kristen had french vanilla. I thought the shake was delicious! It tasted just like a creamsicle! It was very smooth, not too sweet and had lots of yummy whipped cream on top. 10/10.

We walked over to the board game shelf, and along came that same employee that greeted us to explain how their color coding system on the game boxes works. Did I mention how prompt, friendly and awesome the staff are?! He explained what all the different color stickers meant and when Kristen had a few questions about the Sushi Go expansion pack she’d found, he answered them for her.

I looked at the shelf and to be honest was a little disappointed. There were not many games I recognized. Only a handful. For a listing of their games, click here. However, we did manage to find two games that we know and love and one that I had been dying to try since I heard that the café had a copy!

That game was “Snake Oil”. You know how in some movies/tv shows/musicals  there are sleazy people trying to con folks into buying some sort of miracle elixir that they claim will do amazing things for you, but really nothing will happen, like Pirelli from “Sweeney Todd” for example? That’s basically the premise of this game! We are salespeople trying to sell our customers outlandish things! In each round, one player is the customer and the rest are salespeople. The customer picks a customer card and the salespeople pick 6 word cards. The sellers have to pick two word cards out of their hand and combine them to make a product to sell the customer.

For example, in one round Erin, the customer, was a zombie and I was a salesperson. Using two of my word cards, I created the Cliff Stool (TM)! Zombies, they come in all shapes and sizes right? Some may be a little bit shorter than others! For those particular zombies it may be hard to reach humans who are in high places, like cliffs for example! That’s where the Cliff Stool comes in handy! Small enough to fit into your pants pocket, pull out the Cliff Stool, set it on the ground, step on and it automatically lifts you up to the top of the cliff so you can chase after that delicious human brain that you were once too short to reach!

After the salespeople are finished pitching their products, the customer has to pick which product they liked best. The salesperson who pitched that product gets to keep the customer card! The Cliff Stool (TM) was the chosen purchase of Erin the zombie so I won that round! In the end, it was Erin who won with 4 customer cards. Kristen got 3 and I had 2. Even though I lost I still had an absolute blast playing! All three of us did! “Snake Oil” is such a funny game! Once I save up a bit of money I’m going to buy it on Amazon!

The next game we played was one of me and Kristen’s favorite games to play together, “Sushi Go”! This is one of our go to games at our weekly game nights. It’s simple, quick and lots of fun! Erin had only played the game once before at my Birthday party and wasn’t as familiar with it as we were. She couldn’t remember exactly how to play so we explained it to her again and she caught on pretty quick! She managed to come in second place! I was happy for her.

Playing “Sushi Go” made me hungry, so I went up to the counter to see what they had to offer in terms of snacks. I saw a very enticing cupcake in the display case called (and read this in your best Gollum voice) “My Precious”! It was a chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting topped with a mini donut! I had very high hopes for this. I took a bite and was sadly not impressed. The cupcake and donut but tasted kind of bitter. I didn’t really like that, the cream cheese icing was really good though! 4/10.

Our last game of the day was Exploding Kittens! Another favorite of Kristen and I on our game nights. Erin really likes it too! It is a very cutthroat game. There are no friends in Exploding Kittens! Kristen kept screwing me over and trying to blow me up! Little shagger!

As we played this game, Erin noticed something interesting on the TV screen nearby us. “That game they’re playing looks interesting!” she said. I turned my head and on the screen were the guys from the YouTube channel Dice Tower playing “Concept”. I thought it was really cool that as we played games we could watch them play too! Dice Tower is one of my favorite channels to watch on YouTube. I love their top 10 list and board game reviews.

Once I blew up and ended our game of “Exploding Kittens” it was time to go. I thanked both my friends for coming out today and said that I had a lot of fun and they were both great players of all three of our games! I didn’t care that I didn’t win at all today, I had a ton of fun and that’s what mattered most to me.

The service is awesome, as are the milkshakes and the fact you can watch Dice Tower on a big screen TV, but the food was rather disappointing and there weren’t enough games I recognised. I give Donuts and Dragons a 5/10. It was nice to go yesterday and try it out, but once was enough for me.

Have you been to Donuts and Dragons yet? What did you think? Tell me in the comments.



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