Just Like You

In response to today’s Daily Post


  • Self-employed DJ
  • Avid scrapbooker
  • Country music fan

Brooke 2

  • Diva
  • Loves flirting with boys (especially married men!)
  • Favorite author: Robert Munsch


  • Cat whisperer
  • Photographer (people, food and animals are her favorite subjects)
  • Loves to play board games (especially “Adventure Time Monopoly”)

Fancy Glen

  • Toronto Maple Leafs fan
  • Best waltzer I know
  • Loves singing karaoke

Me and Brooke's party

  • Loves going window shopping downtown
  • Addicted to Jelly Belly jellybeans
  • Obsessed with musical theater


As you can see, my friends and I who have special needs lead normal lives and have interests and hobbies and talents, just like you! We’re really not all that different. Instead of judging us or deciding right away that you don’t like us because we have special needs,  get to know us! You’ll discover the awesome people that we are!



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