Please and Thank You: A Social Experiment, Day Two

Hey blog world! Just to quickly recap, I’m doing a social experiment all weekend. I’m taking note of how many times I say please and thank you to others and how many times it’s said to me. These are my results from yesterday. To view my results from Friday, click here

Yesterday morning, I woke up and took out my iPod to see how my Springfield is getting on (Simpson’s Tapped Out is my favorite app!) and I noticed that there was something new on my home screen. My niece had downloaded, a music video making app that she’s obsessed with. I went to her room and talked to her about this. I said “Please don’t download apps onto my iPod without my permission.” She apologized and all was well again.

Later that day, I went to my voice lesson. Before Christmas, I left a Christmas card with my teacher to give to my friend who is also one of his students. He usually has a lesson right after me, but I hadn’t seen him in a long time! Yesterday, he came for his lesson and my teacher gave him the card. I was in the kitchen (my teacher teaches from home) going over what we’d done that day and he called out thank you. I said you’re welcome. I was glad he finally got his card! 

When I got home, I tidied my room and the living room and set some snacks out on the coffee table. My friend Kristen was coming over to play board games!

She gave me a call as she was about to leave and she said that her and her mom were going to stop into Tim Horton’s on the way to pick up some Timbits and asked if me, my niece or my parents wanted anything to drink. That was so nice! I asked for a candy cane hot chocolate and made sure to say thank you very much to her and her mom when they arrived.

Our first game of the evening was Adventure Time Monopoly. Whenever Kristen landed on my property, I almost always politely said please when I asked for the money I was owed and thank you when I received it.

We had pizza for supper! I love putting Parmesan cheese on mine! Kristen does too. She asked me to pass it to her and said thank you when I did.

Again today, I noticed that I said please and thank you more than I heard it. I wonder what today will bring? Come back tonight to find out!



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