Please and Thank You: A Social Experiment, Day 1

Hey blog world! One of my courses in my second semester of Early Childhood Education at CONA is Human Relations/Communications. Today in class, the teacher gave us a social experiment to try. Take note of how many times over the weekend someone says please and/or thank you to you and how many times you say it to people. I was very interested to see what would happen. These are my results from today.

I can’t remember what it was for exactly, but my creative experiences teacher thanked us for something at the end of class today.

After school, I took the bus to the mall to go to a movie with my friend. Upon entering the bus, I set my things down on my seat, got my fare from my wallet and handed it to the driver. He responded with a disgruntled “Yeah… go ahead.” I smiled at him and said “May I please have a transfer?” He printed it out and gave it to me without a word. He must have been having a long day. Poor guy.

My friend and I soon arrived at the mall. We walked to the theater and got into the snack line. When it was my turn to go up, I said to the cashier, “May I please have a regular popcorn and a Nestea?” When it was time to pay, I noticed the screen in front of me showing what I bought and my total owed also mentioned the cashier’s name. I gave the man my money and he gave me my food. I smiled and said “Thank you Cody.” and he smiled back.

The next person I saw was the ticket attendant. I gave him my ticket, he ripped off the stub and handed the ticket back to me, along with my 3D glasses. I said “Thank you very much!” and a smile came across the man’s face and he said “You’re welcome! Enjoy your movie and have a great afternoon!” He didn’t seem too happy when I first walked up to him, then my thank you changed him completely! It made me happy to see that. I was glad I brightened his day a little.

When I got home, I wanted to finish a painting I’d been working on. I took it down from the shelf where I laid it to dry, got my gold paint and then went looking for my palette. I usually leave it on the back of my easel, but to make room for our Christmas presents, the easel got taken apart and moved into the porch. I looked around it and couldn’t find it. I looked in a few other places and still couldn’t find the palette. I asked mom if she knew where it was. She didn’t. I thanked her anyway. I went into the kitchen and took a paper towel to put my paint on. While there, I noticed mom was baking pies. Her lemon meringue pie looked nice, so I told her “That looks pretty!” she gave a little laugh and said “You don’t even like lemon meringue!” I said “That’s true, but even so, I think it looks nice.” she laughed again. I was a little surprised my attempt at a compliment wasn’t thanked.

Later, I needed to use the golden sharpie to write something on my painting. Mom told me it was in her room. I went in to look for the Sharpie and while there, I also found a Mars bar! I asked mom who owned it and she said I could have it if I wanted it! That was nice of her so I said thank you.

Soon after this, dad called and said he’d pick up supper for me and my niece. That was very nice of him so I said “Thank you very much”. I said it again when he called back a few minutes ago asking what I wanted from McDonald’s.

At the table, as I enjoyed my Bacon McDouble, fries and blueberry pomegranate smoothie, I told my niece about this experiment. She said “Here, I’ll help! Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.” 11 year old’s, cute little things aren’t they? I laughed and said “Good try, and I appreciate your trying to help, but my teacher meant sincere pleases and thank you’s.” She said “Come on! That’s got to count for something! Include me in this experiment, please?!” She managed to find a loophole with that one, so now she is a part of my notes! She then thanked me for that. Two for two Sam, good job.

I was honestly surprised that I only heard two thank yous today and no pleases. I said both so many times to so many people, and seldom heard it said to me! I will admit, there were one or two instances today when I could and should have said please and thank you, but didn’t.  Please and thank you can go a long way as I experienced today. Try your best to use them as often as you can!

I’m very curious to see what the rest of the weekend will bring! Come back tomorrow night and Sunday night to see my results!



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