Spirit Christmas Luncheon 2016

Hey blog world! My boyfriend Glen and I had the most wonderful afternoon out last Saturday. We went to Spirit of Newfoundland and watched our dear friends Peter Halley and Shelley perform in the Christmas luncheon!

Doing so is our anniversary tradition! A few weeks ago, on December 6th, we celebrated two years together! Saturday was a late celebration, but it was a celebration none the less! Anyway, I’m so thankful that I was blessed with such a sweet, funny, gentlemanly young man. Glen has given me the best two years of my life!

When we arrived at the Masonic Temple, the doors to the dining/stage area weren’t open quite yet, so we went to the bar and ordered our favorite drink for when we feel like being fancy; cranberry mocktails! Cranberry juice and tonic water. It’s very refreshing.

Soon after our drinks, the doors to the dining/stage area opened! We went in and took our seats. We had a great view of the stage from our table!

A little later, it was time to eat. Last Saturday was slightly unlike most Spirit of Newfoundland shows. Usually, they have a set menu, a pre planned appetizer and dessert and choice of two main course options. With the luncheons, they have a buffet appetizer and dessert and choice of two main course options. When I went up to the appetizer buffet, I saw a salad bar, turkey soup, and a few pre made salads. I was very pleased to see that Chef Alex had prepared his macaroni salad again this year. It’s absolutely amazing! I, of course, had to have some. It was as delicious as I remembered it! Glen absolutely loved it too!  If you come across this blog post Alex, please send me the recipe!!!

The choices we had for main courses was either cod au gratin or turkey. Glen and I both opted for the cod. It was pretty good! The cheese sauce was very light and creamy and really accentuated the flavor of the cod. 7/10! It came with some carrots, broccoli, mashed turnip and mashed potato. I’m not a fan of mashed turnip, but all the other veggies were really yummy! Glen and I both really enjoyed our meal.

Saturday’s show, as always was absolutely magnificent! They opened with my most favorite Christmas carol, “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”. To most people, Rudolph is just a cutesy song for little kids, but to me, it has a much deeper meaning. Click here to find out more. When Shelley and Peter started singing the song, my eyes immediately started filling up with happy tears. This song always makes me emotional.

One of the nice things about the luncheon show is that there’s no set list! They take a lot of audience requests. One such request was made by Glen. He asked to hear his favorite Christmas song, “Joy To The World”. Shelley happily obliged. When she sang, I was floored! She has such a breathtaking voice! It’s like listening to an angel sing!

I also made a special request to hear “Baby It’s Cold Outside” for me and Glen. When they sang it for us, I put my arm around Glen and we sang along to each other.  It was one of my favorite parts of the afternoon.

A lady asked for “The Cherry Tree Carol” and Peter sang it for her. He had a little mix up with the words, but he made a great recovery. He laughed it off and started the verse over. He made it through without any more issues! Even though he had a little mishap, I still thought he did an excellent job with the song.

Before Peter sang “The Christmas Song”, he told us how the song came to be. I thought that story was quite interesting! The song was actually written in the middle of a heatwave! In an effort to cool themselves down, the writers of the song (Bob Wells and Mel Tormé) wrote down the coldest things they could possibly think of, and looking at their list they thought it would be great material for a song, and the rest was history! I love learning interesting new things like that! I also loved hearing Peter sing the song! His voice is so velvety, smooth and enchanting!

A little later in the show, the staff laid out the desert buffet. There were so many yummy things there! One of which was screech cake!!!!! Spirit of Newfoundland makes the best screech cake you will ever eat! Pair it with some nice warm screech caramel sauce and your taste buds will sing! I highly recommend buying a cake to enjoy over Christmas. They are available in Spirit of Newfoundland’s screech room and at Rocket Bakery on Water Street!

Another of my favorite parts of the afternoon was when they sang “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve”. Peter and Shelley sound beautiful when they sing on their own, but even more so when they sing together! This performance was so moving that I came very close to crying!
The Christmas season is now officially allowed to start because Shelley has sung “O Holy Night”. For me, it’s not Christmas until I hear her do this. Her version of this song is one that the entire world should hear! It’s absolutely magical! It will give your heart a warm, fuzzy feeling and leave you absolutely speechless! I can’t wait to hear her do it again Wednesday night in her annual “O Holy Night” concert at the Arts and Culture Centre!

At the end of the show, we had a little chat with Peter. We told him how much we enjoyed ourselves and how incredible we thought the show was! Glen also said that he forgot to sing Jingle Bells. Peter had promised it to him earlier and accidentally forgot. Peter apologized and said to come into the Screech Room and we’ll do it right now! We had so much fun singing together!

After that, we all got a picture together! Luncheon 2016.jpgI’m so blessed to have these three wonderful people in my life!

On the way out from the show, we had the most incredible chance meeting! As Glen and I were walking to my dad’s car, I don’t remember who had the first word, but either Glen said hello to a man sweeping snow off his car, or the man said hello to us. I turned to look at this person and see who he was, and I recognized his face instantly and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! It was Phil Churchill of the band The Once! Holy firetruck, that was cool! I said “You’re from The Once aren’t you?” and he said yes. I told him that I was a big fan and we shook hands and introduced ourselves. We had a little conversation about the weather, The Once, and Christmas. He even complimented my outfit and said I looked very wintery! That made me smile. He was a really nice and down to earth guy. I’m glad we got to meet him today. I hope to get to see The Once in concert someday soon!

Last saturday was an absolutely fantastic day! Thank you, Peter, Shelley, and Phil for making it so special!



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