Blasting Broadway

Hey blog world! One of the newest memes that’s been trending lately is “Blasting Music”. Lyrics to a song that make you turn it up accompanied of course by a picture of a blasting volume knob and someone enjoying the music! Click here to see some examples. I’ve seen a ton of these and realized there are none for thespians! I have to fix that! Here are some “Blasting Music” memes for the Broadway obsessed!


“I’m alive, I’m alive, I am so alive and I feed on the fear that’s behind your eyes. And I need you to need me, its no surprise I’m alive.

“Omigod, Omigod you guys! Looks like Elle’s gonna win the prize! If there ever was a perfect couple this one qualifies! Omigod you guys!”


“I think I’ll try defying gravity!”

“Life is really up to you, you must choose what to pursue! Set your mind on what to find and there’s nothing you can’t do!”

“Electricity sparks inside of me and I’m free, I’m free!”

Touch me! It’s so easy to leave me all alone with the memory of my days in the sun!

Suddenly Seymour is standing beside you. You don’t need no makeup, don’t have to pretend! Suddenly Seymour is here to provide you with sweet understanding. Seymour’s your friend!

“It’s just a jump to the left…”

“I only want to say, if there is a way…”

“Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya tomorrow! You’re only a day away!”

“He had it comin’! He had it comin’! He only had himself to blame! If you had been there, if you had seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!”

Did I miss any? Feel free to make your own and share in the comments!



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