Top 13 things I’d like for my Birthday

In response to this week’s WordPress discover challenge

Hey blog world! My Birthday is coming up soon! It’s hard to believe that on Sunday I’ll be 19!!! It’s crazy how fast time flies by! I’ll officially be a grown up (19 is legal drinking age in NL) and that honestly is a little scary. The one thing I am looking forward to about being 19 is finally being able to get into the Fifth Ticket piano bar and listen to my friend Evan play the piano. This is what I would like this year for my Birthday.

13: “Ticket to Ride”: This is a board game where your objective is to claim railway routes connecting cities across the world. I first discovered this game at my Church’s youth group and had a great time playing it. I’d like to get it for my Birthday so I can teach it to my family and play it more often.

12: New flats: I need a new pair badly!!! The ones I currently have are my only pair of nice dress shoes and they have holes and the insoles are coming out!

11: The “Bob’s Burgers” coloring book: I am a huge “Bob’s Burgers” fan! I even dressed up as Louise for Halloween this year! louise-ears When I heard that a “Bob’s Burgers” adult coloring book was recently released, I got very excited! I hope Beefsquatch will make an appearance somewhere in the book! He’d be fun to color in!

10: Canvases: I’m an artist and sell my paintings to raise money for the Masonic Temple Restoration Fund. I can never have too many canvases.

9: “Billy Elliot The Musical: Live!” I first saw this masterpiece on Netflix. I fell in love with it! “Billy Elliot” is such a beautiful and inspiring show. It’s the story of a young boy in England who is enrolled in boxing lessons but doesn’t like going to them. One day, he happens upon a ballet class and his life is changed. He is amazed by what he sees and realizes that this is what he wants to do instead of boxing. His father as you can guess is disapproving of this. Not only is the story uplifting and inspiring, but it has some breathtaking musical numbers too. “Electricity” is my favorite.  Now that I have cancelled my Netflix subscription, I’d like to get this movie on DVD.

8: The Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO set: November first was a special day. John, Paul, George, Ringo and their iconic yellow submarine were immortalized in LEGO form! Being the huge Beatles fan that I am, I would love to get this set, put it together and display it in my room!

7: The Jelly Belly 50 Flavor gift box: I’m a sucker for Jelly Bellies! They are my favorite candy ever! It’d be nice to get a big box for my Birthday! One thing I like about this big box is that there are some flavors in the box that I haven’t tried yet! I’m very curious to try out the A&W Root Beer bean. I like how A&W Root Beer tastes in it’s liquid form, I wonder what the Jelly Belly jellybean is like?

6: Beanboozled 4th edition: I am also a sucker for punishment! Just for a laugh I’d like to get this and try it out! I’ve done the Beanboozled challenge before, but they have since updated it and made a few modifications and additions that weirdly, I’m curious to try. Coconut’s evil twin is now spoiled milk and they have added two new beans, strawberry banana smoothie/dead fish and caramel corn/moldy cheese.

5: “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down”: I have a strong feeling my niece bought this for me, but can’t be sure until Sunday night. She always buys me the newest “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” book for my Birthday. It’s one of my favorite series of books! I always crack up laughing when I read them! I can’t wait to see what Greg gets up to in this next one!

4: “VeggieTales: All The Shows Vol. 1”: I’ve been watching “VeggieTales” since I was little. I still love to watch it! In my opinion, you are never too old to laugh and learn along with Bob, Larry and all the others! While I do like the newer VeggieTales (“It’s A Meaningful Life” is my favorite of the more recent episodes), the classic shows that I grew up with are my favorites. I have a lot of them on VHS, but my VCR kicked the bucket years ago so I have no way to watch them. I’d give anything to once again watch the Philistines pelt Josh and his friends with slurpees and Rack, Shack and Benny get thrown into the furnace for refusing to sing “The Bunny Song“. I’m so happy that there is a way for me to do that! There is a box set available with all the classic VeggieTales episodes from 1993 onward. I hope to get this box set so that I can relive those memories, and introduce them to my boyfriend who is only familiar with the recent VeggieTales.

3: James Taylor’s greatest hits CD: Last May, my best friend celebrated his Birthday. As an early present, I took him to see James Taylor at the Mile 1 Centre. It was a magical evening! Before that night I had never heard of James Taylor. Now, I’m a big fan! His music gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart and makes me feel calm and relaxed. My favorite one of his songs is a tie between “Sweet Baby James” and “Up On The Roof”. Many a night, I fall asleep listening to a James Taylor greatest hits playlist on YouTube. I’d like to actually have his greatest hits CD so I can listen to him offline. It would be nice to have in the car.

2: A stuffed Rudolph doll: Rudolph holds a very special place in my heart. He’s my little kindred spirit. Just like him, I was born a little differently than my peers (I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of Autism) and was bullied because of that. The end of Rudolph’s song where he gets to lead the sleigh and all the other reindeer finally love and accept him fills my heart up with so much joy and hope! I wish that someday I’ll be accepted by my peers. I would be so happy to have a little Rudolph of my own to cuddle with.

1: A Skype call to my family in Australia: I have some family living in Australia, my sister is originally from Newfoundland, but met and married an Australian and now they live together somewhere in Australia (they move around the country so often its hard to keep up with them!) Together they had the most adorable little boy who is now two years old! He’s the most precious thing! Because Newfoundland and Australia are on opposite sides of the world, I rarely get to see them in person. We do our best to Skype whenever we can. I really hope that I’ll be able to Skype with them on my Birthday! It would be the best Birthday gift in the world!

I’m really looking forward to my Birthday party with my friends on Saturday and my family party on Sunday. Spending time with the people I love is my most favorite thing about my Birthday.



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