Things That Make Me Happy

Hey blog world! Today is just one of those days, you know the ones, you wake up in the morning and feel totally blah and down in the dumps. That’s how I am today. I needed to find something to cheer me up. I decided to make a list of things that make me happy.

1: The “VeggieTales” YouTube channel: On a day like this, hearing Archie’s Monty Pythonesque rant about how Larry’s Water Buffalo song is too silly or watching Larry try and explain to Bob the difference between a monkey and ape never fails to make me laugh and put a smile on my face! Having all the veggie silliness readily available at the click of a mouse is truly a wonderful thing!

2: Cats: My sweet little fur baby, Prince Ozzy is one of the loves of my life. His weirdness makes me laugh (he loves relaxing in the bathtub and he zones out if you turn on “Archer”), he’s so soft and cuddly and is such a sweet and loving little creature. I love to sit and cuddle with him. Sometimes I sing to him and he holds my hand! That melts my heart.

3: The wicker chairs by the train set in the kid’s section of Chapters: Babies and young children are some of my favorite human beings. They are so innocent, cute and playful! I go to Chapters twice a week to kill time before work and my favorite place to sit and read is in one of the wicker chairs by the train set. I love watching the children play with the toys. It makes my heart feel happy, warm and fuzzy.

4: “Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise!”

My favorite quote from “Les Miserables”. Today has been pretty sucky,  but I know that tomorrow is a new day and there’s hope that it will be better than today was.

5: “We could be shoveling rocks for a living.” – Peter Halley

Another very poignant quote. My friend Peter said this to the cast of “Sinatra On The Rock” during a pep talk before they went onstage. It really stood out to me. It reminded me to  be thankful for the hand I’ve been dealt. I`m happy with the life that I have and am glad that everything is the way it is for me. Let this remind you too that even if you don’t think you do, you’ve got it really good! You could be shoveling rocks, but you’re not!

6: Friends: I’m going to come right out and say it, I have the absolute firetrucking best! My Facebook has been dinging with notifications from them sending messages of support and cheering up. Reading all their messages has really put a smile on my face and helped me to feel a little happier. Thanks, everyone! I’m so happy to have such wonderful friends who are always there for me in my time of need.

7: Imagination: Never outgrow your imagination! It keeps you young and it`s a great way to relax and feel happy. A few weeks ago, I texted Peter asking if his dog was home. He has the most adorable golden doodle on the face of the earth! His name is Frenchy. I was going to visit Peter and hoped Frenchy would be home too as I hadn’t seen him in a while and really missed him. Peter said, “No, he went to Hollywood for the weekend.” I thought “Hollywood? Wow! That’s my dream trip! Frenchy is so lucky to be there!” I soon got another text from Peter that simply said “Holyrood”. Silly autocorrect! I laughed and imagined what if the text was right and Frenchy really was in Hollywood. I pictured him on the walk of fame. I imagined how funny it would be if he lifted his leg on Trump’s star!! Then I thought, what if Frenchy got his own! That would be amazing! I spent my whole afternoon that day daydreaming and imagining Frenchy’s trip to Hollywood. It made me smile.

8: Cheesecake: Cheesecake, one of God’s greatest blessings to the world! It’s my favorite desert ever and it’s my comfort food. It makes me happy thinking about it, and even more so eating it! Cheesecake is so creamy, soft and absolutely delicious! There are millions of varieties and ways to eat it! No bake, deep fried, stuffed in cupcakes, bite sized, oh my gosh, my mouth is watering just typing all this! Excuse me while I go to Mochanopoly for a piece! Tulip Baroo, owned by Matthew Finateri is the bakery that makes the cheesecake and several other baked goods for Mochanopoly and their vegan blueberry cheesecake is to die for!!

9: Bubbles: I’m at my happiest when I’m frolicking around in my backyard popping bubbles. It makes me feel so alive and free!

10: I’m ticking an item off my bucket list tonight: This evening, my boyfriend and I are going to see Stanley Braxton’s “Blank: The Musical”. Stanley Braxton is a local improv comedy group. I’ve heard a lot about them and have seen some videos of them on YouTube and thought they were really funny! I have never seen them live and have always wanted to. It’s on my bucket list! I’m looking forward to finally crossing that off tonight, and doing so with my wonderful boyfriend whom I love very much!

11: Grocery store samples: One of my favorite things about grocery shopping! Mom and I both get excited when we see those little containers with free samples scattered throughout Sobey’s or employees behind counters on wheels giving out samples. I love trying new things.

12: Looking back and laughing: Things don’t always go as planned in life. Sometimes crazy and/or embarrassing stuff happens. At the time, it may be the most embarrassing or cringe-worthy thing ever, but in a few weeks, you’ll be able to have a good laugh at it. I was once lectured by an elderly man in Dominion just because I tried giving him a Tim Horton’s gift card out of the goodness of my heart! I went up to him and said “Hello sir, I’m a member of Connect Student Ministries, we’re having an outreach night tonight. Here’s a $5 Tim’s card. God bless you!” He gave me a big rant about how coffee is a drug and he doesn’t believe in or condone drinking it. In my head, I was thinking “Geez! Calm down buddy! Get a tea!” I was embarrassed that day, but now I look back and have a big laugh at it.

13: I have my dream job: I saw my very first show at Spirit of Newfoundland when I was 9 years old. It was `Viva Lost Elvis” at the Majestic Theatre. It was mesmerizing! It was the most spectacular thing that I had ever seen! I fell in love with it and kept coming back to see shows. Each time I went to Spirit, I had so much fun, was absolutely captivated by the show and was treated so kindly by the staff. I knew it was where I wanted to work when I grew up. Two years ago, that childhood dream came true. I got a job as an office assistant at Spirit. To this day, I still have that job and I absolutely love every single minute of it! The work I do does not feel like work, it’s so much fun and my co-workers are not my co-workers but my family. I`m accepted and wanted and that means the world to me. I can`t think of a better place to be working! God bless everyone at Spirit!

14: People like this exist: In a world full of bad news, it makes my heart happy to read pleasant articles about someone who committed a random act of kindness, helped a stranger or anything else wonderful like that. The world needs more of those people!

15: When a string of great songs comes on the radio: Hearing your favorite songs one after the other on the radio is awesome! The other day as I was driving to work, I turned on my favorite radio station, Sirius XM channel 72, On Broadway just in time to hear “Agony” from “Into The Woods”, followed by “I`ll Never Fall In Love Again” from “Promises, Promises” and then “Music of the Night” from “Phantom of the Opera”. Three fantastic songs in a row! It was a great way to start my day!

16: Making things and giving them to my friends: I truly believe that homemade gifts are better than something from a store. Homemade things have a lot more meaning and it really shows that the giver cares. I don’t know what I love more, making the present or seeing the reaction on my friends faces when I give them what I made. Both are wonderful! Seeing the big smile on the face of my friend when I give him/her a homemade present makes my heart overflow with happiness!

Now that I’ve written this, I feel a little better! I hope that if you’re having a bad day and you come across this, you smiled too! There are of course many more things that make me happy, but if I wrote everything down, it would be a supercalifragilisticexpialidociously long blog post that would take at least a year to write and perhaps read! What`s something that makes you happy? Tell me in the comments!

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