Swimmin’ In The Rain

Hey blog world! Today was lots of fun! I got to spend the afternoon with two guys who have a very special place in my heart, my sweet boyfriend Glen and my best friend Peter! Peter is super busy, especially now that it’s summer, so Glen and I were very happy that today we were able to get together with him!

Our day started at Marconi’s, Spirit’s new café located inside the Geo Centre. I’ve eaten there multiple times and always love it, Glen had never been there before. I was excited to see what he thought of it.

Glen and I were both indecisive about what we wanted when we looked at the menu. Adam, our server was a big help and was very accommodating to Glen who has a few dietary restrictions. He’s always very friendly, helpful and overall a pleasure to be served by. Keep it up Adam!

With Adam’s help, I decided upon the tomato and bacon grilled cheese and Glen chose the cod burger. He really enjoyed his meal, as did I! I’m never disappointed when it comes to anything at Marconi’s. It’s always a wonderful dining experience with absolutely delicious food!

My favorite part of being at Marconi’s today actually wasn’t the food or the service, though those were both nice. My favorite part was talking with Peter and Glen about what’s been going on in their lives. It’s not very often I get to do that so it was great catching up with them both.

After we ate, we went back to Peter’s house. A student of his and a few of her friends formed a band and they came over and played for us! It was Lauren Hayward and two others. I’m terrible at remembering names! Anyway, they were awesome! Especially when they played “Love Is An Open Door” from “Frozen”! Glen said that was his favorite movie and they should add a song or two from it into their repertoire and the guitarist started playing “Love Is An Open Door”! Glen and I did a little duet of the song and had so much fun! I also loved it when they did “Rainy Days” by the Ennis Sisters. It sounded beautiful! Especially when they went into three part harmony near the end of the chorus! I really hope I’ll get to hear them play again soon.

After that came my favorite part of the day, we went swimming!!! Peter has a heated pool in his backyard and Glen and I had been waiting all summer to get in. We were both so happy that we got to today! Peter got in this time too (last time we came for a swim, only me and Glen got in)! We were really happy about that.

The weather changed slightly this afternoon. It was beautiful all day, but when we got in the pool it decided to rain. I figured, a little fall of rain can hardly hurt us now! I mean, we are in a pool, we’re getting wet anyway, what’s a bit more water?! We stayed in and had a fantastic time!

We did “Pool Olympics”. I’d never done it before, but have seen it (I used to take one on one swimming lessons at the Aquarena and the Pool Olympics class would do their thing in the lane next to me) and it looked like fun! It really was. We did all kinds of different exercises. It was a great workout.

We sang a lot too! Glen sang “Rain, Rain, Go Away” and “You Are My Sunshine” to try and get the sun to come back out. It worked! I got jokingly upset with Peter for singing “Rainy Days” thinking that he might make the rain come back lol! Thankfully it didn’t. Peter gave Glen an impromptu voice lesson too. Glen asked him to teach him how to sing so he could perform in Vera Perlin camp’s “Karaoke Idol” on Friday. Peter went through a few vocal exercises with him. He sounded great! I’m sure he’ll rock on Friday!

We even had some races! First, Glen and I raced each other and Peter was the ref. Glen won once and I won once too. We had one final race to break the tie and I won! I was proud of myself as I’ve never been that great at swim races. I was proud of Glen too. He did excellently! He gained on me really quick and I thought he might win the tie breaker! It was a really close race!

Then, Peter raced against the two of us. My goodness, he turned into the Flash! I was surprised when I saw him waiting for us at the finish! I didn’t even see him pass me! I was impressed.

Peter told us he used to be a diver, play water polo, do synchronized swimming, etc. It showed! He did a really impressive cannonball to enter the pool! He also showed us a synchronized swimming routine. It was pretty. The best part was when he did a handstand underwater!

When we got out, Glen and I had a little surprise for Peter. A few months ago, Glen took the BeanBoozled challenge and nominated a few of his friends to go next. Peter happened to be one of them. I brought along what’s left of my beans and the three of us played it together. This is how it works. There are 8 flavors of jelly beans, coconut, chocolate pudding, berry blue, lime, buttered popcorn, tutti-fruitti, peach and juicy pear. There are also 8 nasty flavors of jelly beans, dog food, booger, vomit, rotten egg, stinky socks, lawn clippings, toothpaste and baby wipes. Baby wipes looks like coconut, peach looks like vomit, juicy pear looks like booger, etc. You spin the little wheel and whatever bean it lands on you have to eat. You don’t know which flavor it is until you eat it, so you pray that you picked the good flavor instead of the yucky one. I was jealous of Peter and Glen at first. I kept getting nasty flavor beans and they were getting the good ones. Eventually, poor Peter struck a vomit flavored bean and was not pleased! I felt bad for him, but at the same time thought the look on his face was pretty funny! He spit the jelly bean out pretty quick and wanted to stop playing after that. I didn’t blame him. Vomit is the worst of the lot! It actually tastes like you’ve thrown up in your mouth! Ew!

Soon after, my parents came to pick up me and Glen. The whole way to Jungle Jim’s (we went out for supper) we told them about everything we did and how much fun we had! Even at the restaurant, we couldn’t stop talking about our day! I don’t say we’ll be able to for a while! Honestly, this was the best day of my summer! I’d say it was the best of Glen’s too.

Thank you very much, Peter, for having me and Glen over today. We hope we can hang out again soon, and I promise no more vomit flavored jelly beans!



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