August Art Goal

Hey blog world! In my post, Spirit Art, I told you about my fundraising project for the Masonic Temple Restoration Fund. Well, it’s been going swimmingly! I’ve sold a lot of paintings in the past few weeks! Thanks very much to those who have recently bought paintings!

For those of you who don’t remember, or are new to my blog and haven’t heard about my Masonic Temple saving endeavor, here’s a bit of background. The Masonic Temple is the oldest brick fraternal meeting lodge in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is recognised as both a Newfoundland Heritage site and a Canadian Heritage site. It was built in 1894 using Accrington bricks that were imported from Ireland. The cornerstone was laid by Sir William Whiteway, the longest serving Prime Minister of Newfoundland and it contains a time capsule from 1897. Dinner theatre company Spirit of Newfoundland bought the building in 2008 and they have been performing dinner theatres, weddings, and various other events in the Masonic Temple ever since. Here is a picture of the Temple!

Masonic Temple

The beautiful Masonic Temple located at 6 Cathedral Street in Downtown St. John’s.

Just stunning isn’t it! Sadly, the many, many years have taken their toll and the Temple is starting to deteriorate and crumble and is in dire need of repair. Spirit of Newfoundland has started a restoration fund to raise the money they need to bring the Masonic Temple back to its original glory.

When I go to Spirit, I feel welcome, accepted and happy. Everyone there is so nice to me and I truly feel like I belong. The Masonic Temple is my 2nd home. When I heard about their restoration project, I just had to step in and do something.

I decided to sell my artwork! In doing that, I have so far made $180. That’s a wonderful amount of money, but I want even more!

Summer is winding down (Monday is the first of August!!! Where did the time go?!) and I have set a goal for myself that I hope to achieve! By August 30th, I’d like to have over $200! Of course, I can’t do this alone. I need your help! Please click here to view my Spirit Art Facebook page where you can purchase my original artwork and prints and click here to view my Buy My Art! page where you can also purchase prints, along with magnets and buttons of my paintings. I hope, if you click either of those links you will like what you see and buy something! It would be so awesome if I could achieve my goal! Giving a $200+ check to Kathie Hicks, Peter Halley and Paul Bugge (the co-owners and general manager of Spirit) on the last day of August would make me so happy!



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