“We don’t take pills to give us all kinda thrills ’cause the greatest thrill in this world, is the thrill that’ll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Newfoundland Herald.”

Corey and Trina

Hey blog world! The Newfoundland Herald is Newfoundland’s #1 entertianment magazine. If you get to be in the Herald you know you’ve made it. I have some very exciting news!!! One of my biggest life goals was to get my work published. It’s finally happening!!! I could honestly burst right now because I’m so excited!!!

The Newfoundland Herald has a young islanders column in which they publish articles written by young people from all over the province of Newfoundland. I wrote an article about one of my favorite things, the musical theatre scene in Newfoundland. I talked about how it was right here at home that I fell in love with musical theatre (Peter MacDonald Productions’ staging of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at the Arts & Culture Center was the first show I ever saw live and it made me fall in love with musical theatre!) and I talked about some of the theatre companies we have here on the rock (Best Kind Productions, Atlantic Light and Spirit of Newfoundland.)

I got an e-mail from the Herald a few days ago and they said they thought my article was great and are going to publish it in the next edition which comes out on Sunday! I couldn’t believe it! I was completely overcome with excitement and happiness! Something I wrote was finally going to be published! It was one of the best days of my life!

If you are a Newfoundlander or Labradorian, you can pick up your copy of the Herald anytime next week wherever the Herald is sold. If you are not in Newfoundland, you can buy a digital issue at their website.



One thought on “Published

  1. Wow Leah! This is amazing! You have to be proud of yourself!! What an amazing young lady you are, I feel privileged to have been able to spend 2 years teaching and working with you. 🙂
    Mme Vaillancourt

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