Back To Work

Hey blog world! Today was awesome! It was my first day back in Heaven for the summer! What I mean by that is today was my first day back to work at Spirit of Newfoundland for the summer! I call it Heaven because that’s what it feels like to me! When I’m there, all my troubles are swept away and I become happy, and also everyone there is friendly, welcoming and accepting of me. They don’t feel like my co-workers and bosses at all! I call them my Spirit family. All year I’d been looking forward to coming back to work and was very excited that today was the day!

When my mom dropped me off, I said hello to the Masonic Temple as I usually do on my first day back “Hi old girl! I missed you! I’m so glad to be home!” (I also call Spirit my 2nd home). Then, with a smile on my face and butterflies of excitement and slight nervousness in my stomach I walked through the doors.

I had a super busy day today! I loved it! My first task was helping put up some recruitment posters. Spirit opened a new show last night called “Where Once They Stood” that tells the story of the Newfoundland Regiment and it’s involvement with the First World War. We have all sorts of decorations from that era to use in our show and one of them is recruitment posters. Posters with slogans like “Who’s absent? Is it YOU?” and “Fall in! Answer now in your country’s hour of need!” that would be put up all over towns to convice boys to sign up for the war. Seeing that bit of history I thought was really cool.

Next, I folded napkins and put them in mugs. As I did this, I had a chat with Megan, one of the new waitresses. We talked about all sorts of things! Music, sports, Spirit, etc. She was lovely.

Then I replaced all the tea light candles. That task was a little bit difficult but I did my best. A few of them were really stuck to the holders (the melted wax acts as an adhesive) and when I tried to pry them out they absolutely refused to budge! It was annoying. I’m glad that only one or two were stubborn and the rest were easy to get out. Lastly was my favorite task, polishing silverware! I find doing this very relaxing. It was even more so today because I put on Billie Holiday (Trev, one of the servers let me pick what we listened to in the bar this evening. He wanted a bit of jazz so I went with Lady Day.) Her music is really nice.

The best part about today was getting to see my Spirit family again! I missed them all so much during the year and was thrilled to be back with them! I could tell they were happy to see me too! The Spirit family gained a few new members since I’d last been there. Going in I was a bit nervous about meeting the newcommers, but that dissipated very quickly. Every new person I met today was very friendly. I’m looking forward to working with them this summer and getting to know them!

I had such a wonderful first day and can’t wait until Tuesday to go back again! This is going to be an amazing summer!



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