“We don’t take pills to give us all kinda thrills ’cause the greatest thrill in this world, is the thrill that’ll getcha when you get your picture on the cover of the Newfoundland Herald.”

Corey and Trina

Hey blog world! The Newfoundland Herald is Newfoundland’s #1 entertianment magazine. If you get to be in the Herald you know you’ve made it. I have some very exciting news!!! One of my biggest life goals was to get my work published. It’s finally happening!!! I could honestly burst right now because I’m so excited!!!

The Newfoundland Herald has a young islanders column in which they publish articles written by young people from all over the province of Newfoundland. I wrote an article about one of my favorite things, the musical theatre scene in Newfoundland. I talked about how it was right here at home that I fell in love with musical theatre (Peter MacDonald Productions’ staging of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” at the Arts & Culture Center was the first show I ever saw live and it made me fall in love with musical theatre!) and I talked about some of the theatre companies we have here on the rock (Best Kind Productions, Atlantic Light and Spirit of Newfoundland.)

I got an e-mail from the Herald a few days ago and they said they thought my article was great and are going to publish it in the next edition which comes out on Sunday! I couldn’t believe it! I was completely overcome with excitement and happiness! Something I wrote was finally going to be published! It was one of the best days of my life!

If you are a Newfoundlander or Labradorian, you can pick up your copy of the Herald anytime next week wherever the Herald is sold. If you are not in Newfoundland, you can buy a digital issue at their website.



Back To Work

Hey blog world! Today was awesome! It was my first day back in Heaven for the summer! What I mean by that is today was my first day back to work at Spirit of Newfoundland for the summer! I call it Heaven because that’s what it feels like to me! When I’m there, all my troubles are swept away and I become happy, and also everyone there is friendly, welcoming and accepting of me. They don’t feel like my co-workers and bosses at all! I call them my Spirit family. All year I’d been looking forward to coming back to work and was very excited that today was the day!

When my mom dropped me off, I said hello to the Masonic Temple as I usually do on my first day back “Hi old girl! I missed you! I’m so glad to be home!” (I also call Spirit my 2nd home). Then, with a smile on my face and butterflies of excitement and slight nervousness in my stomach I walked through the doors.

I had a super busy day today! I loved it! My first task was helping put up some recruitment posters. Spirit opened a new show last night called “Where Once They Stood” that tells the story of the Newfoundland Regiment and it’s involvement with the First World War. We have all sorts of decorations from that era to use in our show and one of them is recruitment posters. Posters with slogans like “Who’s absent? Is it YOU?” and “Fall in! Answer now in your country’s hour of need!” that would be put up all over towns to convice boys to sign up for the war. Seeing that bit of history I thought was really cool.

Next, I folded napkins and put them in mugs. As I did this, I had a chat with Megan, one of the new waitresses. We talked about all sorts of things! Music, sports, Spirit, etc. She was lovely.

Then I replaced all the tea light candles. That task was a little bit difficult but I did my best. A few of them were really stuck to the holders (the melted wax acts as an adhesive) and when I tried to pry them out they absolutely refused to budge! It was annoying. I’m glad that only one or two were stubborn and the rest were easy to get out. Lastly was my favorite task, polishing silverware! I find doing this very relaxing. It was even more so today because I put on Billie Holiday (Trev, one of the servers let me pick what we listened to in the bar this evening. He wanted a bit of jazz so I went with Lady Day.) Her music is really nice.

The best part about today was getting to see my Spirit family again! I missed them all so much during the year and was thrilled to be back with them! I could tell they were happy to see me too! The Spirit family gained a few new members since I’d last been there. Going in I was a bit nervous about meeting the newcommers, but that dissipated very quickly. Every new person I met today was very friendly. I’m looking forward to working with them this summer and getting to know them!

I had such a wonderful first day and can’t wait until Tuesday to go back again! This is going to be an amazing summer!



Hey blog world! I had a scrumptious lunch today! My mom and I went to Marconi’s, a new café owned by Spirit of Newfoundland that is located inside the Johnson Geo Center.

The café was small and very quaint. I liked the umbrellas above each table. I thought it was cute. I also liked how they went kind of old school with a chalkboard menu. You don’t see those very often anymore.

The service was great! I didn’t catch our server’s name but he was very friendly, expertly answered the questions I had about the menu and otherwise, made reccommendations and made sure we enjoyed ourselves. I wish I had caught his name so I could acknowledge him. He knows who he is and if he reads this, great job today! Keep it up!

One thing I love about this restaurant is that everything is made with fresh ingredients in house. They don’t buy anything pre-made or pre-packaged (except the proscuitto because they don’t have 6 months to cure pork) and they grow their own basil on the windowsill! I think it’s awesome that they do  all this because you know what you’re eating! At fast food restaurants, though you know you are eating nuggets, the food is  made in a factory and is laden with by-products and goodness knows what else! Monsieur Thénardier could be putting kidney of a horse and/or liver of a cat into the nuggets for all you know! In reality, you really don’t know what went inside those nuggets and what’s about to go inside you! At Marconi’s, because everything is made with fresh ingredients in house, you know you are getting fresh, healthier and better tasting food! I think a lot more restaurants should start following suit.

For my main course, I had the chicken caesar panini with a side caesar salad.PaniniI took one bite and the first thing that came to my mind was “Holy firetruck! This is absolutely amazing!” The cheese was melted perfectly, the bread was toasted just right, The chicken was so moist and tender, everything about this panini was perfect! It was delectable! One of the best panini’s I’ve ever eaten! The salad was very nice too. The proscuitto in the salad had the perfect amount of salt; not too much, not too little, the lettuce was crisp, the dressing was nice and light and very flavorful and the croutons were perfect. 10 out of 10!

I just had a piece of their raspberry cheesecake (I was in a hurry and had to get it to go) and sadly, it wasn’t quite up to my expectations. The cheesecake itself was heavenly! So creamy and fluffy and absolutely delicious! However…  when I bit into the raspberry topping, there wasn’t really much of a raspberry taste. I  like being able to taste the fruit in a fruity cheesecake and in this piece, it felt like it wasn’t there. I was dissappointed. It gets some large presentation points though because of how pretty it looks.Cheesecake

I’m giving it a 6.5 out of 10. Even so, I am eager to try their other two cheesecake varieties, caramel and chocolate. I’m hoping those will be up to my expectations.

Another small criticism I have is that they don’t take debit. I haven’t got a credit card and it’s not often I have paper bills on me so I’m hoping that they will soon make the necessary accomondations and start accepting debit cards.

All in all, Marconi’s was a wonderful dining experience. I’m job shadowing on Signal Hill in two weeks time with my worktopia group and have already planned to have another lunch date with mom at Marconi’s afterwards! It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars! I highly reccommend going! For more information, e-mail or call 579-3023



*Update: Since this has been posted, Marconi’s has added a debit machine!