James Taylor Ticket Trouble

Hey blog world! I have a problem and need your help!

As you all know, one of my best friends in the whole world is Peter Halley! He’s sweet, funny, compassionate, all around a wonderful guy! He always goes above and beyond for me. His Birthday is coming up very soon and this year I wanted to go above and beyond for him!

When I heard that James Taylor would be playing at the Mile 1 Center, I knew that tickets to the show would be the perfect Birthday gift for Peter. James Taylor is his favorite singer. I entered every single radio contest that I could to try and make this the best Birthday ever for him and win those tickets! Each time I tried, I couldn’t get through. I was beginning to give up hope.

Today, as mom and I were driving in the car we were listening to K-Rock. JLAC said that it was time for None of Your Business and the prize today was a pair of James Taylor tickets. Quick as a flash I grabbed my cell and dialed the number. I was elated when I got through!!! I finally did it! In a matter of minutes I would have those elusive tickets and would be able to take Peter to the concert! I was giddy with excitement all day and couldn’t wait to pick them up!

I did this afternoon. I looked at the date on the tickets and they are for the show next Friday night, the 20th. I checked Spirit of Newfoundland’s website and discovered that “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl if I Want To” is playing that same night and Peter is in that show. I instantly became very sad.

If there is anyone out there with a pair of tickets to the show next Saturday night, May 21st, I would really appreciate it if you would consider swapping tickets with me! Taking Peter to this concert would mean the world to me and to him too I’m sure. Please help me make this Birthday extra special for him!



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