A KISS of Kindness

Hey blog world! WordPress has started doing a weekly Discover challenge. This week, we were challenged to write about chance encounters. I’ve had a few, but there’s really only one that sticks out to me and I’m very glad it happened.

I’ve been a fan of KISS ever since I can remember. I got it from my dad who is a huge fan of theirs. He used to sing me to sleep when I was little and some nights he’d sing me “Beth”, other nights he’d sing “Rock N Roll All Night”. I loved it.

A few years ago, KISS came to the Mile 1 Centre in St. John’s. The concert was close to father’s day, so mom and I came up with the perfect present to give to dad. Matching KISS T-Shirts, one his size and one mine and two tickets to the concert. He loved it! I did too. I was really looking forward to our special father, daughter night out.

The big night came and we were both very excited! I couldn’t wait to get to Mile 1! Before we left, I took a quick inventory of my purse, as I do every time I go out, to make sure that I had everything I needed for the night. I made absolutely certain that my earplugs were in my purse. I’d hate to be halfway there and realize they weren’t!! I have sensory issues with my ears due to my Aspergers. My sense of hearing is heightened which is a blessing and a curse. I hear things a lot louder and so, noises that are already loud are even more so in my ears and frighten the living daylights out of me and hurt my ears so I bring earplugs with me to every concert that I go to.

We got there and I made it through the opening act (Shinedown) just fine with my earplugs in. Shinedown wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t buy their music on iTunes. Anyway,  Once they were finished the lights came back on. I was giddy and excited for KISS to come out! Soon, the lights went black. My excitedness level shot up even higher! All that was racing through my mind was “OMG! OMG! OMG! I’m going to see KISS!”, eventually, on the screens on the side of the stage there was live video of KISS making their way out to the stage! They were getting closer by the second!! A few moments later, there was a burst of purple smoke, then KISS descended onto the stage on a giant metal spider! It was awesome! What was not awesome however was the pyrotechnics that followed! Massive fireballs that exploded out of a cannon on stage every, what felt like two seconds! It was like New Years Eve x10! I couldn’t handle the constant, deafening booms, even with my earplugs in! Each time one would go off, I would jump, and scream. Eventually, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I got so scared that I just broke down crying. After the first song was over, we left.

When we got outside, there was a man sitting down on the steps. He asked us how the concert was. We told him that it had only just started. We were leaving because I couldn’t handle how loud it was. He told us that he desperately wanted to see the show but couldn’t afford a ticket. I no longer had use for mine, so I approached the man and gave it to him. I’ll never forget what happened next. His eyes lit up, a massive smile came on his face, he gave me a huge hug and he cried. Over and over again he repeated “Thank you! God bless you!” Seeing how happy I made this man made my heart overflow! It was one of the most incredible moments of my life! I was so happy that from my cloud of fear and darkness there emerged a silver lining of pure elation for that man. I never saw the man again after that night. I think about him every now and then and hope that things are all going well for him and that he enjoyed the concert.

Do kind things for others, every act of kindness, no matter how big or how small will have an impact.


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