Virtual Tea #3

Hey blog world! If we were having tea right now, we’d be at my favorite place in the world, Spirit of Newfoundland and we would of course be having a piece of their delicious Screech Cake to go with our tea. As we ate and drank, I would tell you all about what’s been going on in my life lately.

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I was accepted into college!!! It took two tries but I did it! I got a letter in the mail the other day from College of the North Atlantic saying that I’ve been accepted into their Early Childhood Education program! I start in September! Yay me!!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that April Fools Day was lots of fun. I called my dad and told him that I decided I don’t want to go to college in the fall. I had so much fun at Wonderbolt Circus camp a few summers ago, so much so that I decided I’m going to join Wonderbolt and become a clown! He laughed. I could tell he was on to me right away!

I even accidentally April Fooled myself that day! I’ve been invited to the volunteer appreciation night at the SUF Hall, where I sing once a month at their open mic nights. I was certain the event was last Friday (April Fools Day). That night, I put on my new dress, did my hair, overall made myself look gorgeous

All dressed up with nowhere to go!

then, just as Dad and I were getting ready to head out the door, mom looked at my invitation on the fridge and told me the event is next weekend! Oops!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that yesterday I played guitar for the first time in months. I have a left handed acoustic guitar and because I’ve been busy, haven’t played it in ages! Yesterday I took it out of its case, tuned it and played. I’m working on learning some Beatles songs, “Blackbird” and “Ob La Di Ob La Da”. I made a promise to myself to get back into a habit of practicing every day!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I sang at two hockey games last week! I sang the national anthem at Pee-Wee tournaments in CBS and Paradise. I really enjoy doing that and hope to be asked to again soon!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I started a program called Worktopia yesterday. It’s a program for individuals like me who have Autism. For the first few weeks we’ll meet at the Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism and learn about how to find a job, interview skills, workplace etiquette, etc. Then, for the remaining weeks of the program we’ll get to go around the community and experience different jobs! I’m really excited about that! Yesterday was an orientation session. We got to know each other. My favourite part was the team building exercise we did. We built towers out of spaghetti and marshmallows. It was hard but lots of fun!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I’m writing a play! I was asked by one of the employees of the Elaine Dobbin Centre to rewrite Alice in Wonderland in a way that explains Autism! I was honoured! I’m working very hard on it and it’s coming along very nicely. I can’t wait to see it being performed!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I saw “Rock of Ages” last Saturday at the Arts & Culture centre. It was awesome! I loved every minute! The dancing was spectacular, the singing was incredible (especially the two leads) and it was really, really funny! Keith Power played Franz and he stole the show! My favourite part was when he sang “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”! My Best Buddy Machaela came with me. This was her first musical. She thought it was wicked! I’m so glad that she did.

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I attended a formal last Sunday. Last Sunday was the annual Best Buddies end of the year formal dinner and dance. It was held at Bitters, a restaurant in St. John’s. It was a wonderful night. I ate a lot of fried food, learned how to play pool (but am not very good at it. The cue is very difficult to use!), DJ’d the dance (Heather, the usual DJ was at Johnny Reid’s concert at the Mile 1 Centre that night) and won a trophy! Each of the buddies got one for being part of the program and making this year awesome. I thought that was really nice. Here’s a picture of me and my Best Buddy Machaela that night. Buddy formal

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I’m taking a trip around the bay tomorrow to Port De Grave. Sadly, there’s been a death in my family. My Great Uncle Cyril has passed away. My parents, poppy and I are heading out early in the morning for the wake and then attending the funeral later that afternoon. I didn’t know him very well because he lived around the bay but it’s still very saddening when a relative dies. R.I.P Great Uncle Cyril.

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I’ve been featured on the Skit Guys latest podcast!!!! I am a huge fan of Christian comedy duo the Skit Guys. I downloaded their podcast on iTunes (it’s free by the way, go get it!) and am always in stitches laughing at it! Especially when they sing “Happy Nature Fun Time” or John Rambo the parking attendant has something to say! They always have a theme to their podcast and ask their Facebook followers a question based on the theme. A little while ago they asked what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever received in your Easter basket? I posted a response saying that a few years ago the Easter bunny brought me something I already had. I woke up Easter morning to find a paperback copy of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw” on the coffee table in the living room next to the rest of my Easter goodies. Unbeknownst to the bunny, I had already purchased the hardcover copy at the school book fair a few weeks before. A few weeks ago, I was chilling out in my room listening ot the Skit Guys Easter themed podcast. During their viewer mail segment, they were reading some of the comments from that Facebook post and one of them was mine!!! I couldn’t believe that the Skit Guys actually read out my little story! I jumped and squealed with excitement and ran out to the kitchen to let my mom listen to it! If you want to hear it, click here

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I’m selling custom splatter paintings! I’m an artist and I sell my paintings to raise money for the Masonic Temple restoration fund. Click here for more information on them. I have many different paintings for sale and my latest offer is custom splatter paintings! You choose the colors and canvas size and I will create a splatter painting for you! Please see my Facebook page for more info! Feel free to like me too!

That’s everything that’s going on with me right now! To view my previous “Virtual Tea” posts click here and here. If we met up at Spirit of Newfoundland for tea and Screech Cake, what would you tell me?