Open Letter To City Council

What the firetruck are you thinking!!! Destroying Richmond Cottage just so you can build condo’s?! Smarten up!!! Listen very closely and carefully. We. Don’t. Need. Any. More. Condo’s!!!

You took Quinnipiac Place from us last year to build a new development. Thousands of years of history gone in mere seconds! It’s not right! Instead of spending your money on condo’s that we don’t need, I think you should spend it on restoring the building and turning it into a heritage site. Let the building stay there for other generations to see! If these condo’s MUST be built, please re-think and put them somewhere else!

I had some special visitors over Christmas. My sister Crista, brother in-law Ben and nephew Lincoln. My sister is from here but her husband and their son are Australian. Crista wanted to show Ben and Lincoln the beautiful province she calls home. She took them to see signal hill, the harbour front, many of our historic sites, etc. Condo’s were not on their want to se list! Demolishing our history and replacing it with condo’s will not be good for our tourism sector! The  more history you rid us of, the less tourists will come! On top of that, it’s not what we locals want to see either! I love walking downtown, going for drives around the city and looking at the pretty sights and learning about our history. I’d rather walk through the Commissariat House than inside a condo!

I want the next generation of Newfoundlanders to be able to see our historic sites. Please, think of the children and stop demolishing buildings like this! Let Richmond Cottage stay! I’m going to remember this come the next election. I’m old enough to vote now and you all certainly haven’t got my vote! I want a city council that cares about our history!



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