A Message For Margaret

Hey blog world! Today something interesting happened. I heard from my friend Peter’s mother Margaret. Margaret has been an angel for two years.

This morning I was responding to a text from Peter when suddenly I heard a woman’s voice say “Leah dear, tell Peter I said hello.” I was a little freaked out to be honest but at the same time thought it was kind of cool.

The mystery for me is how did she know my name? I’ve never met her before. Also, I wonder why she chose to give ME the message? Hmm?

I’m not sure if she’ll be able to read this in Heaven, but because she left a message with me this morning, I have one for her.

Dear Margaret:

I hope you’re having a lovely day with your angel friends! What’s it like up there? I’ve always wondered that. I picture Heaven as a city where everything is made of clouds. Am I right?

I passed your message along to Peter like you asked. If you have any more for any of the Halley’s, I’m happy to be your messenger.

Peter has told me lots about you! He’s said you were a kind hearted woman who welcomed everyone into her home with open arms. I wouldn’t doubt that for a second. I’ve seen several pictures of you (you’re so pretty by the way!) and looking in your eyes and at your warm smile, I could tell you were lovely, kind and beautiful on the inside. You seem like a lady whose company I would have really enjoyed. We’ll have to have tea together a million years from now!

You did good when it came to raising your children. The four of them that I’ve met, Peter, Patrice, Brenda and John are all kindhearted souls like you. I’m sure you’re very proud of them. I’m happy to know them.

You may already know this but Peter has named his puppy after you! Frenchie is a black golden doodle and is the sweetest thing! He loves to jump, run and play, he’s full of energy! He’s getting so big now! At first he could fit in my palm, he’s grown like a weed since then!

Finally, thank you for talking to me today. It was nice to hear from you. I hope to again soon. Give Lucy and Allie a scratch behind the ear for me and if you know her, please tell Verna Weir that I said hello.



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