R Words

Hey blog world! R is a great letter. Without it, a lot of great stuff wouldn’t exist. Here are some awesome things that start with R



Rebecca Caine (an immensely talented and very down to earth Broadway actress who has performed in “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Misérables”)

Ring Pops

Reba McEntire (one of my favorite country singers)

Rock N Roll

Red Skittles (my favorite color Skittle)



Rhythmic Gymnastics

Road Trips


However, there is one word that begins with R that I absolutely hate hearing! That word is Retard. It’s a hateful, hurtful and derogatory term that makes me sad and angry to hear, especially when it’s being used towards my friends and I who have special needs! We’re people too and would like to be treated as such! We are unique, smart, pretty/handsome, and all around amazing. We are NOT retarded! Nobody is! It really hurts our feelings when that word gets used, even if it’s not towards us! The R word is an awful word that should not be in our vocabulary! Please think before you speak! We humans have a billion words in our vocabulary, pick something else! The R word hurts.

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word day. Please click here and join me and millions of others around the world in pledging to never use the R word! Thank you.



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