Money For Nothing

In response to the Daily Prompt: Money For Nothing

Hey blog world! I have never worked a day in my life, the reason why is because I love what I do. I’m lucky enough to be working my dream job! I am a seasonal jack of all trades in Heaven, a.k.a Spirit of Newfoundland!

My love of Spirit began in 2007 when I saw my first of their dinner shows, “Viva Lost Elvis”. It was the most spectacular thing I’d ever seen! The show was very funny and I was absolutely captivated by the incredible singing and dancing. I loved every minute of it! I continued coming to Spirit of NL shows and that same amazing feeling I felt when I saw “Viva Lost Elvis” remained. Even to this day, I’m captivated by the sheer magic of the performance! I knew that this is where I wanted to work when I got older.

In grade 11, I had to do a job shadowing assignment. I knew exactly where I wanted to shadow, Spirit!!! I sent them an email explaining my assignment and wondering if it would be possible to work there for a day. The following day, I received a reply that made me jump out of my chair and do a happy dance! I was allowed to come in for a day and job shadow! I was so excited!

The woman I was to be job shadowing was Janet Cull, a performer with Spirit and also a reservations officer. I’d heard her name before but had never met her. I was honestly a little nervous. I got over that pretty quick when the big day came. She was a very kind lady who I really enjoyed working with! I got to answer the phones, watch her create advertisements for shows, etc. I had a great day! The work was fun and I loved the laid back, relaxed atmosphere and the employees there. I couldn’t wait until summer came because I was finally at the age where I could get a job! Summer came and I landed my dream job at Spirit of Newfoundland! The day I received that news was the best day of my life! I couldn’t wait to get started!

I call Spirit Heaven for a few reasons. I’m not accepted by many in the neurotypical (“normal”) community. I’ve been bullied since Kindergarten! It sucked! I’m a pretty cool girl if I say so myself and will make a great friend if you give me a chance! I wish neurotypicals would understand that and get to know me instead of bullying me. It means the world to me that at Spirit I haven’t got to worry about being ridiculed or bullied because it won’t happen! My co-workers and bosses are accepting, compassionate, funny, kind and all around wonderful! I love every one of them, and yes even you John even though you are a hard case sometimes (John is one of the bartenders at Spirit and he quite enjoys pulling my leg).  My co-workers and bosses are all so wonderful that they don’t feel like co-workers and bosses! I consider them my 2nd family.

Spirit family 2

Me and some of my Spirit family on my last day of work last summer. From L-R Me, Peter, Kara, Paul, Spencer, Tracy, Alex.

The other reason is it’s my happy place! Whenever I walk through the doors of the Masonic Temple (Spirit’s home located at 6 Cathedral Street) it’s like Alice walking through her looking glass. I enter a world where sadness doesn’t exist! Any sadness that I’m going through just washes away. Also, I love the super positive vibe at work! Everyone is always happy and smiling! It makes me happy too.

I love all the different tasks I get to do! That’s one of the most exciting things about the job, I never know what the day will bring! One day I could be folding napkins and polishing silverware, the next I could be off on a field trip to the Happy Camper food truck on New Gower street to take pictures! All the tasks I’m I love so much that they don’t even feel like work! I honestly feel like I’m being paid to go to summer camp I enjoy what I was doing so much! My favorite tasks are silverware polishing, napkin folding, script transcribing and coat check.

I’m not working right now but I can’t wait to come back to work this summer! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing my Spirit family next Friday night when my boyfriend Glen and I take in my favorite Spirit show “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”! It will be his first and my fourth time seeing this show! I admit, I am a Spirit of Newfoundland junkie!!! This show will be my 27th in total! I lalalala loves Spirit of Newfoundland!

For more information on upcoming shows or to make a reservation, click here to visit Spirit’s website.



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