Spirit Art

Hey blog world! I thought I would let you all know of a project that I have going on. It’s called “Spirit Art”.

Last summer, I made my first splatter painting. I braved the wind and rain to create “The Colors of the People” for Rebecca Caine, a Broadway actress who has played in both “Phantom of the Opera” and “Les Miserables”.

Colors of the PeopleShe was performing at the Masonic Temple the following day and I thought I would make her a special welcome to Newfoundland present. Even though it was cold and very wet outside, I had a ton of fun making this piece! Throwing paint at the canvas was a great stress reliever! Rebecca loved the painting! She even compared me to Jackson Pollock, a famous splatter artist! I was thrilled!

As I said, I had so much fun creating Rebecca’s painting and seeing the look of joy on her face made my heart overflow! Making people happy makes me happy! I decided to continue painting.

Also last summer, Spirit of Newfoundland mounted a restoration project for their beautiful home, the Masonic Temple. Built in the 1800’s out of Accrington bricks that were imported from Ireland, the Masonic Temple is the oldest brick fraternal meeting lodge in the province and is both a Canadian Heritage Site and a Newfoundland Heritage Site. In 2008, Spirit of Newfoundland bought the building and it has been their home ever since. This is 2016 and the Temple is in dire need of restoring. The building is very old and is beginning to deteriorate and crumble. The people at Spirit of Newfoundland are my 2nd family and the Temple is my 2nd home! My Spirit family always goes above and beyond for me, I saw this restoration fund as my opportunity to give back and go above and beyond for them!

Thus, Spirit art was born! I made more paintings and am currently trying to sell them to raise money to restore the Temple! I do all kinds! I of course do splatter art

Rainbow Connection

“Rainbow Connection”. I used all the colors of the rainbow plus silver for a magical touch and threw paint onto the canvas to the beat of the Muppets song!

and I also do other styles of art too! Here are some examples!

Pop art

A music inspired pop art painting!

Lukey's Boat

“Lukey’s Boat”, a painting inspired by the Newfoundland song of the same name.

Les Mis Melted Crayon

A melted crayon piece. For this, I took inspiration from my favorite musical “Les Miserables”. I used colors reminiscent of the show and included my favorite quote as well.

I also offer custom splatter paintings! You specify the colors and canvas size and I will make it for you! I offer these in 8×10 ($15), 11×14 ($30) and 16×20 ($40)!

I invite you to click here and visit my Facebook page where you can see my artwork and maybe, hopefully buy a piece! You can also click here to view my page on the Buy My Art! website. Buy My Art! is a program that I became involved with last summer that helps local artists get on their feet and sell their work. At this site you can purchase prints, buttons and magnets of some of my paintings!

If you would like more information about the Masonic Temple, click here to view a virtual tour guided by Peter Halley, Spirit’s artistic director and president, and click here to visit the restoration fund website.

Please blog world, help me help my dear friends at Spirit of Newfoundland! Buy my art!!! Thank you very much in advance!



Money For Nothing

In response to the Daily Prompt: Money For Nothing

Hey blog world! I have never worked a day in my life, the reason why is because I love what I do. I’m lucky enough to be working my dream job! I am a seasonal jack of all trades in Heaven, a.k.a Spirit of Newfoundland!

My love of Spirit began in 2007 when I saw my first of their dinner shows, “Viva Lost Elvis”. It was the most spectacular thing I’d ever seen! The show was very funny and I was absolutely captivated by the incredible singing and dancing. I loved every minute of it! I continued coming to Spirit of NL shows and that same amazing feeling I felt when I saw “Viva Lost Elvis” remained. Even to this day, I’m captivated by the sheer magic of the performance! I knew that this is where I wanted to work when I got older.

In grade 11, I had to do a job shadowing assignment. I knew exactly where I wanted to shadow, Spirit!!! I sent them an email explaining my assignment and wondering if it would be possible to work there for a day. The following day, I received a reply that made me jump out of my chair and do a happy dance! I was allowed to come in for a day and job shadow! I was so excited!

The woman I was to be job shadowing was Janet Cull, a performer with Spirit and also a reservations officer. I’d heard her name before but had never met her. I was honestly a little nervous. I got over that pretty quick when the big day came. She was a very kind lady who I really enjoyed working with! I got to answer the phones, watch her create advertisements for shows, etc. I had a great day! The work was fun and I loved the laid back, relaxed atmosphere and the employees there. I couldn’t wait until summer came because I was finally at the age where I could get a job! Summer came and I landed my dream job at Spirit of Newfoundland! The day I received that news was the best day of my life! I couldn’t wait to get started!

I call Spirit Heaven for a few reasons. I’m not accepted by many in the neurotypical (“normal”) community. I’ve been bullied since Kindergarten! It sucked! I’m a pretty cool girl if I say so myself and will make a great friend if you give me a chance! I wish neurotypicals would understand that and get to know me instead of bullying me. It means the world to me that at Spirit I haven’t got to worry about being ridiculed or bullied because it won’t happen! My co-workers and bosses are accepting, compassionate, funny, kind and all around wonderful! I love every one of them, and yes even you John even though you are a hard case sometimes (John is one of the bartenders at Spirit and he quite enjoys pulling my leg).  My co-workers and bosses are all so wonderful that they don’t feel like co-workers and bosses! I consider them my 2nd family.

Spirit family 2

Me and some of my Spirit family on my last day of work last summer. From L-R Me, Peter, Kara, Paul, Spencer, Tracy, Alex.

The other reason is it’s my happy place! Whenever I walk through the doors of the Masonic Temple (Spirit’s home located at 6 Cathedral Street) it’s like Alice walking through her looking glass. I enter a world where sadness doesn’t exist! Any sadness that I’m going through just washes away. Also, I love the super positive vibe at work! Everyone is always happy and smiling! It makes me happy too.

I love all the different tasks I get to do! That’s one of the most exciting things about the job, I never know what the day will bring! One day I could be folding napkins and polishing silverware, the next I could be off on a field trip to the Happy Camper food truck on New Gower street to take pictures! All the tasks I’m I love so much that they don’t even feel like work! I honestly feel like I’m being paid to go to summer camp I enjoy what I was doing so much! My favorite tasks are silverware polishing, napkin folding, script transcribing and coat check.

I’m not working right now but I can’t wait to come back to work this summer! In the meantime, I’m looking forward to seeing my Spirit family next Friday night when my boyfriend Glen and I take in my favorite Spirit show “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”! It will be his first and my fourth time seeing this show! I admit, I am a Spirit of Newfoundland junkie!!! This show will be my 27th in total! I lalalala loves Spirit of Newfoundland!

For more information on upcoming shows or to make a reservation, click here to visit Spirit’s website.


Prince Ozzy’s Favorite Songs

Hey blog world! My cat, Prince Ozzy loves music! I’m so happy we have that in common! I’m even happier that he loves Broadway music just like me!!!

His favorite musical is “Les Misérables”. He’s a cat after my own heart! That’s my favorite musical too! I bought the book last year and would sit and read it out loud to him and he loved it! He would purr like crazy the whole time. Whenever he’d see me with the book he’d come running and jump on my lap! I decided to try the musical out on him and he loved it just as much! I was thrilled! His favorite song in this show is “I Dreamed A Dream”. He comes running whenever that song plays! His second favorite is “On My Own”.

Recently, I’ve been exposing him to other shows to see what he thinks of them. Last week, I sang him “Somewhere That’s Green” from “Little Shop of Horrors” and he looked me in the eyes and held my hand! I thought that was so sweet! I was glad he loved it that much.

I tried watching “Rent” with him a few months ago. He loved “Seasons of Love”. He purred and didn’t take his eyes off my laptop screen the whole time! After that, he was disinterested and left me to finish the movie by myself.

I was singing to him today and of course started with his favorite “I Dreamed A Dream” then moved on to “Somewhere That’s Green”, then I decided to try something from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. I sang “Any Dream Will Do”. After two notes he hopped off my lap and left! I guess he doesn’t like that song.

One day soon, I’m going to show him “Cats”! Prince Ozzy is a bit of a mix of Jennyanydots, Mr. Mistofolees, Mungojerrie and Skimbleshanks. When we first got him he’d hide a lot. He’d be there one minute and then gone the next! He must have borrowed some of Mr. Mistofolees’ magic to do that dissappearing act! He’s a bit like Mungojerrie because he’s a mischevious cat burglar! He’s always making off with puzzle pieces, bottlecaps and other tiny things! Lately, I’ve found that he has Jennyanydots’ laziness! He loves to sit, whether it be on top of the couch watching TV, on my parents bed or on one of the chairs at the kitchen table! When he’s not being a Jennyanydots he’s Skimbleshanks. Skimbleshanks is the cat of the railway train so I imagine he has his fair share of adventures. Ozzy loves adventuring too! He goes outside for hours on end and we have no idea what he gets up to! He’ll go out at like 7:30 in the morning and have adventures, then come back in at 3:30 and be Jennyanydots for the rest of the day! I wonder what he’ll think of “Cats” when we watch it together?