Hey blog world! I love to play board games. They are a great way to challenge your mind and have fun with your friends! I have a vast collection of games at home and play them often with my friends and family. That’s why I was so excited when I heard that Mochanopoly was opening up downtown! Mochanopoly is a board game café. You can go in and for 2.50 an hour you can sit and play board games and have snacks too! I’d been anxious to try it out since it’s opening and today I finally had my chance! I hadn’t seen my Best Buddy Allison in ages due to her being super busy with school and work. I was very excited when I found out she was free this weekend! I jumped at the chance to ask her to hang out. I proposed the idea of Mochanopoly and she thought it sounded like lots of fun so off we went!

For those of you unfamiliar with Best Buddies, it’s a non-profit organization that pairs students (in my chapters case, students at MUN) like Allison with individuals like me who have special needs and we hang out together! I love being part of that program! Allison is such a wonderful person and is lots of fun to hang out with. For more information, or to join the program (which I highly reccommend you do) click here

Going back to Mochanopoly, as soon as I went in I saw a case of baked goods. Cheesecake slices, cookies, brownies! My mouth watered! It all looked so delicious! I was starving because I hadn’t eaten lunch yet and couldn’t wait to try something! When I sat down at our table and looked at the menu, I contemplated cheesecake but I thought it would be wiser to have one of their sandwitches. I opted for the grilled cheese. To. Die. For! It was the best grilled cheese I’d ever tasted!!! The cheese was a blend of Havarti and American and there were tomatos in it too. It was so cheesy, melty and absolute heaven! It came with a side of homemade kettle chips. They were addicting! I think Allison and I were paying more attention to them than Exploding Kittens LOL! Absolute 10/10! I highly reccommend ordering this!

Allison let me choose the first game. I knew right away what I wanted to play. Exploding Kittens!! It’s a super fun card game that I discovered at my Church youth group. We play it almost every Friday night. It’s a lot like Russian Roulette in that you draw cards and pray that you don’t hit an exploding kitten. If you do and you are unarmed (no diffuse card), you’re screwed! You blow up and are out of the game.

This was Allison’s first time playing. She did really good for her first try! She even won once! I was happy for her. We both had a lot of fun playing, though both of us really need a pair of “nope vision goggles”! The “Nope” card allows us to stop the other player from doing what they’re doing. We kept doing cruel stuff like attacking each other for example and the person being attacked would forget they had a nope card! I took poor Allison’s only diffuse card because she forgot to use her nope when I played a pair of picture cards which allowed me to pick a card from her hand. That cost her the game because she soon turned up an exploding kitten and had no way of defending herself. I felt kind of bad for doing that. At least she didn’t mind too much and had fun.

After three rounds of Exploding Kittens, I let her pick a game. I went with her to the shelves to see what they had (I didn’t pay much attention to what was around when I took the Kittens box) and was amazed by their selection! Such a wide variety of board games! I saw a ton of “Cards Against Humanity” (think “Apples to Apples” for grown ups), “Codename” (a fun code cracking game), “Jenga” and even “Quelf” (a hillarious board game that makes you do silly stunts!) Allison decided upon “Scrabble”, a classic and one of my favorites. I won this game too! I got a lot of the letters worth more points (Q’s and K’s for example) and hit a lot of the double and triple word and letter score tiles.

Our final game was “Battleship”. This one came really close! It started off a bit slowly because at first Allison was getting only misses but eventually she started getting hits and we were each very quickly sinking each other’s ships. The ending was a real nail biter! We were neck and neck! We each had one ship remaining so it was anybody’s game. In an epic battle of “shooting in the dark” as Allison put it, we tried desperately to find that essential, final ship and sink it. After trying hard for a good few minutes, I finally struck Allison’s ship! It was only a matter of time before I had the game. Allison tried but struggled to find my last one (located at the coordinates C9 and 10). I sunk her ship before she found mine! Though happy I won, I’m not a sore looser. I was very happy for and proud of Allison! It was such a close game and she nearly had me! A few of her misses were really close by my final ship! I congratulated her on a job well done. I made sure to do this at the end of each game we played today.

I had a wonderful afternoon with Allison and plan on coming back to Mochanopoly very soon. I’ll bring a few friends with me next time. It was fun with two but think it will be even better with a group. If you want to check out Mochanopoly, they are located at 204 Water Street in Downtown St. John’s. Visit their Facebook page for more information.


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