The Pantry

Hey blog world! Today was a great day! I started a mentorship at The Pantry, a small café inside of the Elaine Dobbin Center for Autism. For the next 8 weeks I’ll be coming in and job shadowing in the kitchen!

When I first came in I met Colin, one of the kitchen staff who like me is Autistic. We talked about our weekends. He’s a really nice guy. I like him a lot and am sure I will enjoy working with him.

Soon, Brenda, the manager came in and gave me my first task, making guacamole. I had never done that before because I don’t like avocado. It tastes waxy! Ew! Anyway, Brenda guided me through the process, how to cut the avocado, use the food processor, etc, and I had fun making it! I however did not have fun tasting it! Brenda asked me to try a spoonful and I was not pleased with the taste. It was like I was eating a lemon scented candle! It tasted of wax and lemon! I won’t be eating it again.

A little later, Brenda and I went shopping. We went to Costco for groceries. Usually it’s really packed there but this morning there weren’t many people! I liked that. The aisles weren’t crowded and we had no wait in the checkout!

During the drive there and back, Brenda and I talked to each other about all kinds of things! Music, love, food, school, etc. It was great telling her about myself and learning about her.

When we got back, after putting everything away we did a bit more cooking. I helped her assemble fish cakes. That was my favourite thing I did today. I love touchy-feely sensory activities. Digging around in raw macaroni (not only does this feel good on the hands, it’s also very relaxing. I recommend you try it!) making meatballs, playing with sand, anything that stimulates my sense of touch. I really enjoyed digging  into the fish mixture and rolling it around in my hands, forming it into fish cakes. It felt really cool!

I polished and sorted lots of silverware today too, just like I used to do at Spirit. I don’t know what it is about it but I find sorting things relaxing. I really enjoyed that task.

My final task of the day was chopping lemons into slices to put on glasses. Once that was done I couldn’t believe that my shift was! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun! 

I had a great first day at The Pantry and look forward to coming back next week. I wonder what’s in store?


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