The Last Day of Luncheons

Hey blog world! Today was the last day of the Christmas luncheons at work. I got inspired by all the busyness of the day and decided to write a poem about it! 

“The Last Day Of Luncheons”

‘Twas the last day of luncheons at Spirit NL and the staff were all scurrying to be sure all goes well.

The cutlery was placed round the tables with care, in hopes Peter and Shelley soon would be there.
Paul with his pen, to spread holiday glee, signed his name upon checks for each employee
Blaine the custodian cleaned the place till it shined. A harder working person is quite hard to find
The kitchen staff were busy, chef Alex in command. They made cod and screech cake. The smell was grand!
The guests came in in droves! 100 or more. Colleen was there to greet them all at the door
Frank, Bill and Boomer began to play jazzy Christmas music and the guests began to sway.
Shelley and Peter sang with all their might, “Fairytale of New York” and “O Holy Night”. 
Once the guests were all gone, the staff scurried again, to prepare for tonight’s show “Three Wise Men”
At the end of this busy night the tired staff all fled, grateful they get Christmas off and can spend more time in bed.


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