Good Friends and Good Food

Hey blog world! I just arrived home from a double date. Myself and Glen went out with our friends Peter and Shelley. Shelley and Peter are both busy as beavers, especiallly now during the Christmas season so it isn’t often we get to spend time together. I was very happy that the four of us got to get together tonight.

Our evening began at a service for those who had lost a loved one to suicide. Peter and Shelley were providing the music and Peter invited us to attend the service. It was beautiful! Both myself and Glen cried. The poems and memorials were very heartfelt and touching and Peter and Shelley’s singing was lovely!

I thought a lot about my Nanny Weir during this special memorial service. She lost her battle with cancer two years ago. I miss her lots and think about her often, especially at Christmas time. When we were given candles to light we were asked to say the name of the person we were remembering aloud. I solemnly said Verna Weir as I lit my candle off of Glen’s, bowed my head and took a minute to remember her. Her pretty voice singing praises to the Lord every Sunday, her delicious homemade bread and helping her bake that bread when I was little, her love of jigsaw puzzles and crosswords (almost every time I’d visit she’d be in the middle of doing one of them), how brave she was and how hard she fought her battle with cancer, even beating it twice! She was such a kind hearted, lovely woman and one of my biggest inspirations. I love her very much and will never forget her!

After the service, the four of us climbed into Peter’s truck and headed off for East Side Mario’s, my 2nd favorite casual dining restaurant on the rock (my first favorite of course as you all know is Spirit of Newfoundland!)

When I was looking through my purse to make sure I had everything before I left, I noticed that my VeggieTales CD was still in my purse! I had put it in there last week so Glen and I could listen to it together as we drove to the Masonic Temple to celebrate our anniversary. I’d forgotten to take it out. I asked Peter if he wouldn’t mind turning it on so we could listen to it again. He put it on for us! That was kind of him. The four of us had so much fun laughing and singing along with the songs as we drove! Peter and Shelley had never heard of VeggieTales before. I was glad that they enjoyed the music as much as myself and Glen!

We arrived at the restaurant and were very promptly greeted and seated. I was very impressed with that. In fact, I was very pleased and impressed with all of our service tonight! The waitress was very friendly, made reccommendations which we tried and enjoyed and made several trips to our table to make sure we were enjoying ourselves. A+ service! I looked for a feedback form to express how pleased I was but couldn’t find one. If you know anyone who works at the East Side Mario’s on Portugal Cove Road, please pass this blog along to them.

I became part of “the family” by joining the East Side Mario’s mailing list. You can do that by clicking here. For joining, I got a coupon for a free order of feta bruschetta, Feta cheese, bruschetta and arugula on flatbread with a balsalmic glaze. We used that coupon tonight. I thought the feta bruschetta wasn’t bad but at the same time wasn’t good. 5 out of 10.

The main course was so hard to choose! There are so many yummy dishes at East Side Mario’s! It took me quite a while to decide. I thought about going with my usual, cheese capaletti (ravioli in rosé sauce), then I thought maybe try something different and have the linguine chicken amatricata (chicken breast with peppers, roasted button mushrooms, garlic and bacon tossed in rosé sauce) then I thought perhaps order the scallop carbonara (three bacon wrapped scallops on top of linguine alfredo with bacon, green onions and even more scallops)! Making my mind up was impossible! Everything sounded so good! I couldn’t choose! In the end, when the waitress came to take our order, I thought what Shelley was having sounded yummy so I got it too. Chicken linguine alfredo. This gets a 9 out of 10! Absolutely delicious! The chicken was cooked perfectly, tender and juicy, the alfredo was creamy and delicious and the pasta was cooked just right. I didn’t finish it all but loved every bite that I was able to eat.

I love chatting with people, especially those whom I don’t get to see or chat with often. It was great making conversation with Peter and Shelley tonight. We talked about all sorts of things! VeggieTales, what we want for Christmas, school and my plans for next year (I’m attending CONA in the fall to study early childhood education), sports, etc. We even planned to have a bowling night together sometime soon! Girls VS guys! To make things interesting we said that losers have to buy donuts and drinks for us at Tim Horton’s after the game. Shelley and I are positive that we will kick Peter and Glen’s butts and they will be the ones treating us to Timmies!

We took a few pictures while we were out this evening!

Glen and I East Side

Me and my sweetheart Glen

Peter and Shelley East Side

Our lovely friends Peter and Shelley

When the waitress came by and asked if we wanted desert, I was feeling a little full from my meal but I figured shag it! Indulge! Those of you who know me know that I’m a sucker for cheesecake. I will do anything (legal and non lethal) for a piece! I can’t say no! I saw New York style cheesecake on the desert menu and knew right away what I was having for desert. I turned Glen into a cheesecake addict too so he had a piece as well. He opted for a plain piece and I had a piece with caramel sauce. It was a surprisingly huge portion! I wasn’t expecting it to be the size that it was! I couldn’t eat all of it. However, it was one of the best pieces of cheesecake that I’d ever tasted! 10 out of 10!!! I can’t wait for my snack break tomorrow at work to finish the rest of it!

Once we were all finished eating, Peter paid our bill. This evening out was his Christmas gift to us. I thought it was very nice of him to do that for us. Peter and Shelley are true angels. They are two of the nicest people I know! Glen and I are blessed to have them as friends.

I had such a wonderful evening out tonight and look so forward to seeing Peter and Shelley at work this week and taking in their luncheon once again on Friday with my Best Buddy Machaela! I’m also really looking forward to our upcomming bowling night! Just an advance notice Peter and Glen, My favorite drink at Tim’s is a medium candy cane hot chocolate and my favorite donut is the candy sprinkle one with strawberry filling!



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