Back to Work

Hey blog world! Today was lots of fun! As you know, I recently passed my history exam and therefore am graduated from high school! I’d been since looking for a job and today I got one!! I’m back to work in heaven (Spirit of Newfoundland)!

When Peter (the artistic director) texted me last night and told me to come in today for a meeting, I was ecstatic! I knew that meant I was hired! I couldn’t wait for today to come!

When I arrived this morning I was very happy to be home (I consider Spirit of Newfoundland my 2nd home)! I was greeted by Paul, the general manager, who lead me to the boardroom to begin my day.

I was assigned one of my favourite tasks, silverware polishing and sorting. I don’t know what it is about it but I find sorting things relaxing. Out of the many tasks I’ve had to do at Spirit, polishing and sorting the silverware was one I looked forward to most.

It was soon time for the luncheon. I could hear Peter and Shelley singing from the boardroom!! I loved getting to hear their beautiful, angelic voices as I worked!

Once I finished, so had the luncheon. I knew that Paul and Peter wouldn’t be ready right away so I stayed in the boardroom for a little longer. Kathie Hicks soon came in. I hadn’t seen her in what felt like ages! It was great to see her again and chat for a bit.

A little later I went upstairs to see if Paul and Peter were ready. I ran into Boomer Stamp (Spirit’s drummer) in the bar. We said hello to each other and he gave me a hug! That was nice.

I found Paul and he told me that I could take a break in the dining room and have some of the leftover salad from the luncheon. I had some of chef Alex’s delicious macaroni salad and sat and talked with Adam, the sound guy as I ate. We’ve never talked much before so I enjoyed having that opportunity.

I got to meet Peter’s niece Lily and nephew Michael a little later. They are sweet kids. I saw them admiring a snow globe and recognized them from pictures I’d seen on Peter’s Facebook. I went over to them and introduced myself and turned the snow globe upside down so that the snow would fall. The three of us watched in awe as the snow fell down on a snowman. It was so pretty!

Soon I had a meeting with Peter and Paul. We discussed hours and what my job would entail. As usual, I’ll be doing a bit of everything.

After the meeting I went downstairs to do some tidying up. I tidied Peter’s office, the boardroom and backstage.

Next, I came back upstairs to do a few things. With the help of Emily, one of the waitresses, I did a Facebook post advertising the delicious Screech cake and rum sauce we sell. She took a picture of the display and I wrote a caption. Then, I helped Colleen by refilling the sugar dishes.

I had been working hard all afternoon and my throat was dry so once the sugars were replenished I took a short juice break. I sat in the Screech Room and read “Holes” as I drank. “Holes” is a fantastic novel! I highly recommend it. It’s about a boy who is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and is sentenced to dig holes at Camp Green Lake.

My final task of the day was replacing all the tea light candles. I needed help getting some of them out of the holders because they were stuck due to the melted wax acting as an adhesive, but other than that it was an easy task and didn’t take me too long.

Soon my mom arrived and it was time to go home. I had such a wonderful first day and had so much to tell her!

I can’t wait to come back tomorrow! I’m so happy to be home for the holidays!


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