Spirit Christmas Luncheon 2015

Hey blog world! Today I had a wonderful afternoon out with my sweetheart. Tomorrow is our one year anniversary but he will be in Church all day rehearsing for the Christmas pageant that night so we celebrated today by going to the luncheon at Spirit of Newfoundland!

Before we left Glen, who looked extra handsome today in a suit and tie, gave me my anniversary gift, a bouquet of purple flowers! I loved them!  Purple is my favourite colour! The card he gave me was very sweet. I almost cried! I then gave him his gift, Werther’s Original caramels and a special memory book of our first year together that I wrote for him. He loved it and I’m glad he did.

When we got to Spirit we were both mesmerized by the decorations! The Temple looked absolutely beautiful! So many pretty Christmas trees and other decorations!

The doors to the dining room weren’t open yet so, this being a special day for us we decided to have mocktails! A mocktail is a virgin cocktail (neither of us drink), it’s juice and soda water. So refreshing! Glen had an orange mocktail and I had a cranberry one. We sat in the Screech Room, I gave a little toast to us and we talked for a while as we enjoyed our drinks.

Soon, the doors opened and we went inside. We had a great view of the stage from where we were seated.

A short while later, it was time to eat! The appetizer was a buffet. Turkey soup, a salad bar and Spirit’s famous and delicious sourdough bread. We got our food, sat at our table, held hands, said grace and then we ate. I had some bread, bread and butter pickles and pasta salad. The pasta salad was delicious! Very cheesy. Glen and I both really liked it.

After we ate, I saw Shelley Neville (one of the performers in the show) in the Screech Room so Glen and I went in to say hi. She was very happy to see us and we were happy to see her. We talked for a bit, then I gave her a gift. Yesterday, my niece and I baked Nutella brownies for her. She shared them with the band as they rehearsed. I didn’t have the chance to ask them what they thought of them. I hope they all liked them!

I had something for Peter Halley (the other performer in the show) too, and for the Masonic Temple! For the Temple I did a special painting to commemorate the upcoming 20th anniversary of Spirit. I painted the Spirit logo and around it, wrote the names of all the original shows that they’ve done. Peter loved it! I was so glad he did. He put it up right away! That made me so happy! I had something for him too but he chose to wait till after the show to open it.

Next, we had lunch. Glen and I both had cod in cream sauce. I wasn’t overly fond of it but Glen really enjoy it. I thought the vegetables were yummy. The mashed potato was my favourite.

After we ate, the show began! They opened with my favourite carol, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph holds a special place in my heart. We were both made extra special (he has a glowing red nose and I have Aspergers) and have been ridiculed and excluded by our peers because of our difference. The ending, when he gets to guide the sleigh and the other reindeer accept him makes me so happy! So much so that I cry. It warms my heart that he’s finally accepted by his peers and loved for who he is. I wish I could be too.

Shelley told the audience that if we have a request, shout it out. Glen and I put up our hands and Shelley called on us. Glen asked for “Joy to the World” and I asked for “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve”. Shelley and Peter then sang them for us! “Joy to the World” was incredible! Shelley has such an angelic voice! I was also astounded by the high notes she was hitting! I’m surprised that glass didn’t shatter! Glen was beaming as she sang. Seeing his huge smile made me smile too.

“I’ll Be There Christmas Eve” was beautiful, as usual. That’s one of my favourite songs to hear them sing. Peter and Shelley both sound fabulous on their own but they are even more so when they sing together!

Later in the show, Shelley sang “Merry Christmas Darling” by the Carpenters. There was a little room in the corner by the stage so Glen and I went over there and shared a slow dance. It was magical! Peter, by request sang “Cherry Tree Carol”. I thought he did a marvellous job! Glen and I slow danced to that too. Dancing together is one of our favorite things to do.

They sang “Jingle Bells”, but not the usual way. They cranked it to ludicrous speed! I was amazed by how fast they were going! I had fun singing along and trying to keep up!

They sang two different versions of “I’ll Be Home With Bells On”, the original and the Trina Fulford (a Newfoundland singer) version. I had no problem singing along with the original but when Shelley asked us to join in on Trina’s version it was impossible for me to do because I kept laughing! Try singing this with a straight face and without laughing, “I’ll be home with nothing but my bells on.” It’s so hard!

The Christmas season is now officially allowed to start because Shelley has sung “O Holy Night”! She ended the show with it and, as she always does when she sings this song, she took my breath away and at the end left me speechless!  Glen and I gave her a standing ovation! She deserved it after such a spectacular performance! Peter deserved it too.

After the show Peter opened his gift. I wrote him a series of “Open When” letters. “Open When” letters are letters to open on various different occasions, “open when you’re bored”, “open when you can’t sleep”, “open when you need a break from the kitchen” for example, and some letters contain a few surprises! I put a lot of heart into this gift so I hoped Peter would like it. He said it was very thoughtful of me and it was the loveliest gift anyone has ever given him! That made me feel so good inside! Making others happy makes me happy! I look forward to hearing what he thinks each time he opens a letter.

We chatted for a bit after that. He said that as his Christmas gift to me and Glen, he’d take us out for supper! That was so nice of him! We discussed restaurants and dates and decided on East Side Mario’s next Sunday. I’m really looking forward to spending the evening with my two favourite guys!

Shelley joined the three of us in the bar to get a picture.   This definitely belongs in a frame.

It was then time to go. We said our goodbyes then stood in the porch and waited for dad. When he arrived and we got in the car I had a special treat for Glen. We both love “VeggieTales”, a series of animated, Christian, direct to DVD movies about talking vegetables that sing songs and tell stories that teach Biblical values. I brought along my VeggieTales CD and we listened to it and sang along all the way home! It was awesome!
Happy anniversary sweet Glen! You truly are a blessing sent to me from God. I had an incredible year and can’t wait to see what the years ahead hold in store! Take my hand, take my whole life too. I can’t help falling in love with you! XOXO


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