My Birthday Party 2015

Hey blog world! Last night was a wonderful night! I had my Birthday party! My Birthday was last Friday but we had the party last night.

I was going to do a throwback theme and have everyone come dressed up in outfits from past decades but one day as I was walking through Dollarama I saw a really pretty, red, sparkly masquerade mask. That made me change my mind and decide instead to throw a masquerade ball!

This is what I woreMasquerade dress, the dress is the same one that I wore to my prom and the mask came from my mom. I think I looked stunning! A lot of my friends and their parents thought so  too. That made me smile.

I was surprised that there wasn’t a big turnout this year. I think I had 6 or 7 people. I usually have many more than that! Oh well! We all still had a lot of fun! My boyfriend Glen showed up, a few of my friends from Special Olympics came, my niece brought a few friends, my friend Emma came and my new Best Buddy Machaela came too! I was really happy that she made it!!! Most of them wore masks but there were a few that didn’t. Those who wore masks looked amazing! I loved each of their masks.

Even though I scrapped my throwback theme I kept the same playlist. Who doesn’t love 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music?! My DJ (my friend Heather) played lots of awesome tunes! “Isn’t She Lovely“, “Wannabe” and “Gloria” were some of my favorite dances of the night.

Two of the dances were really special, “Knock Three Times” being one of them. When that song came on it was just my mom, dad and me out on the floor dancing together. I really liked that. The other really special dance was “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”. It’s me and Glen’s song!

Pizza came around 8:00. Domino’s is my preferred pizza place but we got a pizza from Pronto. They are 2nd best in my opinion. We all really enjoyed the pizza. The cake was delicious too! This year I baked my own cake. It was half white and half chocolate. I’ve recently developed a love for splatter painting so that’s what I decided to do on my cake. I mixed cool whip with food coloring and created several differently colored cool whips and splattered the colored cool whip onto the cake with a barbecue brush. This is how it turned out. splatter cake It was really yummy!

After cake it was time for presents. I loved reading all the cards and the nice messages inside them. I got lots of really nice presents as well. My friend Grant gave me two jigsaw puzzles! One is of a vintage Pepsi vending cart and the other of a lighthouse surrounded by waves. They both look really nice. Machaela gave me an adult coloring book with lots of pretty pictures of flowers! I’m really looking forward to coloring some of those pictures! Emma gave me a really pretty music notes Christmas ornament. That’s definitely going on the tree this year! From Glen I got a new wallet and some body spray, my niece’s friend Joey gave me a few bottles of acrylic paint (I’m an artist) and from my niece Samantha I got my favorite VeggieTales movie, “It’s A Meaningful Life” Meaningful Life!!! It’s such a beautiful movie! It’s currently on Netflix and I’ve watched it multiple times because I love it that much. I put it on my Birthday list because nothing lasts on Netflix. I have the movie forever now! Yay!

We played a few games at my party as well. One of them was a best mask contest. My masked friends all stood in a line and everyone voted on which mask was the best. We ended up with a three way tie! My niece and her friends (they entered as a group), Machaela and Katie all had four votes! I put their names into a hat and drew for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. Katie got 3rd, Samantha and her friends got 2nd and Machaela got 1st! We did a spot dance and freeze dance too.

Eventually, sadly, the night came to an end. I said goodbye to my friends as they left and thanked them for coming and for the lovely cards and gifts. I had such a wonderful night last night and was glad that they were all there and helped to make it so special! Thank you to everyone who came and I’m so glad you all had a good time. Me too!




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