What I Want For My Birthday

Hey blog world! Tomorrow is a big day! I turn 18!!! I can’t believe it! My life is going by really fast! I’ve been asked a lot recently what I’d like for my Birthday so I thought I would do a post about that here.

Sock monkeys. I collect them! I think they’re really cute.

An adult coloring book: I love to color. It’s very relaxing. Even though coloring SpongeBob is fun, I’d like to try one of these new adult coloring books. I’ve looked at some of them and the pictures are so pretty!

New flats. I desperately need these!! The soles of my current, and only pair are destroyed! There are holes in them and they are no longer attached to the inside of my shoe! I dress semi-formally for work (the dress code doesn’t say I have to, jeans are fine but I like looking nice for work) and will hopefully be returning to work during Christmas break. I don’t wear high heels for fear of breaking my neck so a new pair of flats is a must!

VeggieTales movies: I love VeggieTales! They are such funny movies! They have great lessons in them too. My boyfriend and I watch VeggieTales together all the time! It’s one of our favorite things to do together. I’m really hoping to get “It’s A Meaningful Life” for my Birthday. It’s their take on “It’s A Wonderful Life” and the lesson of this movie is that God has a plan for your life. Everything happens for a reason. A football playing cucumber named Stuart gets injured during a game and loses his chance at playing in the salad bowl and gaining fame and fortune. Years later, though he’s happy with his new job in his father’s toy factory he wonders what if things were different and he won the game instead of getting hurt. He meets a train conductor with the ability to turn back time and he goes on a journey to find out. This movie is beautiful! Every time Stuart sings “Precious Girl” to his adopted daughter I come so close to crying! I’d also like to get “Rack, Shack and Benny”. This one is the story of Rack, Shack and Benny who work in a chocolate factory and are thrown into a firey furnace by their boss for not singing “The Bunny Song” and worshipping a giant chocolate bunny.

Canvases: I’m a painter. I would like some more canvases for my Birthday because I’m full of ideas but have no canvases left to paint them on.

Scattergories: I took basic math in grade 11 and the teacher said “Who likes doing math on Fridays? Especially last period!” Our last period Friday classes were devoted to playing games! Somedays it was Family Feud but my favorites were the days we got to play Scattergories! It was a lot of fun and I was really good at it! I’d love to get this game for my Birthday so I can play it at home.

A gift card to Posie Row: Posie Row is a fabulous little boutique in Downtown St. John’s. They have the cutest hats! I’m really big on hats and wear them often. I loved to window shop at Posie Row every now and again after work. I never could get anything because a lot of the things I had my eye on were out of my price range! With a gift card I can get some stylish new hats to add to my wardrobe.

A sloth puppet Sloth: I saw this at Chapters and my heart melted!! It’s adorable! This would be nice to cuddle at night. Also, I have a cheerleader puppet named Megan Megan and I think it would be lots of fun to put off a puppet show with her and Sheila (that’s what I plan on naming the sloth should I get her) for my friends in the special needs classroom at school. I think they would really enjoy that.

What I want most of all for my Birthday is to be together with my family. Family togetherness is what I love most about my Birthday. Getting gifts is nice but spending my special day with the ones I love is even better! I’m so happy that I get what I’m asking for and will be spending the evening with my family tomorrow! For supper we are going out to a new Chinese restaurant that recently opened in CBS and then coming home to have cheesecake (my favorite kind of cake) and watch me open presents. Time spent with my family is very special to me and I cherish every moment.


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