Buddy Wasisname

Hey blog world! Today, I have been challenged to write a story in 100 words. This story is true and I call it “Buddy Wasisname”

I got a job as a theatre correspondant for my friends up and coming YouTube news show called “Perspectives”. On Sunday I went to Spirit of Newfoundland to do a segment on their new Christmas show. While there, I did an interview with John Williams, Spirit’s newest cast member. The camera rolled and I said “I’m now here with…” and my mind went blank! Remember this SpongeBob scene? That was my brain! I stared blankly for a few seconds then embarrassedly said “Holy cow! I’ve forgotten your name!” I turned red, we both laughed and John and I reintroduced ourselves.

That certainly was a moment worthy of the blooper reel LOL! Has anything like that ever happened to you? Tell me in the comments!



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