Virtual Tea #2

Hey blog world! Nice to see you! I’m glad we could come to Spirit of Newfoundland again to enjoy some tea and screech cake and catch up! It’s been a while since we last did. This is what’s been going on in my life since then.

I’m in my 4th year of High School. I would have graduated last year but I didn’t pass World History. Reason being, I found it difficult and boring! I had to come back to High School and do it again. It’s going really well! With the help of my fantastic tutor Peter Halley Peter Halley I’m rocking the course! I’m finding it easier to understand and I’m actually interested by what I’m learning now! Unit 2 was the most interesting so far (World War 2, the Russian Revolution, Hitler). I’m very proud to say that I’m getting really good grades (I got an 80 on the first quiz we had back in September!) I took a supplementary exam two weeks ago and I’m very anxious to find out those results. I studied really hard for it by myself and with Peter. I found it easy! The multiple choices were a piece of screech cake! I’m pretty sure I did a good job but am admittedly a little nervous to find out! If I pass the exam I can drop out of my 4th year of High School, go back to work at Spirit and go to college in the fall to study Early Childhood Education. Fingers crossed that I passed!

I’m getting older! I’m finding this really hard to believe but on Friday I’ll be 18!!! Where the firetruck has my life gone?! To celebrate I’m going to have a masquerade ball next weekend! I’m really looking forward to a night of dancing with my friends! I can’t wait to see their masks! For my Birthday this year I’d like another sock monkey to add to my collection, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School” (Wimpy Kid is my favorite book series), some VeggieTales movies (I’m really hoping for “Rack, Shack and Benny” and “It’s A Meaningful Life”) and a gift card to Posie Row, a fabulous little boutique in Downtown St. John’s that sells some really nice hats! My favorite part of my Birthday is the family party we have. When there’s a Birthday in my family we all get together and go out to eat at the restaurant of the Birthday celebrater’s choosing. I love spending time with my family! This year I’d like to have Chinese food. Either Crystal Jade or Golden Phoenix. Both of them are delicious!

Christmas is coming! Christmas is my favorite season. I look forward to jamming out to “Step Into Christmas” (my favorite Christmas song), watching “Rudolph” and “Muppet Christmas Carol” and seeing what kind of mischief our elf on the shelf Patches will get himself into this year! Mostly, I look forward to the time I’ll get to spend with my family during the holiday season! Baking snowballs, santa hats and other delicious Christmas cookies with mom, putting the tree up as a family, our family tradition of watching the Jim Carey version of “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” on Christmas Eve, watching my family open their gifts and seeing the smiles on their faces and visiting family on boxing day to catch up with them and see what they received.

This year will be a crafty Christmas for me! I’ve recently become addicted to Pinterest and have found some really cute DIY projects to make for everyone on my list! Homemade gifts are 1000 times better than anything that comes from a store! I’m looking forward to getting crafty and making the presents. I’m also looking forward to seeing the reaction on my friends faces when I give them what I made. It makes me smile when I make other people smile! It also makes me feel really good inside knowing that they love something that I made them. The day I make these crafts I plan on making a how to video to show you how to do them too! I’ll post that up here when I make it!

My sister is coming home!!! My sister Crista, her husband Ben and 1 year old son Lincoln live in Australia. It’s very rare when I get to see them! I’ve only ever seen Lincoln via Skype! He wasn’t born last time we all got together. I can’t wait to see him in person for the first time and hug him! I’m also really excited to see his reaction to snow! Being an aussie, Lincoln has never seen snow. I’m excited to help him make his first snow angel and help him have his first snowball fight!

Next month is my anniversary! My sweet boyfriend Glen and I will have been together for a year! Here we are on our first dateFirst date! Glen is an adorable gentleman with contageous laughter and a smile that can light up a room! He makes me very happy. I’m so glad we’re together! We’ve had so many memorable dates this year. Our second is the most memorable! We saw “Jesus Christ Superstar” together at the Arts and Culture Center in St. John’s. We were seated in the front row. When it was time for the intermission he stood up to collect his things, was a little off balance, stumbled backwards and almost fell into the orchestra pit right on top of the piano player!!! I’m so glad that I managed to grab him in time! Both of us look back and laugh at that now but he had me scared to death that night!

I’m finally realizing my dream of recording a CD! I love to sing and have wanted to record an album since I was little! I’m finally doing that! My friend owns a recording studio so I talked things over with him and sometime soon I will be heading into his studio to record! First of all though I’ll be in full on rehearsal and tweaking mode with Peter (aside from tutoring me in history he’s also my voice teacher) to finalize my track list and rehearse everything before I actually record! Because I’m a huge fan of Broadway musicals I will be covering my favorite showtunes on this CD! I’m going to call it “Broadway Dreams”! Some songs I have in mind to record are “Ring of Keys” from “Fun Home”, “I Could Have Danced All Night” from “My Fair Lady” and “Somewhere That’s Green” from “Little Shop of Horrors”. I’ve set up a GoFundMe page to raise the money I need to record this album! Please give a little if you can. I would really appreciate that!

Coolest of all I’m a journalist now!!! As I told you at our last tea and screech cake get together I’m part of a program called Buy My Art! which focuses mainly on helping local artists sell their work. The head of the program has decided to branch out and is starting a YouTube news show that will focus on local art and entertainment in Newfoundland. I met with him on Saturday and he said he wants me to be the theatre and music reporter!!! I of course said yes! How could I turn something as wicked awesome as that down?! Theatre is my passion! Getting to go behind the scenes of shows and interview local actors is a dream come true! So far I’ve done a piece on the open mic nights at All Saints parish hall and Spirit of Newfoundland’s Christmas show “Three Wise Men and Other Christmas Miracles” (click here for more info on that.) Spirit was my favorite piece that I filmed! It was incredible getting to watch the cast rehearse! They sound angelic! I can’t wait to see the show next month! Lined up next for me is a piece on the Best Buddies coffee house at MUN next Monday night (7:00 in the Loft, located on the 3rd floor of the MUN University Center. Please come support Best Buddies if you can!) and sometime soon a piece on Atlantic Light Theatre’s “Sister Act”! I get to film some of that rehearsal and interview some cast! Upcoming shows I would love to report on for “Perspectives” are “O Holy Night” my friend Shelley’s absolutely stunning, annual Christmas show and TaDa Events’ production of “Rock of Ages”! “Perspectives” is still a work in progress but according to the editor should be up within perhaps two weeks. I’ll post about it as soon as it gets up!

Your turn! Tell me in the comments what’s been up with you lately?



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