Time Warp of Costumes

Hey blog world! Halloween is fast approaching! Ghouls and goblins will be haunting the streets looking for candy this Saturday night! I can’t wait to go out and score some free candy! I’m really hoping for skittles, creamy caramels and Swedish berries. Halloween is such a fun holiday because not only do you get candy but you get to dress up! I thought today I would take you on a bit of a journey and show you some of the costumes I’ve worn throughout the years.

2008, a witchOct.2008 004: I went generic in 2008 with a witch costume. That I think is one of the most popular costumes of Halloween!

2009, Cindy-Lou WhoFall & Halloween 2009 034 : This is one of my favorite costums I’ve worn. I found that adorable blue parka on one of the clothing racks at a thrift store and showed it to mom. She was like “What in the world will you do with THAT?!” She thought I was cracked for noticing that and wanting it! I explained to her that I could use it for Halloween as a Cindy-Lou Who costume. She bought it for me and everywhere I went with it on everyone loved it and thought I was cute! My favorite part of this costume was my hair. I don’t know how she does it but Mom has a real knack for Who hair! I loved the little tuft on top! I got to pull this costume out again last year when I saw “Grinch, Dressing & Gravy” at Spirit of Newfoundland for my Birthday Cindy and Grinch!

2010, Pebbles Flintstone:2010 Oct. 21Halloween School Dance 002 I don’t remember where I got this but this is another favorite of mine. The bone wig is so cute!

2012, Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” Elle: I was in a thrift shop with mom one day and saw the pink jacket and matching skirt. I thought it looked really cute and instantly came up with the idea to go as Elle for Halloween. I had never seen the movie but I’d seen pictures of Elle before and thought she looked pretty. I got a hat, wig, shoes and purse and was all set. I even put a pink scrunchie around the neck of my chihuahua webkinz as a collar and put him in my purse and toted him around as Bruiser!

2013, Eponine from “Les Misérables” Eponine costume: Eponine is one of my favorite characters from that musical. I thought it would be cool to dress as her for Halloween. I took a picture of Samantha Barks as Eponine Eponine to Value Village and carefully studying the picture as I went through the racks of clothes, found everything I needed. I was so excited to wear my costume to Halloween parties and trick or treating! I wore it out to all the Halloween parties that I went to and to school and a lot of people liked it. However, nobody but my French teacher knew who I was! I had to explain my costume to almost everybody. I didn’t mind though. I was getting excited to wear my costume on Halloween night but mom dropped a bombshell and said that I couldn’t. She thought people wouldn’t think I’m in a costume, they would just think it was my regular clothes and therefore wouldn’t give me candy. I was disappointed.

My niece was going out as a cowgirl and she wanted someone to go as a cow. Mom brought a cow costume home for me to try on and as much as I didn’t want to I did it to please her. I put it on, looked in the mirror and my instant thought was “NOPE!” I put my hoof down and refused to wear the costume. It had udders!!! I told mom that if I had to wear that I would stay home and pass out candy. I did NOT want to go out in that costume. Thankfully my mom and niece were understanding and my sister went as the cow. I had a banana costume in my closet that I borrowed from a friend earlier in the year when I had to dance to “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” in front of my drama class at school. I decided to wear that. Banana suit

2014, Wayne Campbell from “Wayne’s World” Wayne costume: This one was free so that was awesome! I wore a black t-shirt, a pair of my dad’s ripped up jeans that he used for a zombie costume years ago and the year before I got a black hat with the Home Depot logo on it at a Special Olympics event so I taped the Wayne’s World Logo over it. This was a hit at parties and at school. One of the student assistants at school even dressed as Garth!!! That was excellent!

2015, old lady Elders: This year I thought it would be so cute for me and my boyfriend to be an old couple for Halloween! He loved the idea so we started building our costumes. All of our friends at Special Olympics thought we were adorable. I do too. I wonder if this is what we’ll actually look like years from now when we get to be this old?

There are lots of other great costumes that I’ve worn that I unfortunately don’t have a picture of. When I was 4 years old I was in dance lessons and in my recital that year I wore a dinosaur costume and crawled around onstage to the Barney theme song! My parents reused that as my Halloween costume that year. Also when I was little I took karate lessons and used my gi as my costume one year!

One of my all time favorite costumes that sadly I haven’t got a picture of me in is my Annie costume. “Annie” is my favorite movie ever! I’ve seen it over a million times and it never gets old. One year when I was younger (I think maybe 5 or 6) I wanted to be Annie so my cousin Mary gave me her Annie costume, I bought a red wig, put on the half locket that I had (for Christmas my sister and I got a locket in two halves, mine was half of a heart that said Little Sister and my sisters half heart said Big Sister) and dad put freckles on my cheeks. I loved that costume so much that I wore it for the next two or three Halloweens!

What is your favorite costume you’ve worn for Halloween? Tell me in the comments and post a picture if you have one!



One thought on “Time Warp of Costumes

  1. My favorite costumes that I had were when I was Elphaba from the musical “Wicked” last year and when I was Sadness from “Inside Out” this year!

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