A story two by two

Hey blog world! Today Writing 101 wants me to take some inspiration from social media for my post so I thought I’d share with you a very random story that my friend Nicolas, my niece and I wrote together on my wall the other day. We wrote this story two words at a time. It’s a bit of a weird story, so much so I can’t think of a name. Here it is!

One day, a young boy named Tyler and his monkey had just eaten a fugitive who killed a baby whale that was just about dead anyway, so the police arrived and searched the monkey’s pockets for the remains. They found a strange piece of identification that said he was really a whale saver who happened to be at the circus the crime took place, so the monkey said he was really a whale saver.

The police took him away because he was actually the Doctor who had Rabies and Ebola. He had gone to Skaro where he fought a giant ant with Rose. So the Zarbi ate the Doctor and he was disgusted and killed Rose. She said “For God sake!” and melted into a puddle of fish custard. So the Doctor got away and found Martha living in the TARDIS. In the TARDIS she had a baby child named Peter.

The end!

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