Albums I Can’t Live Without

Hey blog world! I love music. I have a full iPod packed with various different genres and my room and the back of my Mom’s car are full of my CD’s! If I had to narrow down my collection and keep only 10 these are the ones I would chose to hang on to.

“Even Seagulls Dream” – Spirit of Newfoundland Even Seagulls Dream: I am the #1 fan of Spirit of Newfoundland!! They are a phenomenal group with spectacular voices. This album is so pretty! It’s soothing, calming and the perfect lullaby. Many a night I’ve fallen asleep to this CD. The songs are all absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite. I love “St. John’s Waltz”, “Old Brown’s Daughter” and the two original songs on the CD, “Even Seagulls Dream” and “Spirit of Newfoundland”. They were both written by Spirit’s artistic director, Peter Halley.

“In My Lifetime” – Darrin Martin Darrin CD This CD is wonderful! It has a little bit of everything which I think is nice. There’s a beautiful love song that makes my heart smile (“Grow Old Along With Me“), a sweet rock n roll tune that reminds me of Guns N’ Roses (“Warrior”), a silly song (“Ise Da B’y from Dubai“) and even a Christmas song to end the CD off (“You’re 100 Christmas Trees”)!

“25 Favorite Very Veggie Tunes” – VeggieTales Best Veggie: These are 25 classic songs from the early days of VeggieTales. This CD has songs about French taunters, water buffalos, lazy pirates, chocolate bunnies, cheeseburgers, even a hairbrush! What more could you ask for? My Boyfriend and I love to listen to this together. We both crack up laughing!

“Les Misérables in concert at the Royal Albert Hall” – 10th anniversary cast of “Les Misérables” Les Mis 10. “Les Misérables” is one of my favorite musicals and the 10th anniversary cast is my 2nd favorite cast (my favorite cast, the cast of local theater company Atlantic Light Theater’s production of Les Mis last year sadly doesn’t have a cast recording. They should reassemble and make one I think!) Les Mis is an incredible show with breathtaking music. I’m always left speechless at the end.

“I’ll Be There For Christmas” – Peter Halley and Shelley Neville Spirit Christmas: This is my absolute favorite Christmas CD! Peter and Shelley have the voices of angels and when they sing these beautiful carols together it sounds so harmonious and perfect! My favorite songs on this album are “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “Gramps’ Bells” (that’s an original song written by Peter.)

“Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits” – Barenaked Ladies Disc 1: The Barenaked Ladies are one of my favorite bands. They’re awesome! They haven’t written a song I don’t like.

The Broadway mix tapes I made – various artists: I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals! I honestly can’t live without Broadway and show tunes! A few months ago, so I could take Broadway with me wherever I went I created two mix tapes of my favorite show tunes. My parents aren’t the biggest fans but I appreciate that they put up with listening to these CD’s almost every time we go for a drive. I have a little bit of everything on my mix tapes. “If You Were Gay“, “I Believe“, “Defying Gravity“,”Omigod You Guys“, “Any Dream Will Do“, “Alone in the Universe“, “Memory” etc.

“Spanish Train and Other Stories” – Chris De Burgh Spanish Train: This brings me back to my childhood. My Dad has this album on cassette tape and would play it all the time when we drove in the car when I was younger. Listening to it made me smile. Chris is a master storyteller. His tales are so captivating and entertaining. “Spanish Train” and “Patricia the Stripper” are my favorite songs on this album.

“1 Girl Nation” – 1 Girl Nation 1GN: These girls are wicked! They are a Christian pop group. I was lucky enough to see them in concert last year when they performed at YC and it was a blast! I love that they write awesome, upbeat, danceable tunes that have positive, Christian messages. “Count Your Rainbows” is my jam! I also love “In The Eyes“. There have been times when I felt like a misfit and like I don’t fit in. It’s so uplifting to hear this song and know that “you are perfect, you’re worth more than you know in the eyes, in the eyes of the one who made you.”

“Snook’s Childhood” – Snook Snook's Childhood: As you can tell by a few of the CD’s on this list I’m very supportive of local talent. We have lots of amazing musicians in Newfoundland. Snook is one of them. On this album he parodies children’s music. Teddy Bears go on a “grub job” instead of picnic and they feast on humans (“The Easter bunny lost his paws, I hear they’re cooking Santa Claus, today’s the day the teddy bears eat your parents.”, “If you even leave your room today some parts we’ll never find. The kid next door he lost his head, could ask his sister but she’s dead.”), Jerry brings his little scam to school to con his classmates and pop gets a case of the measles! My favorite song on this CD is “If You’re Something” because of how just plain silly it is (“If your dad is wicked tired eat some sugar and get wired.”, “If the neighbors think you’re weird start to moo.”).

If you had to narrow down your collection to 10 CD’s what ones would you chose to keep and why? Tell me in the comments!


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