Glen’s Tarts

Hey blog world! I was looking through some of the assignments I completed in writing last year (I kept mostly everything from that course) and found a poem I wrote. It’s a free verse poem (a poem that doesn’t rhyme) that tells the story of a wonderful act of kindness that my boyfriend experienced earlier in the year. I thought I’d share it with you. I call it “Glen’s Tarts”

The fellowship hall was packed with people

Happy chatter filled the room

As well as the sweet aroma

Of the deserts that lined the tables

There were decadent chocolate brownies

Luscious chocolate cupcakes

Sweet and creamy ice cream cake

Any desert you could think of

The people lined up to get their deserts

They filed their plates with the mouthwatering confections

When my boyfriend Glen returned to our table

His plate had only a small piece of strawberry shortcake and lemon pie

Most of the deserts that night were made of chocolate

Chocolate does not like Glen

Soon everyone in the room grew excited

The Pastor’s son was auctioning off what was left

He excitedly called out bids and spoke very rapidly

As the bids went up so did the excitement and volume of the crowd

Soon up for auction was the apple of Glen’s eye

A plate of homemade apple tarts

The lemon pie was too tart and the strawberry shortcake was gone

Glen’s heart was set on those tarts

He wanted them more than anything

“Do I hear $5” called the auctioneer

The race was on

Glen’s hand shot up in a flash

Mere seconds later he was outbid by a woman named Jeannie

Then she was outbid by him and so it continued

They were locked in an epic battle for the tarts

Who would receive them?

Eventually the tarts reached $20

That was too much for Glen

Defeated and down heartened he ceased bidding

He had a look of disappointment on his face

The tarts his heart was set on were not his

They had “going, going, gone” to Jeannie

However, Glen’s feeling of disappointment did not last

Jeannie approached our table with a smile.

She looked at Glen and said “I hear you like apple tarts!”

She handed him the paper plate full of his treasure

Glen’s eyes lit up like Christmas morning

His heart overflowed with happiness

He was absolutely overjoyed by Jeannie’s act of kindness

“I got my apple tarts!” Glen exclaimed joyously

Seeing Glen so happy made the crowd happy too

Everyone clapped and cheered for Glen

And also for Jeannie, the kind hearted woman who gave him her tarts

Kindness makes the world a better place

If more people were like Jeannie the world would be happier

Make someone’s day and be nice to them

It will make you happy too


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