A story two by two

Hey blog world! Today Writing 101 wants me to take some inspiration from social media for my post so I thought I’d share with you a very random story that my friend Nicolas, my niece and I wrote together on my wall the other day. We wrote this story two words at a time. It’s a bit of a weird story, so much so I can’t think of a name. Here it is!

One day, a young boy named Tyler and his monkey had just eaten a fugitive who killed a baby whale that was just about dead anyway, so the police arrived and searched the monkey’s pockets for the remains. They found a strange piece of identification that said he was really a whale saver who happened to be at the circus the crime took place, so the monkey said he was really a whale saver.

The police took him away because he was actually the Doctor who had Rabies and Ebola. He had gone to Skaro where he fought a giant ant with Rose. So the Zarbi ate the Doctor and he was disgusted and killed Rose. She said “For God sake!” and melted into a puddle of fish custard. So the Doctor got away and found Martha living in the TARDIS. In the TARDIS she had a baby child named Peter.

The end!


My Reading Superstar

Hey blog world! Today Writing 101 asked me to describe a life changing experience with a book. As you all know, I’m dating a superstar! My sweet boyfriend Glen is a gentleman with a heart of gold and he constantly makes me proud of him! “The Cat In The Hat” was the first book he read to me and I’ll never forget that day. It was incredible!

One night, several months ago I was watching TV and the phone rang. I’ll never, ever forget that call. It was Glen and his voice was full of excitement. He said he had something to tell me. I eagerly asked him what it was. “I read “The Cat In The Hat” by myself!” I couldn’t believe what I’d heard! This was a huge accomplishment for him because he has downs syndrome and struggled with reading. I was prouder than ever before! I wished he was there with me so I could have wrapped him in a huge hug!

His grandpa came on the phone and said “I’ve got to say, I’m very thankful you’re his girlfriend. You played a part in this.” I was like “I did?” “Yes.” he said and he told me that ever since I helped Glen learn his lines for “Little Billy: My God Is So Big” (a skit we performed at our Special Olympics teams sleepover) he had been eager to continue learning to read. He picked up a copy of “The Cat In The Hat” at a thrift store, brought it home and read it out loud to his grandpa! It made me feel wonderful that I encouraged him to practice reading and he wants to continue! I was so happy that I fostered a love of reading and a want to learn in Glen.

I really wanted to witness Glen’s new skills for myself so I took him on a reading date to Chapters. We got hot chocolate and cookies at the in-store Starbucks then picked out books to read to each other. I of course chose “The Cat In The Hat” for him to read to me, and for me to read to him, we chose “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” by T.S Elliot. We sat down with our books and I asked Glen to go first. I was amazed! He needed little help from me and read the big words with ease! I was so proud! I gave him a big hug, told him how proud I was of him and said he was a superstar at reading!

Glen has read to me on several other occasions recently and each time I become prouder and prouder of him! He’s becoming more and more of a superstar at reading. He wants another Chapters date soon so I will certainly make that happen. I would really like to have one around Christmas time so we can enjoy Christmas stories together!

How has a book changed your life? Tell me in the comments!


Virtual Tea

Hey blog world! I’m participating in Blogging 101, a 4 week writing course offered by WordPress. Today I was challenged to do a “virtual coffee date” post. I’d never done one of those before but it seems like fun so here it goes! If we met up at Spirit of Newfoundland for a piece of screech cake and cup of tea this is what I’d tell you.

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I just came from the Mile 1 Center where I auditioned to sing the anthem at Ice Caps hockey games. I practiced for days and felt very confident about my performance. I really hope I get picked because it would be amazing to level up from singing at little league games to singing at home team games!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I start school on Monday. I will be returning to High School to study world history. Sadly, I didn’t pass that course last year and the college I’ve applied to won’t let me in without it so I have to do it over again this year. It’s a very difficult course and I struggled a lot with it last year. Thankfully, tomorrow I’ll be off to my best friend Peter’s house with my American Girl AG History binder in tow to begin history tutoring! Hopefully with his help and a lot of hard work the 2nd time will be the charm and I’ll pass!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that my art is for sale! I’m over the moon excited that I recently became part of Buy My Art!, a project that helps local artists sell their work. I met up with the founder of the program a few weeks ago and he loved what he saw which made me very happy! He took pictures of my artwork and now my pieces are available on magnets and buttons and you can buy 8X10 prints of my paintings as well. You can do all that on my page of the Buy My Art! website!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that my boyfriend Glen and I solved a mystery last night! We played life sized clue with our youth group! It was lots of fun! The leaders used 5 rolls of tape to turn the floor into a game board and used pictures of some of the members of the group as the suspect cards. Like the board game we had to travel around to all the different rooms and collect clues to figure out who killed Pastor Steve. We played twice and both times I was honestly worried that it might be me! Thankfully I was innocent both times. The first time, one of the other teams solved the case before Glen and I did but when we played it a second time we did it! We had the suspect and the weapon figured out but two rooms left. We took a 50/50 chance and guessed that it was Alex in the Fellowship Hall with the spatula and we were right!!! Glen and I did a happy dance and hugged each other. We were very happy we won!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that I’m on the hunt for a job. Since my job at Spirit of Newfoundland sadly came to an end a few weeks ago (I have a seasonal job there as an office assistant) Mom wants me to find another to tide me over until November when I go back to work at Spirit for the Christmas season. I’ve sent resumés out to dozens and dozens of places but haven’t heard back from one! I hope I’ll hear something soon. Out of all the places I’ve applied I’m really hoping to get hired at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company as a chocolatier. I think it would be lots of fun to make chocolate for a living! It would be so hard to resist eating them though!

If we were having tea right now, I’d tell you that Special Olympics is back in full swing! I had my first bowling practice of the year last Tuesday and next Thursday rhythmic gymnastics starts up again! I’m so happy to be back to Special Olympics. I love seeing all my friends and playing sports! This is my 9th year as a bowler with Special O and my 3rd as a rhythmic gymnast. I’m very excited for rhythmic gymnastics to start next Thursday because Glen is joining the team!!! I was so happy when I heard that! I know he’s going to love rhythmic gymnastics. I really do too. Twirling ribbons is lots of fun!

If we were having tea right now I’d tell you that preparations are underway for my sisters return home for Christmas! My sister Christa lives in Australia with her husband Ben and 1 year old son Lincoln. They are coming home for Christmas this year and we are all very excited! Especially because it will be Lincoln’s very first time seeing snow and our very first time seeing Lincoln in person (my family has only seen Lincoln in pictures and on Skype)! They will be staying with us for a week during their time in Newfoundland so to prepare for that we are cleaning up and getting rid of things we don’t use or need anymore. I can’t wait for them to get here!

If we met up at Spirit of Newfoundland for tea and screech cake (by the way, Spirit is located on 6 Cathedral street in Downtown St John’s and you can stop by for screech cake and tea or coffee any day of the week from 2:30 until 4:00) what would you tell me?


Albums I Can’t Live Without

Hey blog world! I love music. I have a full iPod packed with various different genres and my room and the back of my Mom’s car are full of my CD’s! If I had to narrow down my collection and keep only 10 these are the ones I would chose to hang on to.

“Even Seagulls Dream” – Spirit of Newfoundland Even Seagulls Dream: I am the #1 fan of Spirit of Newfoundland!! They are a phenomenal group with spectacular voices. This album is so pretty! It’s soothing, calming and the perfect lullaby. Many a night I’ve fallen asleep to this CD. The songs are all absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. It’s so hard for me to pick a favorite. I love “St. John’s Waltz”, “Old Brown’s Daughter” and the two original songs on the CD, “Even Seagulls Dream” and “Spirit of Newfoundland”. They were both written by Spirit’s artistic director, Peter Halley.

“In My Lifetime” – Darrin Martin Darrin CD This CD is wonderful! It has a little bit of everything which I think is nice. There’s a beautiful love song that makes my heart smile (“Grow Old Along With Me“), a sweet rock n roll tune that reminds me of Guns N’ Roses (“Warrior”), a silly song (“Ise Da B’y from Dubai“) and even a Christmas song to end the CD off (“You’re 100 Christmas Trees”)!

“25 Favorite Very Veggie Tunes” – VeggieTales Best Veggie: These are 25 classic songs from the early days of VeggieTales. This CD has songs about French taunters, water buffalos, lazy pirates, chocolate bunnies, cheeseburgers, even a hairbrush! What more could you ask for? My Boyfriend and I love to listen to this together. We both crack up laughing!

“Les Misérables in concert at the Royal Albert Hall” – 10th anniversary cast of “Les Misérables” Les Mis 10. “Les Misérables” is one of my favorite musicals and the 10th anniversary cast is my 2nd favorite cast (my favorite cast, the cast of local theater company Atlantic Light Theater’s production of Les Mis last year sadly doesn’t have a cast recording. They should reassemble and make one I think!) Les Mis is an incredible show with breathtaking music. I’m always left speechless at the end.

“I’ll Be There For Christmas” – Peter Halley and Shelley Neville Spirit Christmas: This is my absolute favorite Christmas CD! Peter and Shelley have the voices of angels and when they sing these beautiful carols together it sounds so harmonious and perfect! My favorite songs on this album are “Go Tell It On The Mountain”, “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve”, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and “Gramps’ Bells” (that’s an original song written by Peter.)

“Disc One: All Their Greatest Hits” – Barenaked Ladies Disc 1: The Barenaked Ladies are one of my favorite bands. They’re awesome! They haven’t written a song I don’t like.

The Broadway mix tapes I made – various artists: I’m obsessed with Broadway musicals! I honestly can’t live without Broadway and show tunes! A few months ago, so I could take Broadway with me wherever I went I created two mix tapes of my favorite show tunes. My parents aren’t the biggest fans but I appreciate that they put up with listening to these CD’s almost every time we go for a drive. I have a little bit of everything on my mix tapes. “If You Were Gay“, “I Believe“, “Defying Gravity“,”Omigod You Guys“, “Any Dream Will Do“, “Alone in the Universe“, “Memory” etc.

“Spanish Train and Other Stories” – Chris De Burgh Spanish Train: This brings me back to my childhood. My Dad has this album on cassette tape and would play it all the time when we drove in the car when I was younger. Listening to it made me smile. Chris is a master storyteller. His tales are so captivating and entertaining. “Spanish Train” and “Patricia the Stripper” are my favorite songs on this album.

“1 Girl Nation” – 1 Girl Nation 1GN: These girls are wicked! They are a Christian pop group. I was lucky enough to see them in concert last year when they performed at YC and it was a blast! I love that they write awesome, upbeat, danceable tunes that have positive, Christian messages. “Count Your Rainbows” is my jam! I also love “In The Eyes“. There have been times when I felt like a misfit and like I don’t fit in. It’s so uplifting to hear this song and know that “you are perfect, you’re worth more than you know in the eyes, in the eyes of the one who made you.”

“Snook’s Childhood” – Snook Snook's Childhood: As you can tell by a few of the CD’s on this list I’m very supportive of local talent. We have lots of amazing musicians in Newfoundland. Snook is one of them. On this album he parodies children’s music. Teddy Bears go on a “grub job” instead of picnic and they feast on humans (“The Easter bunny lost his paws, I hear they’re cooking Santa Claus, today’s the day the teddy bears eat your parents.”, “If you even leave your room today some parts we’ll never find. The kid next door he lost his head, could ask his sister but she’s dead.”), Jerry brings his little scam to school to con his classmates and pop gets a case of the measles! My favorite song on this CD is “If You’re Something” because of how just plain silly it is (“If your dad is wicked tired eat some sugar and get wired.”, “If the neighbors think you’re weird start to moo.”).

If you had to narrow down your collection to 10 CD’s what ones would you chose to keep and why? Tell me in the comments!


Why You Should Join Youth Group

“CHICKEN!” There is a mix of screams and laughter as a swarm of teenagers scramble around the sanctuary of Faith Pentecostal Church to find their partner, jump on their back and squawk like a chicken. That’s not something you see in Church everyday! However, this foolish fun is the norm at Connect Student Ministries, Faith Pentecostal’s Friday night youth group. As fun as it is, unfortunately I think youth is a very underrated activity. There are a lot of teens who don’t know about it and those who do won’t go because they think they’re too cool for church or that it will be boring. All I am saying is give youth a chance! I’ve been going for several years and I love it. It’s the highlight of my week! You get fed, have fun and most importantly learn about God!

Before youth I was just dipping my toes into the proverbial pool of Christianity. It was a blue moon night each time I’d read the bible or pray. Since I started going to youth I do both a lot more now. I’m slowly descending the ladder into the pool. I’ve learned a lot more about God and have grown stronger in my faith. It’s so inspiring to hear his word every week. Worship time is my favorite time of the night at youth.

Ever tried unraveling a roll of toilet paper without your hands, rapping bible verses or racing against your friend attempting to get more sharpie signatures on your feet? Those are just a few of the totally random and super fun games that the leaders created. During game time the sanctuary always fills up with laughter. There’s never a dull moment at youth! Not only do we play games, we also have parties for every occasion, campfires on Topsail beach and all nighters! Sometimes we even get together at Elim Pentecostal Tabernacle with other youth groups. Those nights are always a blast. There’s candy, sumo wrestling and board games. I can’t think of a more fun way to spend a Friday night!

FREE FOOD! Have I caught your attention now? I thought so. We never go hungry at youth. We end off pretty much every night by pigging out on chips, soda pop and every now and then, pizza. Sometimes we base our whole night around food! We’ve had Italian nights, Mexican nights, ice cream socials and even a bacon party! My mouth always waters when the leaders post on Facebook that we’re having a food night.

There are a lot of teens whom as I said at the beginning think that church is boring so they won’t come to youth. Our worship time isn’t boring at all! Sara, the leader who does the sermon every week tells really cool stories that have a biblical tie in, uses videos (sometimes funny ones like Skit Guys, Blimey Cow or Tim Hawkins) and once when Pastor Jeff did the sermon he made it interactive. He got volunteers to come up and act out the story of the Good Samaritan as he read it. I was the beaten and robbed person.

The songs we sing during our worship time are different than what’s normally sung in Church on Sunday’s. We sing contemporary Christian songs by artists like Chris Tomlin and Hillsong.  We do sing some of the classics too. I love it when Pastor Jeff dims the lights, everyone takes out their cellphones and we sing “This Little Light Of Mine”.

It’s a well known fact that teens are a lazy species. Because their parents want them to be active many won’t send them to youth because they are under the assumption that all we do is sit on our butts all night and eat junk. That’s not true. Sometimes we stand up and eat junk (there’s a minimal amount of chairs in the multi-purpose room)! Also we balance out the sitting and junk food eating with plenty of physical activity. We start every night with an optional ball hockey game, we play lots of physical games like molecules and horse, chicken, conqueror that get us up and running around and sometimes we go on field trips to places like the bowling alley, pool or Axtion (an activity center in St. John’s that has inflatable slides, bumper cars and lots of other cool stuff!)

It doesn’t matter your Christian denomination. If your church hasn’t got a youth group and/or the church closest to you isn’t your denomination come anyway! We are all original masterpieces created by God. Everyone is accepted. If your church hasn’t got one talk with your pator about starting one. It’s a lot of fun, will keep teens off the streets and out of the house on Friday nights and will teach them about God and all the amazing things he has done.

I guarantee that if you come to youth you will leave full. Full from all the junk you’ve consumed, full of fun, laughter and memories and most importantly your heart will be full of joy from the good news that had been preached to you that night. Hope to see you next week!

High School Tips

Hey blog world! Happy first day of school! l thought that since I have finished High School and have lots of experience I’d give some tips to students just entering High School, specifically mine, QE!

  • Heads up to the clothing and textiles/fashion students. The sewing machines in the clothing room are female! They are sensitive and moody. Be prepared for lots of frustrating malfunctions.
  • Mr. Travis has a “phoney shoebox”. USE IT! Especially Histoire Mondiale students. That class involves a lot of memorization so pay really good attention. Put your phone in the box so you won’t get distracted by it and thus have it sniped by Mr. T. I think the snipe free days record last year was 20 days. Try and break that!
  • Mr. Penney’s writing class, even though it’s just a fun last period on a Friday and special occasion game, keep your Boggle sheets. When he checks your portfolio everything up to that point should be in there, including Boggle. You lose marks for missing things.
  • Also to the writing students. When doing an SSW (sustained silent writing) write whatever pops into your head. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as you write. If Mr. Penney sees you not writing he will start the timer over and the activity will go on longer.
  • Go to the breakfast club. Three words, free hot chocolate!
  • Participate in theme days. Like Hogwarts we give out house points! We split students up by gender and grade level (the grade 11 boys are all one team, grade 10 girls are all one team etc) and on theme days you get points for your team if you participate. The team with the most points at the end of the year gets a pizza party! The grade 11 girls were the lucky winners last year. I wonder who it will be this year?
  • There’s a math help center every Thursday and sometimes teachers will offer help sessions in their subjects after school. Take advantage of those. I regret not going to Mr. Travis’ world history help.
  • Get your career hours by volunteering in Miss Hemmings’ special needs classroom. Read to the students, play games with them, color with them, even just chat with them! They are the sweetest bunch of students and spending time with them will make your heart smile.
  • Join one of our sports teams or clubs. We have lots to offer! Improv team, art club, choir, jazz band, basketball, hockey, eco crew, etc.
  • Workplace safety is fun but can be graphic at times. Mr. Blundon will usually warn warn the class when he’s going to turn on a graphic video. If you need to leave let him know. He’s perfectly fine with that.
  • Be on time. If you’re late three times in a week you will get detention.
  • One for you Grade 11 and 12’s, hazing the grade 10’s is not cool! High School is a new experience and for some it’s pretty scary. Be friendly and welcome them to the school! Show them around maybe! If you do choose to be stunned and haze a grade 10 then you will not be allowed to go to prom.

Good luck to all the students in the 2015-2016 school year!


Glen’s Tarts

Hey blog world! I was looking through some of the assignments I completed in writing last year (I kept mostly everything from that course) and found a poem I wrote. It’s a free verse poem (a poem that doesn’t rhyme) that tells the story of a wonderful act of kindness that my boyfriend experienced earlier in the year. I thought I’d share it with you. I call it “Glen’s Tarts”

The fellowship hall was packed with people

Happy chatter filled the room

As well as the sweet aroma

Of the deserts that lined the tables

There were decadent chocolate brownies

Luscious chocolate cupcakes

Sweet and creamy ice cream cake

Any desert you could think of

The people lined up to get their deserts

They filed their plates with the mouthwatering confections

When my boyfriend Glen returned to our table

His plate had only a small piece of strawberry shortcake and lemon pie

Most of the deserts that night were made of chocolate

Chocolate does not like Glen

Soon everyone in the room grew excited

The Pastor’s son was auctioning off what was left

He excitedly called out bids and spoke very rapidly

As the bids went up so did the excitement and volume of the crowd

Soon up for auction was the apple of Glen’s eye

A plate of homemade apple tarts

The lemon pie was too tart and the strawberry shortcake was gone

Glen’s heart was set on those tarts

He wanted them more than anything

“Do I hear $5” called the auctioneer

The race was on

Glen’s hand shot up in a flash

Mere seconds later he was outbid by a woman named Jeannie

Then she was outbid by him and so it continued

They were locked in an epic battle for the tarts

Who would receive them?

Eventually the tarts reached $20

That was too much for Glen

Defeated and down heartened he ceased bidding

He had a look of disappointment on his face

The tarts his heart was set on were not his

They had “going, going, gone” to Jeannie

However, Glen’s feeling of disappointment did not last

Jeannie approached our table with a smile.

She looked at Glen and said “I hear you like apple tarts!”

She handed him the paper plate full of his treasure

Glen’s eyes lit up like Christmas morning

His heart overflowed with happiness

He was absolutely overjoyed by Jeannie’s act of kindness

“I got my apple tarts!” Glen exclaimed joyously

Seeing Glen so happy made the crowd happy too

Everyone clapped and cheered for Glen

And also for Jeannie, the kind hearted woman who gave him her tarts

Kindness makes the world a better place

If more people were like Jeannie the world would be happier

Make someone’s day and be nice to them

It will make you happy too