My Spirited Summer

Hey blog world! I’m having a wonderful summer! As you all know I’m back to work in heaven! Spirit of Newfoundland is the best workplace ever! I love everything about my job and my co-workers. I thought today I’d tell you a little bit about my summer at work.

My co-workers are awesome! I’m so close to them that I consider everyone at Spirit as my 2nd family. Hillary, I was particularly close to. We worked pretty much side by side! I think of her as my big sister from another mister. She finished her work term last week and I was really sad to see her go! Work is 10% less fun without her! She was “cracked” as we say in Newfoundland. Cracked means someone who is foolish. That’s our Hillary! She was really silly and made me laugh a lot! Blaine, the custodian brightens my day. I really enjoy having chats with him. It’s one of the highlights of my day! Kara and Amelia are very kind and helpful. If I need anything at all I can go to either of them and they are always eager to help. Also I appreciate how compassionate Kara is. Twice I’ve had involuntary shaking episodes on the job and she witnessed them. She made certain I was alright, offered me water and let me take a break. Trev is really sweet. He makes me smile! It made my day when he said I was one of his favorite girls! You’re one of my favorite guys Trev! My bosses, Peter, Paul and Kathie are kind, funny, easy to get along with and all around wonderful people whom I’m very happy to be working for.

I’m outcast by much of the neurotypical (“normal”) community because of my Aspergers and my globophobia (fear of balloons) is laughed at. I really appreciate that at Spirit I have no worries of ridicule or bullying. Everyone is understanding and accepts me for who I am! I wasn’t sure of what reactions would be regarding my globophobia. I was a little afraid they may think it childish. It means a lot that instead they are understanding and compassionate. Kara removed the balloon that was in the coat room when she read about my globophobia on my blog and how uneasy and apprehensive I felt being in there with the balloon (it’s like sharing a room with Freddy Kruger!) and when I went to Spirit’s new summer show “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl if I Want To” they didn’t use the balloons in the show because they knew I was coming.

My job this year revolves around social media. I do Facebook posts for Spirit of Newfoundland, Happy Camper (a delicious, healthy, international food truck on New Gower street that’s owned by Kathie) and the Screech Room. It’s lots of fun! It’s like scrap booking! I get to pick out pictures and come up with neat little captions for them and post them. Also, every Monday I do a blog post on what’s going on with Spirit and Happy Camper that week.

Once I have my posting done, I do whatever else is needed of me like inventory, polishing silverware and packaging screech cake. Screech cake packaging is lots of fun! I bring my iPod with me and jam out to Manafest as I work (he’s my favorite Christian rap artist!)

My favorite task is taking pictures of the shows! I’ve been to every show at the Temple this summer, including the non Spirit affiliated performances (A Paperboy’s Blues Night and Rebecca Caine (a Broadway actress who has played Cosette in Les Mis and Christine in Phantom). It’s been an absolutely magical summer of theatre! I loved every minute of every performance that I saw! If you haven’t been to any of Spirit’s summer shows yet you still have a chance! Click here to view their schedule and make your reservation! Also click here, here and here to read my reviews of Spirit’s three summer shows!

One of my favorite things about work this summer is all the memories I’ve made!

  • I met local singer Julia Halfyard and her adorable kids Estelle and Seth. We played with bubbles, talked about mermaids and I read them a story. It was so much fun!
  • A few weeks ago Kara, Paul and I had an impromptu Motown dance party! Paul requested Sam Cooke’s cover of “Tennessee Waltz” and when Kara put it on he started dancing, then Kara joined in and soon I did too. We had a time!
  • Hillary and I drove to the Happy Camper to take pictures of the food. As we waited for it to cook we sat in the car and made a video of ourselves doing an a capella round of “Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown/C.H.I.C.K.E.N”. It took several takes because we both burst out laughing so often!
  • I got to meet Rebecca Caine! I was working the day of her show and Peter was kind enough to let me sit in on her sound check! I was a mix of starstruck and nervous when I went in and met her. It was such an incredible experience! She’s very wonderful and down to earth. We had a lengthy chat and she gave me a hug! I painted her a picture as well Colors of the People and was thrilled that she loved it and said she’d hang it in her studio!
  • I have been everywhere in the Masonic Temple except for the backstage area. I’ve seen 19 Spirit shows and have been in the building numerous times but have never been backstage! That changed yesterday when Kara took me back there. It was so cool!
  • I had my first taste of Happy Camper! I had been dying to try it since it opened last summer and I finally had the chance last month! We got to bring some food back to Spirit after the photo shoot Hillary and I did and everything I tasted was delicious! Especially the Asian chicken noodle bowl. It’s my favorite item on the menu.
  • I brought in gluten free baked goods on several occasions. Everyone at Spirit works really hard and they deserve a treat every now and then. I made sure they were gluten free so Hillary could enjoy them too. She can’t have gluten. It made me happy seeing the smiles on my friends faces when they saw the goodies.
  • I got to help Peter with some final prep for “It’s My Party”. I helped him get things organized and did some research on Woodstock to help him write a segment on it for the show.
  • I had to take a supplementary world history exam a few weeks ago. Mom called me at work and told me about it two days before I had to write it! I wasn’t pleased that I had very little time to study. As soon as I got off work I asked Evan permission to use his/Peter’s office and spent the next several hours in there cramming, making admittedly cheesy jokes and putting the Russian Revolution to the tune of “One Day More” to help me remember the info!
  • If you go in the dressing room, tacked onto the wall you’ll see a picture of SpongeBob thinking about his grandpa and how he used to rant about young people and their silly, nonsense flying machines. I colored that! SpongeBob and coloring are two things you’ll never be too old for in my opinion! A few times this summer I colored pictures in my favorite SpongeBob coloring book and gave them to my friends at work as a nice little gesture to brighten their day. It made me happy seeing my friends so happy with the pictures I colored for them and I felt really special when Kara taped hers to her desk and Evan tacked his onto the dressing room wall!
  • I got to bring my Best Buddy, Allison to a show for the first time! We saw “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” together! We’d been planning a Spirit night since we were paired up together but plans always fell through. I was so happy that things finally worked out and we finally got to see a show together! It was phenomenal!
  • I brought my wonderful boyfriend Glen to his first Spirit show this summer as well, “It’s My Party”. We had a lovely evening! My favorite part was our slow dance to Shelley Neville singing “At Last”. Time stopped!

I have three more weeks of dazlious wonderment left and I’m so excited to see what they have in store! Thank you so much to everyone at Spirit for making this summer unforgettable! I love you all, you’re perfect, never change! See you Monday!



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