What Is Beauty

Hey blog world! Last year, my favorite subject in school was writing. One of the things we had to do in that class was write in a journal. I was just looking back through some old entries and found one that I thought was worth sharing here.

Dear Journal:

In French class this year we studied “Cyrano de Bergerac”. A pre-reading question we had to answer was “In your opinion what is beauty?” Here’s my answer.

To me beauty isn’t a physical, outer trait but rather an inner trait. I don’t care much for outer beauty. It’s nice but it’s not what matters. A beautiful person has a good heart, is kind and caring and always thinks of others. They do good deeds and put others before themselves.

I surround myself with beautiful people. I don’t want any drama or negativity in my life. I have the most beautiful friends I could ever ask for and am very happy to have them.

Want to see a living example of my definition of beauty? Look at a person with special needs. My special needs friends are the most beautiful people ever! They are the sweetest, kindest, most caring people I know. For example, at special olympics events, there are no such thing as competitors. Everyone cheers everyone on! Special olympians are such amazing sports! Another example is my friend Dominique who I went to high school with. She was so compassionate. I loved that about her! I ate lunch with her everyday and If I had a hot microwaveable dinner for my lunch she would always warn me “Don’t burn yourself!” One of the teachers told me that once when a teacher was up on a chair trying to reach something Dominique said to her “Don’t break your neck!” It’s so sweet that she cared about others and their safety.

My voice teacher, Peter Halley is beautiful too. He never gets angry or mad, is understanding of my challenges, there for me and prays for me when I’m going through tough times, very patient with me, always very sweet, goes above and beyond for me and others, I could go on and on about how beautiful Peter is!!!

I try my best to live by my standard of beauty. I have a good heart and love to help people. I do a lot of raising money for various causes (the Janeway Children’s Hospital, Special Olympics, Masonic Temple Restoration Fund etc) and whenever I can I do a good deed for someone who needs it.

My definition of beauty is a wonderful thing and I wish more people could try and be beautiful by my standard. The world would be a much better place.

What’s your definition of beauty? Tell me in the comments!


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