A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Aspie

Hey blog world!

My favorite art form is abstract. It’s so creative and original! I love that there are no rules, you can just let your creativity flow. My favorite artists are Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and Dominique.

I’ve been a Warhol fan for as long as I can remember. His pop art paintings are so vibrant and colorful and looking at them makes me happy! Marilyn Monroe is my favorite of his paintings. Marilyn We have this print at work and I love looking at it! I would love one of Andy’s paintings for my wall.

Recently, Rebecca Caine (a phenomenal Broadway actress who originated the role of Cosette in “Les Misérables” and Christine in “Phantom of the Opera”) compared my artwork to that of Jackson Pollock so I googled him later that evening. I was amazed by what I saw! Splatter art is so cool! “Convergence” convergence and “Shimmering Substance” shimmering-substance are my two favorite paintings of his.

Dominique is very special to me. I got to watch and sometimes help her create her masterpieces! She’s a lovely young woman who was my best friend in High School. I’m not sure what her challenge is but she has special needs. Her favorite thing to do was draw. It was amazing watching her let loose on the paper with her crayons! She always seemed to know which colors worked well together. Her pieces always looked so colorful and beautiful! I wanted to frame them and keep them! Sometimes she would pass me a crayon and politely ask “Draw cat please.” or “Write Dominique’s name.” I’m not the best at drawing and my handwriting is terrible also but I did my best and she was happy. That made me happy! One of my favorite things about Dominique’s art was that she had her own unique way of signing things. I don’t know where she learned it but somehow she learned to write the word “poo” and would frequently write it in her drawings LOL!

Recently I’ve dabbled in abstract art. I have poor motor skills because I’m missing the corpus collosum (a wide band of fibres that connects the left and right side of my brain) so I can’t draw for the life of me so abstract is where I shine. It doesn’t have to make sense or look like anything! Abstract is the true meaning of creativity. I can make my paintings as unique as I want!

Splatter painting is something I always wanted to try so a few weeks ago I went to the store, bought a canvas and a few paints and set to work. Rebecca Caine, whom as I said above is a Broadway actress who originated the role of Cosette was going to be performing at the Masonic Temple the next day so I decided to make her a painting. I went outside and braved the wind and the rain and created “The Colors of the People” Colors of the People. I used Les Mis inspired colors and threw paint onto the canvas to the beat of “Do You Hear The People Sing“. It was a lot of fun to throw paint onto the canvas and I was really impressed with the end result. I thought it looked really neat! I presented this painting to Rebecca the following day and was thrilled when she loved it! Making her happy made me feel really good inside.

A few days ago I was inspired yet again and decided to do another splatter painting. sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. I call this one “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”. That song by Leslie Gore is one of my favorites and it gave me the inspiration to reflect on canvas how this song makes me feel. Happy, alive and free! This is my favourite of my creations. This was up for auction last night at “A Paperboy’s Blues Night”, a fundraiser to turn Kevin Lewis’s memoir into a play and the winning bidder was Newfoundland comedian Mark Critch! I was honored!

This is my most recent piece, I splattered it a half hour ago. I call it “Elphaba”

 . For this piece, I took inspiration from the musical “Wicked”. I used colours that were reminiscent of the character Elphaba Elphaba(she’s green, she wears black and I used silver for a magical touch) and threw paint to the beat of her signature song “Defying Gravity“.

I’m very proud of each of my paintings. Making them makes me happy! As does seeing people’s happy faces when they see them and hearing their lovely comments! What kind of art is your favourite and who is your favourite artist? Tell me in the comments!


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