Rebecca Caine

Hey blog world! Tuesday night was absolutely incredible! I took my Mom out to Spirit of Newfoundland for her Birthday to see Rebecca Caine, a Broadway and West End actress who originated the role of of Christine in “Phantom of the Opera” and Cosette in “Les Misérables”. She was spectacular!

As you know I work at Spirit. Tuesday afternoon as I was working, Peter, one of my bosses came over to my area and told me that Rebecca would be coming in at 1:00 for a sound check and if I wanted to I could go in and meet her and listen to her sound check. That was so nice of him.

1:00 came and Peter gave me the ok to come into the Grand Room (where the sound check was taking place) and meet Rebecca. I can’t even describe how I felt when I met her! Being the huge Broadway fan that I am, it was incredible to get to meet a Broadway actress! I was absolutely star struck! She asked me how I was and I answered “A little nervous but good.” I was very excited and happy and couldn’t believe this was actually happening but weirdly at the same time I was slightly nervous too. I overcame that very quickly. She’s a very lovely and kind lady.

We chatted for a while about Les Mis and Phantom and she asked me if I had any questions. I asked her what Michael Ball   is really like. He too is a spectacular performer whom Rebecca has had the chance to perform with on a few occasions. She said he’s really funny. That’s what I thought. He seems like a really nice and down to earth guy. I would love to get to meet him someday!

I had something very special to give her. Splatter painting is something I’ve always wanted to try. I gave it a go on Monday. I braved the wind and rain (which didn’t start until I started painting. Much appreciated Mother Nature!) and sat on my back porch and created this splatter painting for Rebecca

  I used Les Mis inspired colours, red, black, blue and silver, turned on “Do You Hear the People Sing” and flicked paint onto the canvas to the beat. I really hoped she’d like it. She didn’t. She loved it! That made me really happy. She said she would hang it in her studio! I was on cloud 109!

Then she began her sound check and sang. Oh my firetrucking God! What a gorgeous voice she has! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! I couldn’t wait until later that night to hear her full set.

A few hours later it was mealtime. This was a dinner and show. Again, I’ve already done so, so I won’t critique the meal. I will however say a few words on the Cosette. That was the specialty drink at the bar that night. Watermelon, Lemonade and New Amsterdam Vodka, of course I had a virgin version. I thought it was ok but was too sweet for my taste. 3 out of 10.

To start the show Shelley Neville and Peter sang. Their first piece was “Do You Love Me” from “Fiddler on the Roof”. As usual they sounded lovely together. I’m not sure of the name of their second piece. What I do know is that it was a fantastic solo by Shelley. Excellent job both of you on a fabulous opening act!

Then Rebecca came on stage. I was in awe of how beautiful she looked! I thought the dress she had on was stunning! It was long, red and sparkly. I wonder if it comes in my size?

She sang a few numbers from “West Side Story”. I was captivated by “Tonight”. It sounded so pretty!

One of my favourite songs from the first act was “Has Anybody Seen Our Ship”. It’s a fun and campy song. It made me laugh! Rebecca did a great job of performing it.

She ended the first act with songs from “My Fair Lady”. “Just You Wait ” was really funny. I loved her cockney accent and the song was hilarious! All I know about this show is all Eliza wants is a room somewhere far away from the cold night air, so I don’t know why  but for some reason Eliza really doesn’t like Henry Higgins! She’ll go to town instead of help him if he drowns, the king will proclaim Eliza Doolittle day and she’ll ask him to do away with Henry which he will gladly do! That last part was my favourite.

“I Could Have Danced All Night” was the last song of the “My Fait Lady” set and the first act of the show. It was magical! She told the audience to sing along if they knew the words and the most beautiful music filled the room! It was like the angels had met for choir practice! My heart overflowed with happiness! I couldn’t think of a better way to end act one!

While I loved hearing new songs, I was happy that act 2 had songs I recognized. I loved it when she sang songs from my favourite Disney movie, “Mary Poppins”. “Spoonful of Sugar” was lots of fun and “Feed the Birds”, my favourite Mary Poppins song, was stunning! It was so beautiful that I was crying!

She did a few from “Sound of Music” as well. I was really impressed with her yodelling in “Lonely Goatherd”. I know it’s not because I’ve done this song before in voice lessons and it’s a difficult sing but Rebecca made it look easy!

I thought “Happy Working Song” from “Enchanted” was cute, as was her pianist Robert during this song. He put on a pair of Bunny ears!!!

 Tell me that’s not the sweetest thing!

Speaking of Robert, I thought he was a fabulous pianist! Every song sounded stupendous! The songs she sang from Phantom were my favourites musically.

One of the songs she sang from Phantom was the song that in my opinion is the best Broadway love song. “All I Ask Of You”. She sang it with Peter and it was astounding! Both of them have powerful and incredible voices and sounded perfect together. I thought it was sweet when they danced together during the musical interlude.

When she sang “Think of Me” the floodgates opened! I sang that song at my Nanny Weir’s funeral almost two years ago. Hearing it made me think of her and I cried a lot!

She ended with songs from Les Mis. “I Dreamed A Dream” was so astonishing and powerful! I almost cried again!

I was really impressed with her performance of “Bring Him Home”. Again, very powerful and emotional. This is a very high song and my jaw was to the floor in amazement at how she was able to hit those notes and all the other super high notes in the show! There is a mirror in the back of the Grand Room and I’m surprised it was still in one piece when the show ended!!!

Once the show was over I stood up and gave Rebecca and Robert the standing ovation they deserved! I was absolutely speechless and couldn’t think of words to describe what I’d just witnessed! I can now though, masterpiece!

I had another little chat with Rebecca and got another picture with her

I got a picture with Peter and Shelley as well They are the nicest people ever and two of my biggest inspirations. I’m very glad to call them my friends! XO you two!

All in all, Tuesday and Tuesday night were unbelievable and one of the best day and nights of my life! It was wonderful getting to meet you and watch you perform Rebecca and Robert! Safe travels and long may your big jib draw! If you didn’t have a chance to learn Newfie slang while you were here, that means well wishes for the future!


P.S: I hope you get over your cold soon Robert! 😃

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