Rainy Day Ride

Hey blog world! I had a great afternoon. I got to go out horseback riding with Peter Halley Peter Halleyagain! Last time we went out was Good Friday. I missed the horses and wanted to see them again so I asked Peter and he said we could today! It is a rainy and slightly chilly day in Newfoundland today (what is this “summer” people often speak of? We don’t get that in Newfoundland!) but we went out riding anyway and had a wonderful time!

I enjoyed the drive to the barn. Peter and I chatted all the way. I love having chats with Peter. We talked about summer, college (which I have been accepted for in September and am beyond happy and proud) and what I plan to do once I get my Early Childhood Education certificate.

When we got to the barn I was so happy to see Max Max and Jesse image again! They are such beautiful and lovable animals. This time I rode on Max. He was very stubborn last time so I hoped that today he would be a bit more well behaved.

I lead Max into the barn and got him set to ride. Grooming him was easy, putting the bit in his mouth and putting his reins on… not so much! I struggled with both of those tasks and got stepped on by Max. I had to ask Peter to help me. With a bit of practice I’ll get the hang of it! Hopefully so anyway!

When we went out on our ride I was pleased with how cooperative Max was compared to last time. He did what he was told and wasn’t as stubborn. He did have his moments though! I handled him pretty well and was able to get him to do what I wanted.

We went on a little ride nearby a subdivision. We had to cross the road to get there. I wonder what the people driving past thought of us? It must have been weird to stop and let two horses and their riders cross the street!

After that we returned to the barn and rode around in a little pasture. Peter suggested we try trotting. Last time, when I trotted on Jesse I was a bit afraid but I decided to give it another go today. It went a lot better I think! I learned how to “scissor squeeze” Max’s tummy to get him to trot and I worked on my seated trot, staying seated on the horse as he trots. It still needs a bit of work but I’m making progress!

Peter said that he’d take me out again soon but next time he’d turn it into a lesson. Only I will get on a horse (Jesse) and we’ll work on dressing the horse, trotting, turning, etc. I’m looking forward to that. I think that horse dressing/riding lessons will be very beneficial. I am getting very good at horseback riding but still need a lot of practice! I’m glad I’ll have Peter as my teacher! I really appreciate how patient his is with me. God bless him! Through my many screw ups today he kept his cool and was very patient.

If you want to get to know Max and Jesse a little more check out their Facebook pages! Stable Fables of Max the Newfoundland Pony and Keeping Up With the Clydesdale! Happy trails blog world!



One thought on “Rainy Day Ride

  1. I love this blog Leah.
    I glad you had a good time. I did as well and really look forward to our lesson.
    You did a great job.
    Sorry about your toe.
    I hope you’re not too stiff tomorrow.

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