It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl if I Want To

Hey blog world! Last night was absolutely marvelous! I was blessed with an adorable, sweet gentleman named Glen and we shared a wonderful date night Last night at Spirit of Newfoundland! This was his very first time there. We saw their brand new show “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl if I Want To”. It was as usual a fantastic show and Glen and I loved every minute of it!

Another thing I love and really appreciate is how compassionate and understanding the people at Spirit are! This being a party show, I knew my worst nightmare being present was inevitable. I’m globophobic! That means I have a phobia of balloons. I have had panic attacks because of them! Peter knows about this (I’m very open about it and don’t mind talking about it or answering questions. Ask away in the comments if you have any!) and didn’t use the balloon in the show because he knew I was coming. That was very nice of him.

Random acts of kindness are lovely too! Glen and I experienced one of those last night and that made both of us really happy! We went to the bar so Glen could get a glass of water. Once he had gotten it we sat in the Screech Room awhile and chatted. A few minutes later Aleasha (the bartender) came over to us and said “The woman behind you in line bought you guys drinks!” How sweet of her to do that! I had a cranberry mocktail and Glen had apple juice. I wish I knew who this lady was so I could have thanked her. If you’re reading this mystery mocktail buyer, thank you!

Soon the doors to the grand room opened and we went to our table. Glen made me so proud last night! When we sat down he saw a ballot to fill out that gives you the chance to win a free dinner and show. He asked me what it was and I was about to tell him but then I realized that this would be a great opportunity for him to practice reading! He has difficulty with reading so I’m helping him learn. I asked him to read the card to me. He needed a little bit of help but he did it mostly by himself! I was so proud! I then passed him our program and asked him to read the name of the show. He struggled and needed help with “bawl” but he read every other word independently!!! My heart just overflowed with pride! Keep up the fabulous work honey!

The meal was delicious as usual! The salad was really yummy! Glen and I both really enjoyed it. Glen even asked me for the recipe! I’ll have to see what I can do about that on Monday. For the main course I once again had the pork. It’s so juicy, flavorful and tasty! The Screech barbecue sauce is awesome! Glen had the pork as well but he can’t have alcohol so the kitchen staff were more than happy to substitute that for mayo (Glen’s favorite condiment.) That was very nice of them.

Soon the show began. It starred the dynamite cast of Shelley Neville, Sheila Williams, Janet Cull, Keith Power and Peter Halley. The main character of the show was Mercedes Drover, played by Sheila Williams. Mercedes is a now 65 year old woman celebrating her Birthday. She wasn’t happy though because everything was sagging and she didn’t like the way she looked. She decided to resort to cosmetic surgery (face lift, botox, liposuction etc.) and she sang about it to the tune of one of my favorite songs, “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”!

The whole cast sang a medley of songs with party in the title. There were so many good songs in it! I was flattered during Keith and Sheila’s performance of “Party for Two”. Sheila invited Keith to a party but he said no thanks, he’d rather stay home with me! That made me smile. Peter sang Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party” and it sounded lovely! My favorite part of that medley was “Party In The U.S.A”! That’s my jam! I went crazy dancing and singing along! It was so much fun!

Shelley took my breath away with her astounding performance of “My Heart Will Go On”. It was so beautiful that I almost cried! She took my breath away again with her performance of “Happy Days” by Barbara Streissand. Janet joined in on that performance. She sang “Get Happy” by Judy Garland and sounded spectacular!

They did a mash-up of songs that all went to the tune of the same chord progression. Janet sang “Wade In The Water”. She sounded great! Keith was funny when he tried to sing “I Will Survive” to fit that chord progression! Eventually they all sang it the right way. It was awesome!

A little later Mercedes had visitors. Her friend came over and soon her after nephew came too. They both tried convincing her to come out for her Birthday but she wouldn’t. Sheila cracked me up each time she’d correct Peter when he called her gown pj’s! After a while Mercedes showed them some old pictures and the program from Woodstock. Woodstock was a big music festival in the 60’s that I would have loved to go to! I bet it was lots of fun! When she talked about Janis Joplin being in the festival she said she was a big fan of hers, Keith brought out her guitar and she played and sang “Bobby McGee”! She gave Janis a run for her money. She sounded amazing! Her cover is my new favorite. As we watched a video about Woodstock, Mercedes and friends lit up some of the plant she had left over from that weekend, if you know what I mean. They all were absolutely hilarious! Peter looked so silly in the wig he had on! Woodstock, Not Even OnceMercedes was hallucinating and saying that mother Mary was coming to her and they all had the munchies like crazy! They went through a box of stale oreos like it was the best thing they’d ever eaten!

Soon it was time for intermission and desert. Glen had a fruit plate and I had Screech cake. We both really enjoyed our desert. As I have said before, desert is my favorite course at Spirit. The Screech cake is to die for!

The cast gave a stunning performance of “Oh Happy Day”. It was so pretty! Glen and I put our hands up in praise, swayed and sang along. This was one of my favorite performances of the show.

Shelley talked a little about Obama’s political party. At his inauguration ball Beyoncé performed “At Last”. Shelley sang it for us and said that if any couples wanted to they could get up and dance. Glen and I did of course! It was absolutely magical! I was dancing with my sweetheart to the gorgeous, soothing sound of Shelley Neville. Time stopped! When the dance ended I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I love him.

Speaking of dancing, Keith gave us a demonstration of various types of dances. You knows he can’t go! For the non Newfies that means that he is loaded with energy! He’s so charismatic and exuberant! I could watch him dancing for hours! He’s very entertaining! I was really impressed with his riverdancing. His Charleston was awesome as well.

The whole cast did a medley of songs that inspired dance moves as well. My favorite was the YMCA! They had Village People hats on and everything! They all looked great! Janet especially. She was the Indian and had a beautiful headdress on.

To give herself something to do Mercedes turned on my favorite radio show, the Cabin Party on VOCM!!! Paul Raynes wished her a happy Birthday and then Peter sang “You Are So Beautiful To Me”. He has a velvety voice. I was mesmerized by this performance! Then Paul took a few callers to talk about their favorite kinds of parties. One caller, voiced by Sheila invited Paul over for a party for two!! The 2nd caller, voiced by Peter talked about one of my favorite kinds of parties. 24th of May parties. I love getting together with friends and family around a campfire any time of year roasting marshmallows and singing songs! It was so funny when the caller told a story about his friend whom he had over for a camp out and he drank a lot the previous night and that morning proceeded to write his full name, address, postal code, phone number and Twitter handle in the snow in urine LOL! The caller said that that night he wanted to party but the rest of his friends didn’t so he started in on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and soon enough everyone was out by the fire with guitars singing along!

The whole cast then came out and sang the song! Again, I was super impressed with Keith Power. He has a mind blowing soprano voice! He was singing in an astoundingly high pitch!

I learned a new earworm last night. Shelley and Janet sang “Brand New Key” by Melanie. I’d never heard it before. The girls sounded fabulous together! It was a really fun song and it’s stuck in my head now!

The 2nd last piece they performed was the Great Big Sea medley from “Our Celtic Spirit”. I loved it the first time I heard it and I loved it again last night! It’s so much fun and the cast harmonizes so well! Their voices all sound perfect together!

To end the show they sang “Two Doors Down” by Dolly Parton. I was really happy because Mercedes finally decided to get out of her PJ’s and come celebrate her Birthday! She had on a pretty sparkly red outfit!

After the singing of the beautiful Spirit of Newfoundland song they gave shout outs to friends and family in the audience. Peter acknowledged me and Glen! He even plugged my blog!!! That was so nice of him. He asked me if I was going to write about the show, to which I responded “Of course!” and he told the audience how I write wonderful blogs about each of the shows (this one by the way was #19 for me.) I was flattered by his comments! He asked me where they could find me and I said to Google Aspie Diaries. Hopefully a lot of people from last night’s audience will do that!

Glen loves meeting my celebrity friends. He was really excited to get to meet the cast now that the show was finished! We had a chat with Peter and Glen asked about a job for September. He said to give Spirit a call and they’ll talk about it. I hope they can find something for him! We got to see Shelley as well and she me a hug! I loved that. After introducing her to Glen she brought Sheila into the Screech room and we all got a picture together! Deborah Wells-Smith, the co-writer of the show got in too. Favorite friends 2

We had another quick little chat with Peter and I thanked him for everything and he gave me and Glen hugs! Then my parents arrived and it was time to leave.

Glen and I talked about the show all the way home! He told me he can’t wait to tell his friends at Vera Perlin camp about it today! I had a spectacular night and I’m thrilled that Glen did too! This certainly won’t be his last Spirit of Newfoundland show! I highly reccommend checking this show out! They also have several other shows running this summer. “Our Celtic Spirit… Written In Crayon”, a hysterical look at what it means to be a Newfoundlander, starring Keith Power, Erin Winsor, Sheila Williams and Evan Smith, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” a musical journey through the various stages of relationships, starring Peter Halley, Dana Parsons, Shelley Neville and John Williams and “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”, along with a group of failing journalists we get the scoop on ABBA, starring Peter Halley, Keith Power, Janet Cull and Shelley Neville. I’ve seen each of them and they are phenomenal shows! Be sure to check them out! For more information cilck here to visit their website or you can give them a call at 579-3023.



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