An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber 2015

Hey blog world! I only want to say, if there is a way, this was one of the most magical and memorable nights of my life! I saw An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Holy Heart Theatre.

I took one of my best friends, Laura with me. We hadn’t seen each other in ages due to school and life in general being in the way. I was beginning to worry she may have forgotten me! Thankfully she didn’t. I wanted so badly to see her again and reconnect so I invited her to the show. I was immensely happy when I saw her outside the theatre waiting for me! I gave her a big hug and we caught each other up on what’s going on in our lives. It was wonderful to see her and spend an evening with her tonight!

We were seated in my usual place, the front row. We had a great view of the performers and their fabulousness! Erin Winsor kicked the show off with “Buenos Aires” from “Evita”. It’s a really upbeat and fun piece. I thought it was a great way to start the show! Next, Kelly-Ann Evans, the co artistic director of Theatre St. John’s came out and sang “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”. She did a fabulous job, as usual.

Keith Pike, the other co artistic director of Theatre St. John’s lead us in a dance! He taught us two simple dance steps and we shimmied to an instrumental of “Buenos Aires”. That was so much fun!

Next Peter Halley performed. His first piece was from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. That show has a special place in my heart. It was the very first musical I saw live. It’s my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber show. Peter sang one of my favorite songs from the show, “Any Dream Will Do”. He sounded amazing! The song put a smile on my face and heart. The song became even more amazing when Nicolas Keough joined him. He is an incredible actor and singer and he’s only 13! He never ceases to impress me. He and Peter sounded great together.

Peter’s 2nd piece was what I believe is the most beautiful love song in the history of musical theatre. It wouldn’t be an Andrew Lloyd Webber show without performing it! It was “All I Ask Of You” from “Phantom of the Opera”. It’s one of my favorite songs to hear Peter sing. He always does a marvellous job of performing it! This time he dueted with Erin Winsor. She sounded lovely! Both of their voices blended together really well and the song sounded absolutely perfect! It brought me to tears it was so beautiful!

Keith then picked things up after that with a Rogers and Hammerstein song. He said “And now for something completely different” and then broke into “Oklahoma”! That was so funny! I found it hard to sing along because I was laughing so much! I’d never heard him sing before and I thought he had a nice voice.

I don’t quite recall the last time I heard Darrin Martin sing. I think it was last summer at the 100th anniversary celebration of Bowring Park. Anyway I was thrilled to get to hear him again tonight. He gave a mind blowing performance of “Gethsemene” from “Jesus Christ Superstar! Laura and I couldn’t get over how incredible he sounded! He got a rightfully deserved standing ovation at the end of the song.

Meghan Herder gave a breathtaking performance of “Pie Jesu”. My jaw dropped and I was in awe of her astounding voice! It was beautiful!

I absolutely love “Cats”. It’s my 2nd favorite piece by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I was really happy that the company from Et Cetera productions did a medley of songs from the show. They even had makeup and costumes on! I fangirled a little when Skimblehsanks and Rum Tum Tugger came on stage. They are my favorite cats! It was a really pleasant surprise to see two cats crawling across the front row. Everything about this performance was magnificent! The dancing was graceful and the singing was amazing! I don’t know the name of the actress who played Jemima but my jaw fell right back down to the floor when she sang! Her voice was unbelievable! When the whole ensemble sang together in “The Addressing of Cats” they sounded angelic! This was an absolutely mesmerizing way to end the first act of the show.

Not only did everyone sound phenomenal tonight but they were all done up like a stick of gum (for the non Newfies that means they were very well dressed)! I couldn’t get over how gorgeous and handsome they all looked! If looks could kill the whole audience would have dropped dead! The girls all looked stunning in their pretty gowns of every color of the rainbow (Kelly-Ann’s pink dress with a sweetheart neckline and sparkly silver straps and Lauren Hayward’s light blue, one strap dress were two of my favorites) and the men looked very dapper in their suits and ties.

The 2nd act showcased a lot of our younger, up and coming talent. Kelly-Ann’s musical theatre boot camp girls wowed me with their medley from “Matilda” that they had only been working on for 4 days! I couldn’t believe it! It was so well put together and flawless! It looked like they had been practicing for months! Job very well done girls!

Jane Hutchings made me feel 5 again with her beautiful performance of “Tomorrow” from “Annie”. It’s my favorite movie ever and I watched it all the time when I was younger. Hearing “Tomorrow” brought me back to my childhood. My heart overflowed with happiness and I almost cried! This was one of my favorite performances of the show.

When I saw my friend Lauren Hayward’s face on the poster for the show I was delighted! She’s a wonderful singer and person. I was really looking forward to hearing her sing! She sang “Somewhere That’s Green” from “Little Shop of Horrors”. Just like the first time I heard her sing this song I was absolutely captivated by her performance!She also sang “Just A Couple of Sisters” from “Nunsense”. I can’t remember the name of her duet partner but they sounded great together. They had me cracking up laughing! It was a lot of fun.

Quick show plug, in October Evan Smith is doing Piano Men, a tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John at the Arts and Culture Center. He gave us a taste of the show tonight. He played the first three notes of “Crocodile Rock” and I lost it! I was over the moon excited and happy! It’s one of my favorite songs. Laura and I both had a blast singing along and dancing! It was awesome! Evan rocked!

Show plug #2, Theatre St John’s will be mounting a production of “Into The Woods” beginning in Trinity in August and coming to St John’s in September. Keith Pike and Jeff Simms performed “Agony”, the duet that the two princes sing in the show. It was funny. I thought they sounded excellent.

Meghan sang two songs from “Sound of Music”. She of course began with the titular song and it was magnificent! She wowed me with her 2nd piece, “Lonely Goatherd”. Her yodelling and the high notes she was able to hit were really impressive!

To end the show Meghan, Erin and Kelly-Ann did an Andrew Lloyd Webber love trio. Erin sang “Love Changes Everything” from “Aspects of Love”, Meghan sang “Unexpected Song” from “Song & Dance” and Kelly-Ann sang “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a mesmerising performance. The girls sound lovely separately but even more so when they sing together!

Once the show ended I was speechless! I couldn’t find words to describe the magic I had just witnessed! Laura thought the show was amazing! We gave everyone a standing ovation. They deserved it after such a marvellous and breath taking performance!

Laura had to leave right away so I gave her another big hug and said goodbye. It was awesome spending the evening with her. I hope we’ll get to hang out again soon! Once she left I got to mingle with my friends in the show!

Darrin has three adorable little angels! I see pictures of them all the time on his and his wife Georgina’s Facebook and nearly melt due to their cuteness! Last night I got to meet his middle daughter Faith. She was such a sweetheart! She gave me a hug and again I nearly melted! I chatted for a bit with her and Darrin and we got a picture together Darrin, Faith and me

I got dozens more pictures and hugs too! Evan and me Erin and me 2 Nicolas and meLauren and me. I feel blessed to have Laura and the performers in last nights show as my friends. They are all wonderful, sweet people with huge hearts!

Congratulations to all in the show. You were spectacular! I had an incredible night that I won’t soon forget! Were you there last night? What did you think of the show? Tell me (on a Sunday please LOL!) in the comments!


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