I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Hey blog world! I was very lucky yesterday. I got to spend the entire day and night with people who mean a whole lot to me. Some of my closest and best friends! I worked until 3:00 in heaven (Spirit of Newfoundland) and despite a minor burn from a heat gun (thank God for Polysporin!) I had an awesome day! Last night my Best Buddy was FINALLY able to meet me at work and see a show! We saw “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” and we both loved it! It was spectacular!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Best Buddies Best Buddies it’s a non-profit organization that pairs people with special needs like myself with students (in my chapters case students at MUN) like Allison and we hang out together. We have been buddies for two years and I tell her about Spirit and my family there constantly! We had been trying to plan a night at Spirit since we were paired up together but it never worked out. Finally tonight it did! I was thrilled she was finally able to come!

Time passed by super slowly as I waited for her to arrive! I sat in the bar and colored in my SpongeBob coloring book to pass the time and it felt like forever! 6:30 (the time she was to meet me at Spirit) couldn’t come soon enough! When she got here I was giddy as a schoolgirl! I had a big ear to ear grin on my face, I ran to her and gave her a humongous hug! I was elated to finally have her at Spirit!

I really needn’t critique the meal a second time, I’ve already done so in my review of Our Celtic Spirit but I will say that the appetizer and the pork were once again absolutely delicious! Allison really enjoyed it too.

Soon the show began. Peter Halley Peter Halley, Dana Parsons Dana, Shelley Neville Shelley and John Williams came onstage in white bathrobes! They were angels and told of how God created light and then he created man and woman. Man then proceeded to ask Woman if she was busy. She didn’t want to commit to anything and wanted to see other people but, this being the first few days of earth’s existence there weren’t any!

I loved the nerdiness of the characters in “Stud and a Babe”. It was my favorite scene with John in it. This was his very first show with Spirit of Newfoundland and I was really impressed. He did a fantastic job! His nerdiness was cute and it was really funny when he pretended to be a macho stud!

“The Men Who Talk and The Women Who Pretend They’re Listening” was funny. Peter was a physicist I think explaining the difference between fuel exhaustion and fuel injection and John was a golf obsessed guy. Poor Dana and Shelley were stuck on a date with them and had to pretend they were listening to what they were saying! I probably would be able to put up with John’s character because I play mini golf every now and then and have a few funny stories about it but I would hate to be in Shelley’s position with a guy like Peter’s character! Once the scene finished Shelley and Dana sang “Single Man Drought”. I thought they sounded wonderful together! Such great harmony. After that Peter and John sang “Why, Cause I’m A Guy”. That was a really funny song and they sounded great together too! The best part was the guys bumped guts at the end!

“And Now, The Parents” was a funny scene as well. Peter and Shelley played John’s parents and they had him over for dinner with Dana, his girlfriend. Peter and Shelley were all excited because they were expecting them to get engaged. They even bought a present! Unfortunately John told them that they were breaking up. Peter and Shelley were not happy about this at all! Shelley even threw and broke the glass present she bought them! Peter wanted to toast the newly engaged couple but seeing as that was no longer possible he gave a slightly different toast. He called Dana a future spinster and John a disappointment and smacked him in the face LOL!

After playing a game of tennis and committing to make lasagna for John, which she doesn’t even know how to do Dana sang “I Will Be Loved Tonight”. She sounded absolutely marvelous! Also I can’t remember the name of the violinist but the violin sounded beautiful in this song.

Shelley is a goddess with a breathtaking voice. She blew me away with “He Called Me”! I was astounded by the high notes she was hitting! The song became really funny when Two Brothers from Italy, Peter and John came to deliver a pizza and joined in on the song. They had fake mustaches and Italian accents. It was awesome! I loved it when Shelley gave herself an award because her man called her when he said he would LOL!

I was not expecting the show to be the emotional roller coaster that it was! When it came to the “Tear Jerk” scene I was crying right along with Shelley at the movie! “She loves he, but he is married to a wife whose dying really slow.
He will grive so they’re all happy, how beautiful, he’s dutiful, that Joe!” “The end is near, he’s at her bedside while his true love waits for him, amen. She don’t look good, she’s on the dead side, and now Joe vows he’ll never love again.” What a tragic plotline! Soon Peter began tearing up. He wanted to hide it but Shelley told him that she loves a guy who isn’t afraid to cry at movies and he let it all out! I’m the same way. I like a sensitive guy who isn’t afraid to cry at the movies or at least hold me while I do! I’m glad I found that in my boyfriend Glen.

Later in the show I was absolutely frightened! Thanks a million John for the heart attack! Holy firetruck! A group of singles over 40 met in, of all places Our Majesty’s Penitentiary for an interfaith program for singles over 40. They had a guest speaker, Kevin Trentell who is an inmate at the prison doing his 7th consecutive life sentence! I know John is a nice guy because I’ve met him before but he had me scared to death with this character! I got so scared that I prayed “I know it’s only a play and that John really is a nice person but I’m really, really scared. Please watch over and protect me!” I was crying I was so afraid! Aside from the frightening nature of the character one of the other factors of my being petrified was his sudden loud noises. I have sensory issues with my ears due to my Aspergers. My sense of hearing is heightened and loud noises are even louder in my ears. I was happy when that scene was over!

Kevin scared Dana and Peter into getting married to each other. I was lucky enough to be acknowledged and thanked for coming to the wedding! That made me feel special. I thought that Peter and Dana made a cute couple!

The violin player and Evan Smith who played piano tonight played something special for Peter and Dana on their wedding day. They sounded great together! They are both amazing musicians.

Then it was time for intermission and Screech cake! Screech cake is my favorite course. It’s to die for! Allison was really looking forward to that course because I always tell her how delicious it is. She loved it too! I was glad she did. Also I got a mocktail (virgin cocktail) from the bar. I needed one to calm my nerves after being so afraid! Cranberry juice with 2 fluid ounces of soda water. It’s so refreshing!

There were lots more hilarious scenes in the 2nd act. Shelley was chosen as a bridesmaid for Peter and Dana’s wedding. What else is new though? Her character can’t find a man for herself and is “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”. I really liked that this was a country song. Shelley did a fantastic job of singing it. Also, even though she didn’t like the dress she was in I thought it was pretty and it looked good on her.

“Whatever Happened to Baby’s Parents” had me in stitches! Peter and Shelley were new parents and absolutely gaga over the baby! They practiced patty-cake, gave each other finger kisses, referred to each other as mommy and daddy, expected complete silence to listen to the baby monitor if they thought they heard something and the funniest part was that Peter couldn’t stop speaking in baby talk! I almost couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard! Baby is a silly language. Peter stole the show with this scene and song! He gets some style points too for the Minions T-shirt! They’re adorable.

“The Family That Drives Together” was awesome. A dysfunctional family on a road trip. The coolest thing about this scene was that the “car” was steno chairs! It was really cool watching them drive them around on stage.

I’m not sure of the name of it but I liked the song Shelley and John sang after the “Sex and the Married Couple” scene. They were ready to have some adult fun but the kids kept interrupting and needing them for something! The ending was my favorite part. Peter screamed out that his brother was eating the guppies and Shelley and John had had enough and wanted to get on with things so they said “Let him!” LOL!

“Waiting” was great. John did excellent in this scene. He was tired of waiting for his wife to finish shopping. I feel his pain! When mom goes shopping she takes forever to leave the store! We’ll go in for one thing and come out with armloads of bags!

I thought Dana did an excellent job with her monologue. “The Very First Dating Video of Rose Reid”. Her husband left her and so she filmed a dating video to try and find another man. It was a long monologue and I was impressed at how she was able to memorize all that!

The final scene, “Funerals are for Dating” was sweet. It’s one of my favorite scenes of the show. Elderly people in love is really cute. Margaret (Shelley) accompanied her friend to a wake and Barry (Peter) arrived early for the 4:30 wake he was to be attending. He sat next to Margaret and began talking to and soon hitting on her! The song accompanying that scene “I Can Live With That” (which by the way is an ear worm that was stuck in my head all day yesterday) is funny and sweet. I sang along with every word and had a big smile on my face. It made my heart happy! My favorite part is the ending when they sing to each other “No matter, I can live with you.” I cried happy tears!

Once the show ended I gave the cast a standing ovation. They absolutely deserved it after such a marvelous performance! Once the applause died down, as they always do they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. I remained standing, put my hand on my heart and sing along. The singing of “Spirit of Newfoundland” is one of my favorite parts of a night out at Spirit. It’s such a beautiful song!

Once they had finished singing it they gave shout outs to friends and family in the audience and I was lucky enough to be acknowledged again! I felt even more special. I thought it was sweet of them to mention me twice.

Then came the part I was really excited about and looking forward to all day! I got to introduce Allison to my Spirit family! We first got to see Evan. I introduced him to Allison and he introduced me to his fiancee Tiffany. She’s nice. I was flattered by her and Evan’s comments about my blog! I’m glad they are such avid readers and enjoy it so much. They are a lovely couple and I’m very happy for them. I wish you both eternal happiness and hope you have a wonderful wedding next month.

I got a big hug from Dana when she came out! Hugs are one of my favorite things. We talked for a bit then Shelley came out and we got a picture together The girls. On Monday night I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies as a treat for my friends at work and left 4 in the dressing room for the cast. Later in the night when I was talking to Shelley she thanked me for them and her and Peter both said they loved them! That made me happy. I was hoping they would!

Dana and Shelley said I could go back and see if the boys were backstage or downstairs. That was nice of them. The first person we ran into back there was John. I told him how much I loved the show and that he did a great job. We got a picture together too John and me and he signed my program. That was nice of him.

Then I got to introduce Allison to Peter. I’ve told both of them so much about each other and was excited for them to finally meet! We chatted for a bit, then went upstairs to the Screech room and I got a picture with him Peter and me.

This was one of the best nights of my life! Thank you Dana, Shelley, John, Peter and Allison for making it so memorable! Allison, I’m so glad you were finally able to come to Spirit of Newfoundland and that you enjoyed your first show. I hope we’ll get to do this again soon! For those of you who have not yet seen it this show is running all summer long! Be sure to check it out. Also they are opening a new show “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl If I Want To” next week and are also running “Our Celtic Spirit… Written in Crayon” all summer which is also a fabulous show (everything Spirit does is fabulous.) For more information call 579-3023 or click here to visit their website. Also, a whole bunch of my immensely talented friends, Peter, Erin Winsor, Nicolas Keough and Lauren Hayward just to name a few will be performing on Friday night in An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Holy Heart Theater. Click here for more info on that performance.

I love Allison, she’s perfect and because of her my life has changed. If you are a student who wants to make a difference in the life of a person like myself with special needs I highly recommend becoming part of Best Buddies. Visit their website to learn more.



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