Our Celtic Spirit Written In Crayon

Hey blog world! There’s a man in my life whom I love dearly. He’s a total gentleman! He’s always very sweet, he’s super proud of me and brags about me whenever he gets a chance, which I find flattering, he attends all my sporting events and concerts and is always there when I need him whether it be emotionally or I need a ride somewhere. That man is my Poppy. Usually when I go out with him for something to eat and a chat it usually ends up being Mini Mary’s and taters in Mary Brown’s at a table by the window, pizza at my house or mini bottles of cranberry juice and a bag of Cheetos to share in the basement of our Church! Last night I was able to take him out somewhere nice for a change. I’m working at Spirit of Newfoundland and my boss wanted me to come see one of their new summer shows, “Our Celtic Spirit, Written in Crayon” and take pictures. For my date I knew that Poppy would be the one to ask. He loves Newfoundland music and as I said we rarely get to go out somewhere nice. I felt he deserved a fancy meal and a show. He does so much for me, he deserves to be taken out.

We went in and to pass some time before the meal began I showed Poppy where I work (the bar/reservation office) and we sat on the bench in the corner and chatted about my job. I love having chats with Poppy.

Soon it was time to sit at our table. It was great to see some familiar faces in the Grand Room (dining and stage room) that I hadn’t seen in the longest time! Sarah, one of Spirit’s newest employees that does serving and reservation work and Colleen who is also a server. Sarah helped me film my documentary on Spirit of Newfoundland for school. She’s really nice. It was great to see her again and have her as my server as well. Colleen, I hadn’t seen in ages! I can’t remember the last time to be honest. I missed her a lot. She’s such a lovely person.

A little later I was passing by the bar and out of the corner of my eye saw my wonderful friends Peter Halley and Eric Lamme in there having their meal so I decided to pop in and say hello. We had a lengthy chat about all kinds of things. I even learned something really cool about Eric! He has a really neat accent so I asked him where he was from. He’s from Amsterdam. That was really interesting!

A little while later the meal started. Spirit has a new chef, Chris Chafe. I was really looking forward to tasting his food. It looked yummy from the pictures that I’d seen so I hoped it tasted yummy too. I was right! The appetizer was a saladsalad. Very nice presentation. I thought the dressing was a little sour but it wasn’t too bad. The prosciutto was my favorite part. It was cooked perfectly. It was smoky with just the right hint of salt and it was nice and crispy too.

For the main course I had screech barbecue pork, market veggies, jalapeno, cheddar corn bread and whipped sweet potato. Main course I loved the screech barbecue pork! My immediate thought after the first bite was “Wow! This is delicious! Well done Chris!” Then the spice kicked in. Woo-wee! My then thought was “My goodness! My mouth is awake now!” It was I’d say a yellow belt level kick, however it wasn’t overpowering. It had a nice, smoky taste to it too with a hint of sweetness as well. All those flavors mixed really well together and made for a delicious barbecue sauce. The pork was delicious as well. A tiny bit hard to cut though. Other than that it was lovely. Nice and juicy! I liked the vegetables too. The broccoli especially (it’s one of my favorite veggies). I wasn’t fond of the cornbread or sweet potato though.

After the meal the show began. The characters one by one came out and talked about the impact that Miss Loveys and their grade 8 Heritage Fair project had on their lives. I thought it was really sweet. I loved how inclusive of the audience this show was! When Miss Loveys (Sheila Williams) came out we sang good morning to each other and Sheila clapped out rhythms with her hands and we would have to repeat them. I felt like I was back in Miss O’Keefe’s music class in elementary school.

There were lots of audience opportunities to sing as well. I loved that! Sheila lead us all in “We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar“. She asked for a soloist and my hand shot straight up into the air! I was lucky enough to be picked! I felt amazing! It was so much fun getting my own little solo and everyone cheered and clapped for me when I was done. I was on cloud 9! Sheila lead us all in “Teach Your Children” as well. That’s a really cool song.

A little later we were split into groups. Finland, Newfoundland, Italy and France and each group was given a little part to sing. Poppy and I were part of the French group. We got to sing the French part from “Lady Marmalade“. “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir” which in English translates to “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?” Sheila said that we needed a “grunter” for the end of the song and she picked a man sitting at the table behind us. He was so funny! I thought he did a great job. The Newfie group got to sing a part from “Ode to Newfoundland”. I was really impressed with the baritone voice of one of the men in that group. The Italians sang a part from “Mambo Italiano“. I couldn’t help dancing in my seat to that song! The Finland group got a little viking song I think.

The main plot of the show was Miss Loveys’ (Sheila Williams) grade 8 class who had to do a project for the Heritage Fair. There was Johnny (Keith Power), the hard ticket of the class who thought everything except for trikes and Great Big Sea sucked, Chad (Evan Smith) who had a stuttering problem and was afraid to speak in front of the class and Emily (Erin Winsor), the preppy chick. She did her report for the fair on all the places in the province where you could get your hair and nails done! They really should have provided oxygen tanks for the audience when we came in. The show was absolutely hysterical! Many people were crying from laughter and a handful of others, myself included couldn’t breathe we were laughing so hard!

In the library when they practiced their song for the Heritage Fair I was blown away! It was astounding! The harmony was beautiful! Their voices blend together perfectly! When Evan picked up a guitar I was really impressed. I knew he was a wizard at the piano but I never knew he could play the guitar! He was really good at it! He played “Lukey’s Boat” while everyone sang.

Keith was as usual absolutely hilarious last night! He’s a powerhouse with enough energy to power the whole province (even the million or so twinkly lights at the Arts and Culture Center) and have some energy to spare! It was so funny when every two seconds or so Johnny would stick his hand up in the air and yell out for Miss Loveys! Johnny in my opinion really stole the show.

Keith also did a great job in his other role. He was the voice of the heard but not seen Sister Mary Principal. Every now and then she would make an announcement over the P.A system. My favorite was when she was saying things she didn’t want Miss Loveys to hear like her students are hard cases but yet Miss Loveys heard everything because Sister Mary Principal didn’t know how to turn the P.A off!

Unfortunately for Sister Mary Principal she was in the washroom when Miss Loveys was trying to tell her that her students really are good kids. I can’t remember what she said about Chad or Johnny but I do remember she said that Emily was very thoughtful and considerate of the others. I thought it was really sweet that she stood up for and complimented her students. Miss Loveys really lived up to her name. She’s lovely! She was everything a teacher really should be. Kind, caring, helpful and patient.

I was really impressed with Erin’s acting as well. She played Emily really well and she looked great too! I loved her pigtails. I thought they were cute. It was so funny at the beginning when she didn’t want to put her head down on her desk to brainstorm because of some rare disease that was circulating in Africa I think. Johnny pushed her head down on her desk for her LOL!

Soon it was time for “Nutrition Break” (intermission) and that meant Screech cake!!! The Screech cake at Spirit of Newfoundland is to die for! It’s a bit strong due to the Screech but it’s sweet too. It’s the course I look most forward to when I come to Spirit. Drizzled on the plate was Screech caramel sauce, raspberry coulis and whipped cream to dip the cake in. I loved the Screech caramel sauce. It too was strong because of the screech but it blended really well with the sweetness of the caramel. The raspberry coulis was really yummy. I thought it paired really well with the Screech cake.

Once nutrition break was done the class gave their presentation. I thought Evan really shone in the second act. I was so proud of Chad when he overcame his fear and was able to do a speaking part! I thought it was really sweet of his classmates to encourage him too. Chad had a lot to say because poor Emily got a nosebleed and he had to take over. He nailed it!

The students got a few solo’s during the presentation and my mind was blown! Evan’s singing in the second act was breathtaking! He had a solo in “Wave Over Wave” and I nearly cried! The whole song was absolutely beautiful! The little round at the end was the best part. I stood up once it was finished! I felt that beautiful performance deserved a standing ovation. Keith showed his marvelous talent for ballads last night. I didn’t catch the name but he sang a ballad about fishing and I had goosebumps! When Erin sang “Rule Britannia” she sounded absolutely stunning! I can’t get over how incredible their voices all are!

There was more audience participation during the presentation! Poppy got to be part of the show! I thought that was so cool. The students talked a little bit about Newfoundland kitchen parties and as they sang “Muscles In The Corner” Sheila gave Poppy an ugly stick and a young CFA (Come From Away) who had just been screeched in during nutrition break got to play the spoons. I thought they both did a wonderful job! As for the cast I loved their performance of “Muscles in the Corner”. It was my favorite song in the show!

A little later when they were talking about Italy I think, they did a parody of the Macarena about Giovanni Cabotto (John Cabot). It was really cool! I danced along in my seat.

To end the show they did a medley of Great Big Sea songs. I thought it was wonderful! They included a lot of great songs, “Consequence Free”, “Sea of No Cares”, “Goin’ Up” etc. I loved it! It sounded amazing! However, it was bittersweet as well. It reminded me of my friend Jake who I wonder if I’ll ever see again. I really miss him. He was my duet partner during lunch at school. He was in the special needs classroom and used a wheelchair. Like me, he had a passion for music. After he had his lunch he would relax by turning on the fan and his multicolored, spinning disco ball and listening to music. Every now and then I would sit and sing with him. One of his favorite bands was Great Big Sea. Let me tell you, seeing the huge smile on his face as we sang “Run Runaway” together made my heart overflow! He was a great singer. Maybe one of these days I’ll see him on the stage at Spirit! Who knows!

Once the medley ended and the show was done I stood up again and gave them another standing ovation! They all absolutely deserved it! It was an absolutely phenomenal show! Poppy said it was the best one he’d seen yet! Both of us loved every minute of the show!

As they always do, to end the show they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. It’s such a beautiful song and I love hearing it every time I go to a Spirit show. I remained standing, put my hand over my heart and sang along. Then they gave some shout outs to their friends and family in the audience. I felt really special when they acknowledged that I was there! They told everyone that I worked at Spirit and am a voice student of Peter’s.

At the end of the show I went downstairs to see the cast and congratulate them on a job well done! It made my night when I asked Evan if he had found what I left in his office and he said he did, he loved it and was going to hang it somewhere special! That meant a lot to me. On Canada Day, as a way of relaxing and putting my mind off the Fireworks I colored a picture in my favorite SpongeBob coloring book and listened to Christian music. I colored a picture of SpongeBob thinking about his grandpa and how he would rant about young people and their silly flying machines! I thought it looked really cool when it was finished and decided to give it to Evan. I’m so happy he loves it! Making home made gifts, giving them to my friends and seeing them so happy makes me happy too!

We all came back upstairs to the bar to get a picture together. Group  A whole bunch of my favorite people all in one picture! They all have hearts three sizes too big! I think this is a definite framer.Once again, job exceptionally well done Sheila, Evan, Keith and Erin! Thank you for giving me and Poppy an unforgettable night out!

Like all of Spirit’s previous shows this one gets 5 stars! I highly recommend going to see it! For more information click here to visit Spirit’s website or call them at 579-3023. Also be sure to check out Spirit’s other two summer shows, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Dana Parsons and John Williams and “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl If I Want To” starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Sheilla Williams, Keith Power and Janet Cull. Also if you’d like to take in a performance of Evan and Erin they will be performing in “An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber” at the Holy Heart Theater on Friday July 17th along with plenty of other incredible local artists. Click here for more information on that.

Is there a “Miss Loveys” in your life? A teacher that you had or have that left a lasting impact on you or made a difference in your life? Tell me in the comments! My Miss, or rather Mr. Loveys is Peter Halley. He’s a fabulous teacher! If I forget to practice he doesn’t get upset, he’s patient with me and understanding of my challenges, he’s picky, which I find really helpful, he’s a great listener when I need someone to talk to, he makes me laugh, he’s very encouraging and most importantly he believes in me. Thank you for everything Peter! Thank you to all the Miss Loveys’ in the world! You’re awesome!

Leah 🙂

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