Butterpot Camping Trip

Hey blog world! This week my family has been camping in Butterpot Park. We go there every summer. It’s something I always look forward to! I love spending a week in the outdoors with my family. It’s nice to go off the grid for a while and spend time with nature.

We arrived in the park on Monday after I got off work. I liked the site we had picked out. It was nice and big and we got lots of visits from Chipmunks! They’re one of my favorite woodland animals. They’re so cute!

Monday wasn’t very eventful but it was still nice. I spent a lot of time outside reading “Les Miserables”. It’s such a great book and I find it so hard to put down even though I know what happens (I know the musical off by heart)! We had barbecued hamburgers for supper that night. Yum! Hamburgers are one of my favorite things to cook on the barbecue. We had a fire that night too and roasted marshmallows!

Tuesday was my favorite day. Some of our family came over for a visit! My Poppy, Uncle and his friend came over for jiggs dinner. It was a great afternoon! We sat around the picnic table, shared candy and baked goods and chatted as we waited for dinner. I love spending time with my family! After dinner my Uncle and his friend left but Poppy stayed for a while and him, mom, my niece and I played cards! They are all really glad that we weren’t playing for money! I was on a winning streak! I’m never normally that great at cards so I was really surprised! I’m not a sore winner though. I made sure to congratulate the others and say how good they played when the games were done. We all had a lot of fun playing together.

Yesterday was a relaxing day. My Niece and I started out by playing with bubbles for a while. She blew them and I popped them. Popping bubbles makes me so happy! I feel so free and happy when I frolic around popping bubbles! It’s like I’m in a completely different world! Nothing but me, the bubbles and Lesley Gore (“Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows” plays in my head)!

Dad was surprised at how quiet mom, my Niece and I were for the majority of the afternoon! He was busy cutting wood and said he didn’t think we were even there! We were immersed in our books! I was captivated by the love story of Marius and Cosette, Mom was lost in her Nora Jones murder mystery and Samantha was enjoying Greg’s latest adventure in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. The campsite was like a library! It was nice to just sit and read for a while.

That night we went for a walk. We went all the way around the park. It was chilly out but other than that it was a nice walk. I liked looking at the other campsites. I was glad to get back to my own site though and warm up by the fire!

I’m back home now because it’s raining outside! It poured last night and drenched a lot of our stuff and it’s still rainy and windy outside! We came back to have breakfast and get some dry clothes and other things. Hopefully the weather will improve! The tent is nice but I’d much prefer to be outside watching the squirrels, looking for shapes in the clouds and finishing Les Mis!

Do you like going camping? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!



If I Had A Billion Dollars


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!.”

Hey blog world! Today’s daily prompt asks this

You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

I would split the cash several ways. First of all I would give $500,000 to the Masonic Temple Restoration Fund. Spirit of Newfoundland’s home, the Masonic Temple was built out of Accrington bricks in the 1800’s and now is in dire need of restoration. They need $500,000 in order to restore the building. Spirit of Newfoundland is my 2nd home and it means the world to me! I’ve made so many lasting friendships and memories there! I’d be more than happy to give them all they need to restore the temple!

Also I would donate some of the money to the Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation. The Janeway is the children’s hospital in St. John’s and miracles happen there everyday!  I have Aspergers Syndrome (a form of Autism) and also I have Agenesis of the Corpus Collosum. In layman’s terms that means I am missing the Corpus Callosum, a wide band of fibres that connects the left and right side of my brain and transfers motor, sensory and cognitive information between them. Because of these and other things (asthma, allergies and involuntary shaking episodes for example) I’ve been to the Janeway for various different appointments far more times than I can even count! The doctors and nurses are so kind, compassionate and all around wonderful. I really appreciate everything they have done for me. This donation would be my way of saying thank you and ensuring that miracles continue to happen at the Janeway for the children in our province.

I would of course keep some of it for myself as well. One of my biggest dreams is starting a theater company for individuals with special needs so I’d put some of the money towards that. It’s a costly dream but it’ll be worth it! Theater is a great way for these individuals to express themselves and learn social skills. I haven’t quite thought of a name yet but I do know that our first production will be “Rent” Rent.

I’d also use some of the money to travel. The first trip I would take would be to Australia. I’d bring my mom, dad, niece and poppy with me. My sister Crista lives there with her husband Ben and their 1 year old son Lincoln. We haven’t seen them since their wedding in Thailand three years ago! I’m dying to see Lincoln in person. Also I’d love to see the animals they have there. I’ve always wanted to see a koala bear! They look adorable in pictures. I’d love to actually see one in real life!

I’d also go on a trip to Nashville, the birthplace of country music. It’s right on top of my travel bucket list. I’m a huge country music fan, especially the older stuff. George Jones, Patsy Cline, Jim Reeves, Roger Miller and Loretta Lynn are some of my favorite singers. Some of the places I would visit on this trip would be the country hall of fame and the Grand Ol’ Opry. It would be nice to see Whispering Bill Anderson perform again (he was fantastic at the Holy Heart Theater a few years ago) and also it would be a dream come true to see Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton on the Opry stage!

And of course I’d use some of it for important things like buying a car, house, groceries, paying taxes when I have to start doing so, all the necessities like that.

What would you do if you were the lucky winner of Lotto 649 and were made one billion dollars richer? Tell me in the comments!

Keeping Up with the Stable Fables

Hey blog world! I’m excited to announce that I have recently started two Facebook pages. They are for two very special animals, Max Max and Jesse Jesse, Lucy the Welsh Terrior makes an appearance here and there on both pages as well. They belong to my friend Peter Peter Halley. Peter thought a Facebook page would be a great way to make the public more informed on Max’s critically endangered breed, the Newfoundland pony.  He thought it would be nice to give Jesse a page too. There are lots of really cool videos and pictures to see on both pages. I’m really proud of myself and happy with how both of them turned out. Drop by Max’s page Stable Fables of Max, the Newfoundland Pony to learn more about him and his breed and visit his friend Jesse’s page Keeping Up with the Clydesdale to see what she’s up to! Happy trails blog world!


It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl if I Want To

Hey blog world! Last night was absolutely marvelous! I was blessed with an adorable, sweet gentleman named Glen and we shared a wonderful date night Last night at Spirit of Newfoundland! This was his very first time there. We saw their brand new show “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl if I Want To”. It was as usual a fantastic show and Glen and I loved every minute of it!

Another thing I love and really appreciate is how compassionate and understanding the people at Spirit are! This being a party show, I knew my worst nightmare being present was inevitable. I’m globophobic! That means I have a phobia of balloons. I have had panic attacks because of them! Peter knows about this (I’m very open about it and don’t mind talking about it or answering questions. Ask away in the comments if you have any!) and didn’t use the balloon in the show because he knew I was coming. That was very nice of him.

Random acts of kindness are lovely too! Glen and I experienced one of those last night and that made both of us really happy! We went to the bar so Glen could get a glass of water. Once he had gotten it we sat in the Screech Room awhile and chatted. A few minutes later Aleasha (the bartender) came over to us and said “The woman behind you in line bought you guys drinks!” How sweet of her to do that! I had a cranberry mocktail and Glen had apple juice. I wish I knew who this lady was so I could have thanked her. If you’re reading this mystery mocktail buyer, thank you!

Soon the doors to the grand room opened and we went to our table. Glen made me so proud last night! When we sat down he saw a ballot to fill out that gives you the chance to win a free dinner and show. He asked me what it was and I was about to tell him but then I realized that this would be a great opportunity for him to practice reading! He has difficulty with reading so I’m helping him learn. I asked him to read the card to me. He needed a little bit of help but he did it mostly by himself! I was so proud! I then passed him our program and asked him to read the name of the show. He struggled and needed help with “bawl” but he read every other word independently!!! My heart just overflowed with pride! Keep up the fabulous work honey!

The meal was delicious as usual! The salad was really yummy! Glen and I both really enjoyed it. Glen even asked me for the recipe! I’ll have to see what I can do about that on Monday. For the main course I once again had the pork. It’s so juicy, flavorful and tasty! The Screech barbecue sauce is awesome! Glen had the pork as well but he can’t have alcohol so the kitchen staff were more than happy to substitute that for mayo (Glen’s favorite condiment.) That was very nice of them.

Soon the show began. It starred the dynamite cast of Shelley Neville, Sheila Williams, Janet Cull, Keith Power and Peter Halley. The main character of the show was Mercedes Drover, played by Sheila Williams. Mercedes is a now 65 year old woman celebrating her Birthday. She wasn’t happy though because everything was sagging and she didn’t like the way she looked. She decided to resort to cosmetic surgery (face lift, botox, liposuction etc.) and she sang about it to the tune of one of my favorite songs, “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows”!

The whole cast sang a medley of songs with party in the title. There were so many good songs in it! I was flattered during Keith and Sheila’s performance of “Party for Two”. Sheila invited Keith to a party but he said no thanks, he’d rather stay home with me! That made me smile. Peter sang Ricky Nelson’s “Garden Party” and it sounded lovely! My favorite part of that medley was “Party In The U.S.A”! That’s my jam! I went crazy dancing and singing along! It was so much fun!

Shelley took my breath away with her astounding performance of “My Heart Will Go On”. It was so beautiful that I almost cried! She took my breath away again with her performance of “Happy Days” by Barbara Streissand. Janet joined in on that performance. She sang “Get Happy” by Judy Garland and sounded spectacular!

They did a mash-up of songs that all went to the tune of the same chord progression. Janet sang “Wade In The Water”. She sounded great! Keith was funny when he tried to sing “I Will Survive” to fit that chord progression! Eventually they all sang it the right way. It was awesome!

A little later Mercedes had visitors. Her friend came over and soon her after nephew came too. They both tried convincing her to come out for her Birthday but she wouldn’t. Sheila cracked me up each time she’d correct Peter when he called her gown pj’s! After a while Mercedes showed them some old pictures and the program from Woodstock. Woodstock was a big music festival in the 60’s that I would have loved to go to! I bet it was lots of fun! When she talked about Janis Joplin being in the festival she said she was a big fan of hers, Keith brought out her guitar and she played and sang “Bobby McGee”! She gave Janis a run for her money. She sounded amazing! Her cover is my new favorite. As we watched a video about Woodstock, Mercedes and friends lit up some of the plant she had left over from that weekend, if you know what I mean. They all were absolutely hilarious! Peter looked so silly in the wig he had on! Woodstock, Not Even OnceMercedes was hallucinating and saying that mother Mary was coming to her and they all had the munchies like crazy! They went through a box of stale oreos like it was the best thing they’d ever eaten!

Soon it was time for intermission and desert. Glen had a fruit plate and I had Screech cake. We both really enjoyed our desert. As I have said before, desert is my favorite course at Spirit. The Screech cake is to die for!

The cast gave a stunning performance of “Oh Happy Day”. It was so pretty! Glen and I put our hands up in praise, swayed and sang along. This was one of my favorite performances of the show.

Shelley talked a little about Obama’s political party. At his inauguration ball Beyoncé performed “At Last”. Shelley sang it for us and said that if any couples wanted to they could get up and dance. Glen and I did of course! It was absolutely magical! I was dancing with my sweetheart to the gorgeous, soothing sound of Shelley Neville. Time stopped! When the dance ended I gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him I love him.

Speaking of dancing, Keith gave us a demonstration of various types of dances. You knows he can’t go! For the non Newfies that means that he is loaded with energy! He’s so charismatic and exuberant! I could watch him dancing for hours! He’s very entertaining! I was really impressed with his riverdancing. His Charleston was awesome as well.

The whole cast did a medley of songs that inspired dance moves as well. My favorite was the YMCA! They had Village People hats on and everything! They all looked great! Janet especially. She was the Indian and had a beautiful headdress on.

To give herself something to do Mercedes turned on my favorite radio show, the Cabin Party on VOCM!!! Paul Raynes wished her a happy Birthday and then Peter sang “You Are So Beautiful To Me”. He has a velvety voice. I was mesmerized by this performance! Then Paul took a few callers to talk about their favorite kinds of parties. One caller, voiced by Sheila invited Paul over for a party for two!! The 2nd caller, voiced by Peter talked about one of my favorite kinds of parties. 24th of May parties. I love getting together with friends and family around a campfire any time of year roasting marshmallows and singing songs! It was so funny when the caller told a story about his friend whom he had over for a camp out and he drank a lot the previous night and that morning proceeded to write his full name, address, postal code, phone number and Twitter handle in the snow in urine LOL! The caller said that that night he wanted to party but the rest of his friends didn’t so he started in on “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and soon enough everyone was out by the fire with guitars singing along!

The whole cast then came out and sang the song! Again, I was super impressed with Keith Power. He has a mind blowing soprano voice! He was singing in an astoundingly high pitch!

I learned a new earworm last night. Shelley and Janet sang “Brand New Key” by Melanie. I’d never heard it before. The girls sounded fabulous together! It was a really fun song and it’s stuck in my head now!

The 2nd last piece they performed was the Great Big Sea medley from “Our Celtic Spirit”. I loved it the first time I heard it and I loved it again last night! It’s so much fun and the cast harmonizes so well! Their voices all sound perfect together!

To end the show they sang “Two Doors Down” by Dolly Parton. I was really happy because Mercedes finally decided to get out of her PJ’s and come celebrate her Birthday! She had on a pretty sparkly red outfit!

After the singing of the beautiful Spirit of Newfoundland song they gave shout outs to friends and family in the audience. Peter acknowledged me and Glen! He even plugged my blog!!! That was so nice of him. He asked me if I was going to write about the show, to which I responded “Of course!” and he told the audience how I write wonderful blogs about each of the shows (this one by the way was #19 for me.) I was flattered by his comments! He asked me where they could find me and I said to Google Aspie Diaries. Hopefully a lot of people from last night’s audience will do that!

Glen loves meeting my celebrity friends. He was really excited to get to meet the cast now that the show was finished! We had a chat with Peter and Glen asked about a job for September. He said to give Spirit a call and they’ll talk about it. I hope they can find something for him! We got to see Shelley as well and she me a hug! I loved that. After introducing her to Glen she brought Sheila into the Screech room and we all got a picture together! Deborah Wells-Smith, the co-writer of the show got in too. Favorite friends 2

We had another quick little chat with Peter and I thanked him for everything and he gave me and Glen hugs! Then my parents arrived and it was time to leave.

Glen and I talked about the show all the way home! He told me he can’t wait to tell his friends at Vera Perlin camp about it today! I had a spectacular night and I’m thrilled that Glen did too! This certainly won’t be his last Spirit of Newfoundland show! I highly reccommend checking this show out! They also have several other shows running this summer. “Our Celtic Spirit… Written In Crayon”, a hysterical look at what it means to be a Newfoundlander, starring Keith Power, Erin Winsor, Sheila Williams and Evan Smith, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” a musical journey through the various stages of relationships, starring Peter Halley, Dana Parsons, Shelley Neville and John Williams and “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”, along with a group of failing journalists we get the scoop on ABBA, starring Peter Halley, Keith Power, Janet Cull and Shelley Neville. I’ve seen each of them and they are phenomenal shows! Be sure to check them out! For more information cilck here to visit their website or you can give them a call at 579-3023.


An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber 2015

Hey blog world! I only want to say, if there is a way, this was one of the most magical and memorable nights of my life! I saw An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Holy Heart Theatre.

I took one of my best friends, Laura with me. We hadn’t seen each other in ages due to school and life in general being in the way. I was beginning to worry she may have forgotten me! Thankfully she didn’t. I wanted so badly to see her again and reconnect so I invited her to the show. I was immensely happy when I saw her outside the theatre waiting for me! I gave her a big hug and we caught each other up on what’s going on in our lives. It was wonderful to see her and spend an evening with her tonight!

We were seated in my usual place, the front row. We had a great view of the performers and their fabulousness! Erin Winsor kicked the show off with “Buenos Aires” from “Evita”. It’s a really upbeat and fun piece. I thought it was a great way to start the show! Next, Kelly-Ann Evans, the co artistic director of Theatre St. John’s came out and sang “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina”. She did a fabulous job, as usual.

Keith Pike, the other co artistic director of Theatre St. John’s lead us in a dance! He taught us two simple dance steps and we shimmied to an instrumental of “Buenos Aires”. That was so much fun!

Next Peter Halley performed. His first piece was from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”. That show has a special place in my heart. It was the very first musical I saw live. It’s my favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber show. Peter sang one of my favorite songs from the show, “Any Dream Will Do”. He sounded amazing! The song put a smile on my face and heart. The song became even more amazing when Nicolas Keough joined him. He is an incredible actor and singer and he’s only 13! He never ceases to impress me. He and Peter sounded great together.

Peter’s 2nd piece was what I believe is the most beautiful love song in the history of musical theatre. It wouldn’t be an Andrew Lloyd Webber show without performing it! It was “All I Ask Of You” from “Phantom of the Opera”. It’s one of my favorite songs to hear Peter sing. He always does a marvellous job of performing it! This time he dueted with Erin Winsor. She sounded lovely! Both of their voices blended together really well and the song sounded absolutely perfect! It brought me to tears it was so beautiful!

Keith then picked things up after that with a Rogers and Hammerstein song. He said “And now for something completely different” and then broke into “Oklahoma”! That was so funny! I found it hard to sing along because I was laughing so much! I’d never heard him sing before and I thought he had a nice voice.

I don’t quite recall the last time I heard Darrin Martin sing. I think it was last summer at the 100th anniversary celebration of Bowring Park. Anyway I was thrilled to get to hear him again tonight. He gave a mind blowing performance of “Gethsemene” from “Jesus Christ Superstar! Laura and I couldn’t get over how incredible he sounded! He got a rightfully deserved standing ovation at the end of the song.

Meghan Herder gave a breathtaking performance of “Pie Jesu”. My jaw dropped and I was in awe of her astounding voice! It was beautiful!

I absolutely love “Cats”. It’s my 2nd favorite piece by Andrew Lloyd Webber. I was really happy that the company from Et Cetera productions did a medley of songs from the show. They even had makeup and costumes on! I fangirled a little when Skimblehsanks and Rum Tum Tugger came on stage. They are my favorite cats! It was a really pleasant surprise to see two cats crawling across the front row. Everything about this performance was magnificent! The dancing was graceful and the singing was amazing! I don’t know the name of the actress who played Jemima but my jaw fell right back down to the floor when she sang! Her voice was unbelievable! When the whole ensemble sang together in “The Addressing of Cats” they sounded angelic! This was an absolutely mesmerizing way to end the first act of the show.

Not only did everyone sound phenomenal tonight but they were all done up like a stick of gum (for the non Newfies that means they were very well dressed)! I couldn’t get over how gorgeous and handsome they all looked! If looks could kill the whole audience would have dropped dead! The girls all looked stunning in their pretty gowns of every color of the rainbow (Kelly-Ann’s pink dress with a sweetheart neckline and sparkly silver straps and Lauren Hayward’s light blue, one strap dress were two of my favorites) and the men looked very dapper in their suits and ties.

The 2nd act showcased a lot of our younger, up and coming talent. Kelly-Ann’s musical theatre boot camp girls wowed me with their medley from “Matilda” that they had only been working on for 4 days! I couldn’t believe it! It was so well put together and flawless! It looked like they had been practicing for months! Job very well done girls!

Jane Hutchings made me feel 5 again with her beautiful performance of “Tomorrow” from “Annie”. It’s my favorite movie ever and I watched it all the time when I was younger. Hearing “Tomorrow” brought me back to my childhood. My heart overflowed with happiness and I almost cried! This was one of my favorite performances of the show.

When I saw my friend Lauren Hayward’s face on the poster for the show I was delighted! She’s a wonderful singer and person. I was really looking forward to hearing her sing! She sang “Somewhere That’s Green” from “Little Shop of Horrors”. Just like the first time I heard her sing this song I was absolutely captivated by her performance!She also sang “Just A Couple of Sisters” from “Nunsense”. I can’t remember the name of her duet partner but they sounded great together. They had me cracking up laughing! It was a lot of fun.

Quick show plug, in October Evan Smith is doing Piano Men, a tribute to Billy Joel and Elton John at the Arts and Culture Center. He gave us a taste of the show tonight. He played the first three notes of “Crocodile Rock” and I lost it! I was over the moon excited and happy! It’s one of my favorite songs. Laura and I both had a blast singing along and dancing! It was awesome! Evan rocked!

Show plug #2, Theatre St John’s will be mounting a production of “Into The Woods” beginning in Trinity in August and coming to St John’s in September. Keith Pike and Jeff Simms performed “Agony”, the duet that the two princes sing in the show. It was funny. I thought they sounded excellent.

Meghan sang two songs from “Sound of Music”. She of course began with the titular song and it was magnificent! She wowed me with her 2nd piece, “Lonely Goatherd”. Her yodelling and the high notes she was able to hit were really impressive!

To end the show Meghan, Erin and Kelly-Ann did an Andrew Lloyd Webber love trio. Erin sang “Love Changes Everything” from “Aspects of Love”, Meghan sang “Unexpected Song” from “Song & Dance” and Kelly-Ann sang “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a mesmerising performance. The girls sound lovely separately but even more so when they sing together!

Once the show ended I was speechless! I couldn’t find words to describe the magic I had just witnessed! Laura thought the show was amazing! We gave everyone a standing ovation. They deserved it after such a marvellous and breath taking performance!

Laura had to leave right away so I gave her another big hug and said goodbye. It was awesome spending the evening with her. I hope we’ll get to hang out again soon! Once she left I got to mingle with my friends in the show!

Darrin has three adorable little angels! I see pictures of them all the time on his and his wife Georgina’s Facebook and nearly melt due to their cuteness! Last night I got to meet his middle daughter Faith. She was such a sweetheart! She gave me a hug and again I nearly melted! I chatted for a bit with her and Darrin and we got a picture together Darrin, Faith and me

I got dozens more pictures and hugs too! Evan and me Erin and me 2 Nicolas and meLauren and me. I feel blessed to have Laura and the performers in last nights show as my friends. They are all wonderful, sweet people with huge hearts!

Congratulations to all in the show. You were spectacular! I had an incredible night that I won’t soon forget! Were you there last night? What did you think of the show? Tell me (on a Sunday please LOL!) in the comments!


I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Hey blog world! I was very lucky yesterday. I got to spend the entire day and night with people who mean a whole lot to me. Some of my closest and best friends! I worked until 3:00 in heaven (Spirit of Newfoundland) and despite a minor burn from a heat gun (thank God for Polysporin!) I had an awesome day! Last night my Best Buddy was FINALLY able to meet me at work and see a show! We saw “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” and we both loved it! It was spectacular!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Best Buddies Best Buddies it’s a non-profit organization that pairs people with special needs like myself with students (in my chapters case students at MUN) like Allison and we hang out together. We have been buddies for two years and I tell her about Spirit and my family there constantly! We had been trying to plan a night at Spirit since we were paired up together but it never worked out. Finally tonight it did! I was thrilled she was finally able to come!

Time passed by super slowly as I waited for her to arrive! I sat in the bar and colored in my SpongeBob coloring book to pass the time and it felt like forever! 6:30 (the time she was to meet me at Spirit) couldn’t come soon enough! When she got here I was giddy as a schoolgirl! I had a big ear to ear grin on my face, I ran to her and gave her a humongous hug! I was elated to finally have her at Spirit!

I really needn’t critique the meal a second time, I’ve already done so in my review of Our Celtic Spirit but I will say that the appetizer and the pork were once again absolutely delicious! Allison really enjoyed it too.

Soon the show began. Peter Halley Peter Halley, Dana Parsons Dana, Shelley Neville Shelley and John Williams came onstage in white bathrobes! They were angels and told of how God created light and then he created man and woman. Man then proceeded to ask Woman if she was busy. She didn’t want to commit to anything and wanted to see other people but, this being the first few days of earth’s existence there weren’t any!

I loved the nerdiness of the characters in “Stud and a Babe”. It was my favorite scene with John in it. This was his very first show with Spirit of Newfoundland and I was really impressed. He did a fantastic job! His nerdiness was cute and it was really funny when he pretended to be a macho stud!

“The Men Who Talk and The Women Who Pretend They’re Listening” was funny. Peter was a physicist I think explaining the difference between fuel exhaustion and fuel injection and John was a golf obsessed guy. Poor Dana and Shelley were stuck on a date with them and had to pretend they were listening to what they were saying! I probably would be able to put up with John’s character because I play mini golf every now and then and have a few funny stories about it but I would hate to be in Shelley’s position with a guy like Peter’s character! Once the scene finished Shelley and Dana sang “Single Man Drought”. I thought they sounded wonderful together! Such great harmony. After that Peter and John sang “Why, Cause I’m A Guy”. That was a really funny song and they sounded great together too! The best part was the guys bumped guts at the end!

“And Now, The Parents” was a funny scene as well. Peter and Shelley played John’s parents and they had him over for dinner with Dana, his girlfriend. Peter and Shelley were all excited because they were expecting them to get engaged. They even bought a present! Unfortunately John told them that they were breaking up. Peter and Shelley were not happy about this at all! Shelley even threw and broke the glass present she bought them! Peter wanted to toast the newly engaged couple but seeing as that was no longer possible he gave a slightly different toast. He called Dana a future spinster and John a disappointment and smacked him in the face LOL!

After playing a game of tennis and committing to make lasagna for John, which she doesn’t even know how to do Dana sang “I Will Be Loved Tonight”. She sounded absolutely marvelous! Also I can’t remember the name of the violinist but the violin sounded beautiful in this song.

Shelley is a goddess with a breathtaking voice. She blew me away with “He Called Me”! I was astounded by the high notes she was hitting! The song became really funny when Two Brothers from Italy, Peter and John came to deliver a pizza and joined in on the song. They had fake mustaches and Italian accents. It was awesome! I loved it when Shelley gave herself an award because her man called her when he said he would LOL!

I was not expecting the show to be the emotional roller coaster that it was! When it came to the “Tear Jerk” scene I was crying right along with Shelley at the movie! “She loves he, but he is married to a wife whose dying really slow.
He will grive so they’re all happy, how beautiful, he’s dutiful, that Joe!” “The end is near, he’s at her bedside while his true love waits for him, amen. She don’t look good, she’s on the dead side, and now Joe vows he’ll never love again.” What a tragic plotline! Soon Peter began tearing up. He wanted to hide it but Shelley told him that she loves a guy who isn’t afraid to cry at movies and he let it all out! I’m the same way. I like a sensitive guy who isn’t afraid to cry at the movies or at least hold me while I do! I’m glad I found that in my boyfriend Glen.

Later in the show I was absolutely frightened! Thanks a million John for the heart attack! Holy firetruck! A group of singles over 40 met in, of all places Our Majesty’s Penitentiary for an interfaith program for singles over 40. They had a guest speaker, Kevin Trentell who is an inmate at the prison doing his 7th consecutive life sentence! I know John is a nice guy because I’ve met him before but he had me scared to death with this character! I got so scared that I prayed “I know it’s only a play and that John really is a nice person but I’m really, really scared. Please watch over and protect me!” I was crying I was so afraid! Aside from the frightening nature of the character one of the other factors of my being petrified was his sudden loud noises. I have sensory issues with my ears due to my Aspergers. My sense of hearing is heightened and loud noises are even louder in my ears. I was happy when that scene was over!

Kevin scared Dana and Peter into getting married to each other. I was lucky enough to be acknowledged and thanked for coming to the wedding! That made me feel special. I thought that Peter and Dana made a cute couple!

The violin player and Evan Smith who played piano tonight played something special for Peter and Dana on their wedding day. They sounded great together! They are both amazing musicians.

Then it was time for intermission and Screech cake! Screech cake is my favorite course. It’s to die for! Allison was really looking forward to that course because I always tell her how delicious it is. She loved it too! I was glad she did. Also I got a mocktail (virgin cocktail) from the bar. I needed one to calm my nerves after being so afraid! Cranberry juice with 2 fluid ounces of soda water. It’s so refreshing!

There were lots more hilarious scenes in the 2nd act. Shelley was chosen as a bridesmaid for Peter and Dana’s wedding. What else is new though? Her character can’t find a man for herself and is “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride”. I really liked that this was a country song. Shelley did a fantastic job of singing it. Also, even though she didn’t like the dress she was in I thought it was pretty and it looked good on her.

“Whatever Happened to Baby’s Parents” had me in stitches! Peter and Shelley were new parents and absolutely gaga over the baby! They practiced patty-cake, gave each other finger kisses, referred to each other as mommy and daddy, expected complete silence to listen to the baby monitor if they thought they heard something and the funniest part was that Peter couldn’t stop speaking in baby talk! I almost couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard! Baby is a silly language. Peter stole the show with this scene and song! He gets some style points too for the Minions T-shirt! They’re adorable.

“The Family That Drives Together” was awesome. A dysfunctional family on a road trip. The coolest thing about this scene was that the “car” was steno chairs! It was really cool watching them drive them around on stage.

I’m not sure of the name of it but I liked the song Shelley and John sang after the “Sex and the Married Couple” scene. They were ready to have some adult fun but the kids kept interrupting and needing them for something! The ending was my favorite part. Peter screamed out that his brother was eating the guppies and Shelley and John had had enough and wanted to get on with things so they said “Let him!” LOL!

“Waiting” was great. John did excellent in this scene. He was tired of waiting for his wife to finish shopping. I feel his pain! When mom goes shopping she takes forever to leave the store! We’ll go in for one thing and come out with armloads of bags!

I thought Dana did an excellent job with her monologue. “The Very First Dating Video of Rose Reid”. Her husband left her and so she filmed a dating video to try and find another man. It was a long monologue and I was impressed at how she was able to memorize all that!

The final scene, “Funerals are for Dating” was sweet. It’s one of my favorite scenes of the show. Elderly people in love is really cute. Margaret (Shelley) accompanied her friend to a wake and Barry (Peter) arrived early for the 4:30 wake he was to be attending. He sat next to Margaret and began talking to and soon hitting on her! The song accompanying that scene “I Can Live With That” (which by the way is an ear worm that was stuck in my head all day yesterday) is funny and sweet. I sang along with every word and had a big smile on my face. It made my heart happy! My favorite part is the ending when they sing to each other “No matter, I can live with you.” I cried happy tears!

Once the show ended I gave the cast a standing ovation. They absolutely deserved it after such a marvelous performance! Once the applause died down, as they always do they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. I remained standing, put my hand on my heart and sing along. The singing of “Spirit of Newfoundland” is one of my favorite parts of a night out at Spirit. It’s such a beautiful song!

Once they had finished singing it they gave shout outs to friends and family in the audience and I was lucky enough to be acknowledged again! I felt even more special. I thought it was sweet of them to mention me twice.

Then came the part I was really excited about and looking forward to all day! I got to introduce Allison to my Spirit family! We first got to see Evan. I introduced him to Allison and he introduced me to his fiancee Tiffany. She’s nice. I was flattered by her and Evan’s comments about my blog! I’m glad they are such avid readers and enjoy it so much. They are a lovely couple and I’m very happy for them. I wish you both eternal happiness and hope you have a wonderful wedding next month.

I got a big hug from Dana when she came out! Hugs are one of my favorite things. We talked for a bit then Shelley came out and we got a picture together The girls. On Monday night I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies as a treat for my friends at work and left 4 in the dressing room for the cast. Later in the night when I was talking to Shelley she thanked me for them and her and Peter both said they loved them! That made me happy. I was hoping they would!

Dana and Shelley said I could go back and see if the boys were backstage or downstairs. That was nice of them. The first person we ran into back there was John. I told him how much I loved the show and that he did a great job. We got a picture together too John and me and he signed my program. That was nice of him.

Then I got to introduce Allison to Peter. I’ve told both of them so much about each other and was excited for them to finally meet! We chatted for a bit, then went upstairs to the Screech room and I got a picture with him Peter and me.

This was one of the best nights of my life! Thank you Dana, Shelley, John, Peter and Allison for making it so memorable! Allison, I’m so glad you were finally able to come to Spirit of Newfoundland and that you enjoyed your first show. I hope we’ll get to do this again soon! For those of you who have not yet seen it this show is running all summer long! Be sure to check it out. Also they are opening a new show “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl If I Want To” next week and are also running “Our Celtic Spirit… Written in Crayon” all summer which is also a fabulous show (everything Spirit does is fabulous.) For more information call 579-3023 or click here to visit their website. Also, a whole bunch of my immensely talented friends, Peter, Erin Winsor, Nicolas Keough and Lauren Hayward just to name a few will be performing on Friday night in An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Holy Heart Theater. Click here for more info on that performance.

I love Allison, she’s perfect and because of her my life has changed. If you are a student who wants to make a difference in the life of a person like myself with special needs I highly recommend becoming part of Best Buddies. Visit their website to learn more.


Our Celtic Spirit Written In Crayon

Hey blog world! There’s a man in my life whom I love dearly. He’s a total gentleman! He’s always very sweet, he’s super proud of me and brags about me whenever he gets a chance, which I find flattering, he attends all my sporting events and concerts and is always there when I need him whether it be emotionally or I need a ride somewhere. That man is my Poppy. Usually when I go out with him for something to eat and a chat it usually ends up being Mini Mary’s and taters in Mary Brown’s at a table by the window, pizza at my house or mini bottles of cranberry juice and a bag of Cheetos to share in the basement of our Church! Last night I was able to take him out somewhere nice for a change. I’m working at Spirit of Newfoundland and my boss wanted me to come see one of their new summer shows, “Our Celtic Spirit, Written in Crayon” and take pictures. For my date I knew that Poppy would be the one to ask. He loves Newfoundland music and as I said we rarely get to go out somewhere nice. I felt he deserved a fancy meal and a show. He does so much for me, he deserves to be taken out.

We went in and to pass some time before the meal began I showed Poppy where I work (the bar/reservation office) and we sat on the bench in the corner and chatted about my job. I love having chats with Poppy.

Soon it was time to sit at our table. It was great to see some familiar faces in the Grand Room (dining and stage room) that I hadn’t seen in the longest time! Sarah, one of Spirit’s newest employees that does serving and reservation work and Colleen who is also a server. Sarah helped me film my documentary on Spirit of Newfoundland for school. She’s really nice. It was great to see her again and have her as my server as well. Colleen, I hadn’t seen in ages! I can’t remember the last time to be honest. I missed her a lot. She’s such a lovely person.

A little later I was passing by the bar and out of the corner of my eye saw my wonderful friends Peter Halley and Eric Lamme in there having their meal so I decided to pop in and say hello. We had a lengthy chat about all kinds of things. I even learned something really cool about Eric! He has a really neat accent so I asked him where he was from. He’s from Amsterdam. That was really interesting!

A little while later the meal started. Spirit has a new chef, Chris Chafe. I was really looking forward to tasting his food. It looked yummy from the pictures that I’d seen so I hoped it tasted yummy too. I was right! The appetizer was a saladsalad. Very nice presentation. I thought the dressing was a little sour but it wasn’t too bad. The prosciutto was my favorite part. It was cooked perfectly. It was smoky with just the right hint of salt and it was nice and crispy too.

For the main course I had screech barbecue pork, market veggies, jalapeno, cheddar corn bread and whipped sweet potato. Main course I loved the screech barbecue pork! My immediate thought after the first bite was “Wow! This is delicious! Well done Chris!” Then the spice kicked in. Woo-wee! My then thought was “My goodness! My mouth is awake now!” It was I’d say a yellow belt level kick, however it wasn’t overpowering. It had a nice, smoky taste to it too with a hint of sweetness as well. All those flavors mixed really well together and made for a delicious barbecue sauce. The pork was delicious as well. A tiny bit hard to cut though. Other than that it was lovely. Nice and juicy! I liked the vegetables too. The broccoli especially (it’s one of my favorite veggies). I wasn’t fond of the cornbread or sweet potato though.

After the meal the show began. The characters one by one came out and talked about the impact that Miss Loveys and their grade 8 Heritage Fair project had on their lives. I thought it was really sweet. I loved how inclusive of the audience this show was! When Miss Loveys (Sheila Williams) came out we sang good morning to each other and Sheila clapped out rhythms with her hands and we would have to repeat them. I felt like I was back in Miss O’Keefe’s music class in elementary school.

There were lots of audience opportunities to sing as well. I loved that! Sheila lead us all in “We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar“. She asked for a soloist and my hand shot straight up into the air! I was lucky enough to be picked! I felt amazing! It was so much fun getting my own little solo and everyone cheered and clapped for me when I was done. I was on cloud 9! Sheila lead us all in “Teach Your Children” as well. That’s a really cool song.

A little later we were split into groups. Finland, Newfoundland, Italy and France and each group was given a little part to sing. Poppy and I were part of the French group. We got to sing the French part from “Lady Marmalade“. “Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir” which in English translates to “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?” Sheila said that we needed a “grunter” for the end of the song and she picked a man sitting at the table behind us. He was so funny! I thought he did a great job. The Newfie group got to sing a part from “Ode to Newfoundland”. I was really impressed with the baritone voice of one of the men in that group. The Italians sang a part from “Mambo Italiano“. I couldn’t help dancing in my seat to that song! The Finland group got a little viking song I think.

The main plot of the show was Miss Loveys’ (Sheila Williams) grade 8 class who had to do a project for the Heritage Fair. There was Johnny (Keith Power), the hard ticket of the class who thought everything except for trikes and Great Big Sea sucked, Chad (Evan Smith) who had a stuttering problem and was afraid to speak in front of the class and Emily (Erin Winsor), the preppy chick. She did her report for the fair on all the places in the province where you could get your hair and nails done! They really should have provided oxygen tanks for the audience when we came in. The show was absolutely hysterical! Many people were crying from laughter and a handful of others, myself included couldn’t breathe we were laughing so hard!

In the library when they practiced their song for the Heritage Fair I was blown away! It was astounding! The harmony was beautiful! Their voices blend together perfectly! When Evan picked up a guitar I was really impressed. I knew he was a wizard at the piano but I never knew he could play the guitar! He was really good at it! He played “Lukey’s Boat” while everyone sang.

Keith was as usual absolutely hilarious last night! He’s a powerhouse with enough energy to power the whole province (even the million or so twinkly lights at the Arts and Culture Center) and have some energy to spare! It was so funny when every two seconds or so Johnny would stick his hand up in the air and yell out for Miss Loveys! Johnny in my opinion really stole the show.

Keith also did a great job in his other role. He was the voice of the heard but not seen Sister Mary Principal. Every now and then she would make an announcement over the P.A system. My favorite was when she was saying things she didn’t want Miss Loveys to hear like her students are hard cases but yet Miss Loveys heard everything because Sister Mary Principal didn’t know how to turn the P.A off!

Unfortunately for Sister Mary Principal she was in the washroom when Miss Loveys was trying to tell her that her students really are good kids. I can’t remember what she said about Chad or Johnny but I do remember she said that Emily was very thoughtful and considerate of the others. I thought it was really sweet that she stood up for and complimented her students. Miss Loveys really lived up to her name. She’s lovely! She was everything a teacher really should be. Kind, caring, helpful and patient.

I was really impressed with Erin’s acting as well. She played Emily really well and she looked great too! I loved her pigtails. I thought they were cute. It was so funny at the beginning when she didn’t want to put her head down on her desk to brainstorm because of some rare disease that was circulating in Africa I think. Johnny pushed her head down on her desk for her LOL!

Soon it was time for “Nutrition Break” (intermission) and that meant Screech cake!!! The Screech cake at Spirit of Newfoundland is to die for! It’s a bit strong due to the Screech but it’s sweet too. It’s the course I look most forward to when I come to Spirit. Drizzled on the plate was Screech caramel sauce, raspberry coulis and whipped cream to dip the cake in. I loved the Screech caramel sauce. It too was strong because of the screech but it blended really well with the sweetness of the caramel. The raspberry coulis was really yummy. I thought it paired really well with the Screech cake.

Once nutrition break was done the class gave their presentation. I thought Evan really shone in the second act. I was so proud of Chad when he overcame his fear and was able to do a speaking part! I thought it was really sweet of his classmates to encourage him too. Chad had a lot to say because poor Emily got a nosebleed and he had to take over. He nailed it!

The students got a few solo’s during the presentation and my mind was blown! Evan’s singing in the second act was breathtaking! He had a solo in “Wave Over Wave” and I nearly cried! The whole song was absolutely beautiful! The little round at the end was the best part. I stood up once it was finished! I felt that beautiful performance deserved a standing ovation. Keith showed his marvelous talent for ballads last night. I didn’t catch the name but he sang a ballad about fishing and I had goosebumps! When Erin sang “Rule Britannia” she sounded absolutely stunning! I can’t get over how incredible their voices all are!

There was more audience participation during the presentation! Poppy got to be part of the show! I thought that was so cool. The students talked a little bit about Newfoundland kitchen parties and as they sang “Muscles In The Corner” Sheila gave Poppy an ugly stick and a young CFA (Come From Away) who had just been screeched in during nutrition break got to play the spoons. I thought they both did a wonderful job! As for the cast I loved their performance of “Muscles in the Corner”. It was my favorite song in the show!

A little later when they were talking about Italy I think, they did a parody of the Macarena about Giovanni Cabotto (John Cabot). It was really cool! I danced along in my seat.

To end the show they did a medley of Great Big Sea songs. I thought it was wonderful! They included a lot of great songs, “Consequence Free”, “Sea of No Cares”, “Goin’ Up” etc. I loved it! It sounded amazing! However, it was bittersweet as well. It reminded me of my friend Jake who I wonder if I’ll ever see again. I really miss him. He was my duet partner during lunch at school. He was in the special needs classroom and used a wheelchair. Like me, he had a passion for music. After he had his lunch he would relax by turning on the fan and his multicolored, spinning disco ball and listening to music. Every now and then I would sit and sing with him. One of his favorite bands was Great Big Sea. Let me tell you, seeing the huge smile on his face as we sang “Run Runaway” together made my heart overflow! He was a great singer. Maybe one of these days I’ll see him on the stage at Spirit! Who knows!

Once the medley ended and the show was done I stood up again and gave them another standing ovation! They all absolutely deserved it! It was an absolutely phenomenal show! Poppy said it was the best one he’d seen yet! Both of us loved every minute of the show!

As they always do, to end the show they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. It’s such a beautiful song and I love hearing it every time I go to a Spirit show. I remained standing, put my hand over my heart and sang along. Then they gave some shout outs to their friends and family in the audience. I felt really special when they acknowledged that I was there! They told everyone that I worked at Spirit and am a voice student of Peter’s.

At the end of the show I went downstairs to see the cast and congratulate them on a job well done! It made my night when I asked Evan if he had found what I left in his office and he said he did, he loved it and was going to hang it somewhere special! That meant a lot to me. On Canada Day, as a way of relaxing and putting my mind off the Fireworks I colored a picture in my favorite SpongeBob coloring book and listened to Christian music. I colored a picture of SpongeBob thinking about his grandpa and how he would rant about young people and their silly flying machines! I thought it looked really cool when it was finished and decided to give it to Evan. I’m so happy he loves it! Making home made gifts, giving them to my friends and seeing them so happy makes me happy too!

We all came back upstairs to the bar to get a picture together. Group  A whole bunch of my favorite people all in one picture! They all have hearts three sizes too big! I think this is a definite framer.Once again, job exceptionally well done Sheila, Evan, Keith and Erin! Thank you for giving me and Poppy an unforgettable night out!

Like all of Spirit’s previous shows this one gets 5 stars! I highly recommend going to see it! For more information click here to visit Spirit’s website or call them at 579-3023. Also be sure to check out Spirit’s other two summer shows, “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Dana Parsons and John Williams and “It’s My Party and I’ll Bawl If I Want To” starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Sheilla Williams, Keith Power and Janet Cull. Also if you’d like to take in a performance of Evan and Erin they will be performing in “An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber” at the Holy Heart Theater on Friday July 17th along with plenty of other incredible local artists. Click here for more information on that.

Is there a “Miss Loveys” in your life? A teacher that you had or have that left a lasting impact on you or made a difference in your life? Tell me in the comments! My Miss, or rather Mr. Loveys is Peter Halley. He’s a fabulous teacher! If I forget to practice he doesn’t get upset, he’s patient with me and understanding of my challenges, he’s picky, which I find really helpful, he’s a great listener when I need someone to talk to, he makes me laugh, he’s very encouraging and most importantly he believes in me. Thank you for everything Peter! Thank you to all the Miss Loveys’ in the world! You’re awesome!

Leah 🙂