Happy Endings

In response to daily prompt “Happy Endings”

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

Hey blog world! I can’t keep my New Years resolutions! I make them but never manage to keep them! However, last year I finally managed to keep my resolution!!! It was to cut out soft drinks.

I used to love soda pop. Especially Jones Orange and Cream Soda. I drank a lot of pop. I drank diet when I could thinking it was better for me but soda pop is soda pop. None of it is good for you.

Soda is so enticing and very hard to resist. It’s everywhere you go! Stores, restaurants, especially parties. I couldn’t get away from it! When I saw it I could almost taste the sweet, cold bubbly nectar and instantly wanted some.

I knew I had to try and lessen my intake because it was a big factor of my acne issues and was overall really bad for me but as I said it was so good and so hard to resist! I had tried multiple times to quit but I couldn’t! After about a week or so off the pop I’d get back on again and have a glass!

Last New Years Eve I decided that my resolution would be to finally cut out soft drinks. I knew it would be hard but it was something that had to be done.

The first week was hard because again IT’S EVERYWHERE! I wanted it but reminded myself of the resolution I made. I couldn’t break it this early into the year. It took a lot of will power but I managed to resist.

After the first few weeks it got easier. I’d been off it for a while and wasn’t missing it so it had gotten easier to refuse. I was proud of myself each time I would turn down a soft drink.

It’s been several months and I’m still off soda pop! I do allow myself ginger ale BUT it’s for medicinal purposes only (i.e when I have a stomach ache.) I’m so glad I finally managed to kick the habit! Now I stick to drinks that are better for me. Fruit juice, smoothies, lemon water and goat milk.

What habit have you tried to quit? Did you succeed? Tell me in the comments!



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