Love Legalized

Hey blog world! The supreme court ruled today that marriage equality is legal in all 50 states of the U.S. To that I say “Excellent job!” I’m so happy that they finally understand that love is love!

I’m a big human rights advocate. I believe that everyone is equal and should have all the same rights no matter age, race, ability or sexuality. I’m mad and saddened that there are places in the world where it is illegal for LGBTQ individuals to marry. I’m glad that America is no longer one of them. Illegalizing same-sex marriage makes no sense to me at all! I know a few people who identify as LGBTQ and they are the nicest people ever. They are regular people, just like you and me and deserve to be treated as such and be entitled to the same rights as everyone else! So their wedding will have two grooms or two brides. Big deal! I’m glad that America has stepped up and done this but it took them long enough! Seriously! I don’t know why this rule wasn’t put forth long ago or why same sex marriage was made illegal in the first place! It’s so wrong to illegalize love!

I sincerely hope that the places in the world where this is still wrongly illegal will take note and follow suit. To those who are LGBTQ I hope you live long and happy lives and congratulations to those in America who are now able to marry. To all the haters Fart in general direction!



Happy Endings

In response to daily prompt “Happy Endings”

Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?

Hey blog world! I can’t keep my New Years resolutions! I make them but never manage to keep them! However, last year I finally managed to keep my resolution!!! It was to cut out soft drinks.

I used to love soda pop. Especially Jones Orange and Cream Soda. I drank a lot of pop. I drank diet when I could thinking it was better for me but soda pop is soda pop. None of it is good for you.

Soda is so enticing and very hard to resist. It’s everywhere you go! Stores, restaurants, especially parties. I couldn’t get away from it! When I saw it I could almost taste the sweet, cold bubbly nectar and instantly wanted some.

I knew I had to try and lessen my intake because it was a big factor of my acne issues and was overall really bad for me but as I said it was so good and so hard to resist! I had tried multiple times to quit but I couldn’t! After about a week or so off the pop I’d get back on again and have a glass!

Last New Years Eve I decided that my resolution would be to finally cut out soft drinks. I knew it would be hard but it was something that had to be done.

The first week was hard because again IT’S EVERYWHERE! I wanted it but reminded myself of the resolution I made. I couldn’t break it this early into the year. It took a lot of will power but I managed to resist.

After the first few weeks it got easier. I’d been off it for a while and wasn’t missing it so it had gotten easier to refuse. I was proud of myself each time I would turn down a soft drink.

It’s been several months and I’m still off soda pop! I do allow myself ginger ale BUT it’s for medicinal purposes only (i.e when I have a stomach ache.) I’m so glad I finally managed to kick the habit! Now I stick to drinks that are better for me. Fruit juice, smoothies, lemon water and goat milk.

What habit have you tried to quit? Did you succeed? Tell me in the comments!



Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “Ingredients”

What’s the one item in your kitchen you can’t possibly cook without? A spice, your grandma’s measuring cup, instant ramen — what’s your magic ingredient, and why?

NUTELLA!!! It was love at first taste! I simply can’t go without it now! It serves so many awesome purposes in my kitchen.

  • Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwitches. The two flavors blend really well together and it tastes amazing!
  • Spread on pancakes and eggo’s: It’s a lot less sticky than syrup and it tastes great! I especially love it on top of chocolate chip pancakes. It’s chocolate heaven!
  • A dip for various fruits and veggies. I love how it tastes on strawberries. Also when Nutella is on it raw celery becomes edible! With Nutella is the only way I’ll eat raw celery.
  • If I’m having a campfire and have no chocolate bars to make s’mores I use nutella. Sure it’s a little messier but it’s delicious!

What’s one item in your kitchen you can’t cook without? Tell me in the comments!

Grade 12 Memories

Hey blog world! I have only one day of classes left before exams (I’m out tomorrow for a Special Olympics event)! Holy cats where did the time go? I have been studying hard so I think I’m ready but I still feel quite nervous! Please cross your fingers for me! Anyway since the year is coming to a close I thought I would (as I usually do) post up my best memories of this school year!

My favorite subject hands down was writing! I had been wanting to take it since I arrived at high school! I was ecstatic when there was finally room for me this year! loved the whole course but personally my favorite unit was the essay unit. That unit received a lot of groans from my classmates but I was happy! Essay’s are one of my favorite things to write. I’m very passionate about advocating for issues that are important to me (for example in this unit I wrote an essay on why teens should join their Church youth group and I also wrote an essay attempting to persuade women to learn Wen-Do, a form of self defense for women). Another thing I liked about the course was SSW’s. Sustained Silent Writing. Sir would tell us to start and we would write down whatever came to our mind and weren’t allowed to stop until sir said that we could. It felt very freeing to release my thoughts onto the page and it was a great way to get songs out of my head!

I also enjoyed clothing. In that course we learned how to sew. It wasn’t very easy at first but with time I got the hang of it. I used the sewing machine for the first few projects but found it difficult to use so I switched to hand sewing. It took longer but it was easier than the machine and I found it was quite relaxing. I really took a liking to hand sewing. I do it at home now! Anyway each time I’d finish a project I’d look at it in amazement and feel very proud of myself! I felt really proud being able to show it to people and say “I made this!” I’m glad I decided to give this course a try.

I made a new friend at school this year. His name is Jake. Jake was new to the special needs classroom this year. He uses a wheelchair. Just like me he loves music! He loves to take it easy after lunch by turning on the fan, watching a multicolored disco ball spin around and sing along with his CD’s. Sometimes I sit with Jake and we sing together. He’s a great singer. We sound great together, especially when belting out an ABBA tune (ABBA is one of his favorite bands)! Singing with Jake makes my heart overflow with happiness! I can tell it makes him happy too, he always has a big smile on his face.

I reconnected with an old friend this year too. In grades 10 and 11 my best friend was a girl named Dominique. She was in the special needs classroom. She was an intelligent young woman who absolutely loved life! I don’t recall ever seeing her sad! She always had on a smile that could brighten the darkest of rooms. She and I loved to read, draw pictures and do sensory play with raw macaroni (I highly recommend this. It feels really nice on your hands.) She graduated last year and while I’m extremely proud of her I miss her a lot too. One day, earlier in the year, one of the student assistants who worked in the special needs class came to my bio class and asked the teacher if it was ok if I stepped out for a few minutes as Miss Hemmings wanted to see me. She said it was ok. When I arrived inside Miss Hemmings classroom Dominique was there! I was overjoyed to see her again! I missed her and her hugs so much! I gave her a big hug and didn’t want to let go. My year was made getting to see her again! I don’t know what she’s up to now but I hope that life has brought her only good things!

For the 2nd year in a row I competed in QE’s Got Talent. Last year, while the students all loved my song and some even thought I wrote it (I performed “Taylor the Latte Boy”) I didn’t win, but that was ok. I had fun and everyone really enjoyed it! I thought I’d try again this year. This year I performed “I Don’t Know How To Love Him” from “Jesus Christ Superstar”. Again everyone loved it but I didn’t win. For the 2nd year in a row Idol Sock, a punk rock/screamo band won. I’m not a fan of their music (they are much too loud! I left the cafeteria before they started) but I was still happy for them and congratulated them. I only did it for the fun and was happy with my performance. I thought I did fantastic.

We studied “Les Misérables” in French this year. I’m a HUGE Les Mis fan! It’s such a beautiful musical. I had been looking forward to studying the book since I arrived at High School! I knew I would rock that novel study because I knew everything about Les Mis! I even have the musical memorized! I hadn’t read the book until we did it in class. I really enjoyed it. I could picture the show and hear the songs as we read.

I went to the breakfast club almost every day. I can’t say no to free hot chocolate! Also my breakfasts at home are usually pretty starchy and full of carbs (hash brown’s, eggo’s, pancakes, cheerio’s etc) so it was nice to have some fruit and cheese at breakfast club to balance things out.

I took a first aid course. It was a mandatory component of my workplace safety course and was worth 15% of my grade. I was honestly a little scared because I’m very squeamish and have a weak stomach. It doesn’t take much to turn it! Also I panic in emergency situations! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, except for the end when we learned about how to treat severed limbs. I had to look away! Anyway I learned a lot from that course and am glad that I did it! I hope to never be in a situation where I have to use my skills but if I am I know what to do.

I had the honor of bringing up the wreath of poppies and reciting a poem at our remembrance day assembly. I was very humbled and proud that I was asked to do these things.

I got to participate in several activities with the special needs class. I’m very glad they allowed me to do so. We’ve done so much together this year! Some of my favorites were sewing pillows, making ice cream cake, bowling in the cafeteria (with a plastic lawn bowling set) and watching “Annie”. That day I thought it was so sweet how when it got to the part that always makes me cry (the heartbreaking reprise of “Maybe”) they comforted me and my friend Katie even gave me a big hug! That made me feel a lot better.

In my workplace safety course, if we had the class last period on a Friday we would get to watch a show! The teacher has a bunch of episodes of “Dirty Jobs” and “Mythbusters” downloaded onto his computer so he would let us pick what to watch. I always voted for “Mythbusters”. They’re so cool!

For the third year in a row I tried out for the school’s improv team. Again I didn’t make it but I had such a blast at the tryouts! Two days of improv games was enough to make me happy.

As I did every year, every Friday at recess I bought a piece of fudge from the special needs students. I think they probably have amassed well over $100 from me! I’m not sure how much 50 cents a week for three years is but I know it’s a lot. Their fudge was to die for! My favorite flavor was orange chocolate but this year they introduced cookie dough!!! Orange chocolate lost it’s top spot to that heavenly new flavor!

I got to be Lady MacBeth when my English class read the play. It was pretty fun! I liked being queen. Out damn spot! LOL! That was my favorite line.

What are some of your favorite memories from this school year? Tell me in the comments!

I’m Alive

Hey blog world! Last night the Masonic Temple came alive! My friend, the super entertaining ball of energy Keith Power did his very first solo show and called it “I’m Alive”. I was there with my mom. She pays for pretty much everything that I go to see so this time I thought I’d give her credit card a break and treat her to the show.

One thing I really liked was that we had a bit of a choice in where we sat. Mom and I could pick any table from 11-20. It was nice to have a bit of freedom in that sense and choose where we sat. I picked a nice table up near the front. We had a great view! Speaking of the tables each one had a basket of popcorn! Popcorn is my favorite snack so I was quite happy to see it.

The show soon began with Claire Rouleau who looked lovely with a white flower in her hair and wearing a short, light blue dress. She sang “As We Stumble Along” from “The Drowsy Chaperone”. Claire has very pretty voice. It was wonderful to hear her sing again (I heard her for the first time a few weeks ago in Erin Winsor and Justin Nurse’s “Broadway Nights” show at the LSPU hall)

After that song Keith burst in through the door. He was in a sweater and shorts! He thought he’d have time to run to the gym before the show! LOL! He then confessed his love to Claire with the song “To Excess“. He wasn’t creepy at all Sarcasm sign! He’s holding her grandma ransom until she says she’ll go out with him, he carved her name into his left thigh, he stole a mannequin and dressed it up like her! It was a really funny song and I really enjoyed it.

I really enjoyed “The Temp and the Receptionist” too. Nerds are awesome! This song was about two nerds who work in an office together and have fallen in love with each other. She’s an icon on the desktop of his soul and she wants him to open her spreadsheet like Microsoft Excel. It was cute.

As I said, Keith is a big ball of energy and always does upbeat, fun songs however, last night he performed a few ballads. The first one he did was called “Lost In The Waves“. It was beautiful!  Keith did a fantastic job. I was almost in tears!

I learned a lot of new songs last night and was happy to hear some familiar tunes. Especially “I Believe” from “Book of Mormon”! It’s one of my absolute favorite show tunes! I saw Keith come out with a backpack and wearing a white shirt and black pants and I knew right away what was coming! I was giddy as a school girl! I squealed a little, had an ear to ear grin and clapped! I turned to mom and exclaimed (silently) “Oh my gosh! “Book of Mormon”! “Book of Mormon”!!!” I couldn’t contain my happiness at all! Keith was a marvellous Elder Price! That performance made me and my heart overflow with happiness!

Evan Smith, the pianist in the show isn’t just a wizard on the keys. He’s also an excellent singer. He sang “Rumba Raylene” from “Variations on a Nervous Breakdown”, a musical composed by Newfoundlander Jonathan Monro. It’s about a waitress named Raylene who has a Newfie accent, lazy S and the man she falls in love with develops the lazy S after she dies! Evan was hilarious! Especially when he would talk like her! He had me in stitches!

I was hoping to see Keith in drag last night and was thrilled that I got my wish! I’ve seen him in drag many times and he rocks! He plays a woman really well and looks great in dresses! He reprised his role as Mary Sunshine from “Chicago” and sang “A Little Bit Of Good” (he played her in TaDa Events’ 2013 production at the Arts and Culture Center.) I was floored! He had an astounding female singing voice! He hit some really impressive high notes! He had me razzle dazzled with this performance!

When act two started, the poster for “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” appeared on the projector screen above the stage. I thought “Ohh! This is a kids musical! This song should be really cute.” Keith came out in a Boy Scout outfit and offered the crowd Tulip Baroo baked goods. Tulip Baroo is a local vegan catering company. He then went up on stage and sang about how he had to do that because he lost the spelling bee. The reason why I didn’t see coming! “My unfortunate erection is destroying my perfection.” I seriously thought Spelling Bee was meant for kids so I wasn’t expecting that at all! Even so I quite liked the song. It was funny!

Claire did a song that I could really relate to. If it weren’t for my sweet Glen I’m certain I would have ended up like the character Claire portrayed in that song. It was titled “Party Hat“. I was having no luck in the love department after my first breakup. I thought I’d wind up a cat lady like Claire’s character! I actually am starting to turn into one! I spend many an afternoon reading aloud to and watching movies with Prince Ozzy Ozzy Les Mis(His favorite book is my abridged copy of “Les Miserables” and his favorite movie is “We Bought A Zoo”.) Evan did a wonderful job as the cat in the song. His cat voice was so cute! This song is an earworm! It’s stuck in my head and will likely be there for the rest of the week!

Another familiar song in act 2 was “NYC” from “Annie”. It was the first in a medley of songs. Claire, Keith, and eventually a really pretty dancer in a gorgeous, red flapper dress whose name I unfortunately didn’t catch danced as they sang! The dancing was spectacular! It was almost like magic! Again my heart overflowed with happiness!

Another ballad was sung in act 2. “Kiss The Air“. It was breathtaking. Keith is a wonderful ballad singer. I hope to hear him sing one again soon.

Bringing things back up again Claire and Keith teamed up with John Williams and Sabrina Roberts and did a quartet about Facebook! It was awesome! The harmonies were super!

Keith ended the show with “I’m Alive” from “Next To Normal”. It was a super way to end the show! I was dancing in my seat the whole time! It was awesome! After the song I of course stood up and gave Keith a well deserved standing ovation!

Then Claire and the others came back and they all sang “No Business Like Show Business.” It was an excellent encore! I gave them a standing ovation as well. All in all it was a stupendous show and I loved every minute!

When it was over I got to mingle! The who’s who of the local arts scene, or as I’m proud to call them all, my friends were out tonight! It was great to see their awesome faces on stage and off, catch up with them and get hugs from them all (giving and receiving hugs are two of my favorite things!) I of course got plenty of pictures too!

Peter and me Me and Peter Halley

Janet, Eric and me Between the lovely, soon to be married couple, Janet Cull and Eric Lamme.

Keith and me and of course, me and the star of the show Keith Power!

While it was great catching up with old friends it was really nice meeting someone new last night as well. Erin introduced me to John Williams. He, as I said had a part in two numbers in the show and was also in several other local productions i.e “Spamalot”, “Urinetown” and “The Addams Family”. It was nice to meet him. He was really nice. I’m really looking forward to seeing him in “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” at Spirit of Newfoundland. My Best Buddy and I plan on seeing that to celebrate graduating.

I was on cloud 9 when I introduced myself to John and he said “Oh! You’re the one that does all the reviews!” I had no idea he was even reading them! I felt amazing! Erin even said that the local actors/actresses always ask each other if they’ve seen what I’ve written! It’s so nice to know that so many people read what I write and enjoy it.

I talked a little business with Peter Halley and Kathie Hicks last night. We discussed my summer job at Spirit and a little side project that Peter has for me. I won’t say too much yet but I will tell you that there are some really exciting projects in my future that I’ll be sure to share with you soon!

Congrats on your first solo show Keith! I hope you do another one! It was a total blast!