Senior Prom

Hey blog world! Last Thursday night was magical! It was one of the best nights of my life so far. I went to my Senior Prom!

My day started with hair, makeup and nails courtesy of my mom’s friend Shelley. I don’t usually wear makeup but this was a really big and special night so I made an exception. It was fun, however I am NOT wearing mascara or eyeliner again! How do you women do that to yourself? The application process is super firetrucking uncomfortable! Anyway Shelley did a wonderful job and I looked stunning! 003 (the photo editor isn’t cooperating so please put up with having to turn your head.)

When I got back home we had Mary Brown’s for lunch. Soon after my date arrived! I of course asked my wonderful, sweet boyfriend Glen to the prom! When he walked in the door I was absolutely speechless! I couldn’t think of any words to describe how handsome he looked! 007

He gave me a beautiful purple corsage to wear and as a grad gift he gave me “Noah’s Ark”, the newest “VeggieTales” movie! I’m a huge “VeggieTales” fan! You’re never too old for Bob and Larry! His grandparents didn’t even have to but they gave me a grad gift as well. Some lovely bath products and a bracelet. I really appreciated the cards and presents they gave me.

Glen and I were very lucky. We got to ride to the prom in style! Our friend Katie and her date rented a limo and let us and a few of her other friends and their dates ride in it with her! That was very nice of her. When the limo pulled up into my driveway I was floored! I couldn’t believe that was my ride to the prom! Glen was out of his mind too!

The limo ride was lots of fun! I had my iPod with me to take pictures and I played music on it too. My friends and I all had a blast singing and dancing! Glen especially! Here are a few of the pics I took in the limo. 012 013 014

After we picked everyone up our next stop was Signal Hill for some photos. It was beautiful outside but also very cold! I was happy to get back in the limo!

Soon we arrived at the Sheraton Hotel, where our Prom was taking place. I was wowed by all the beautiful gowns and dapper tuxedos. Everyone looked stunning! The most stunning in my opinion (next to Glen of course) was my friend Brooke 036! She looked like a princess!

To begin the Prom we had a grand march into the ballroom. The grads were paired up alphabetically and walked in two by two. I walked in with my friend James.

After the grand march the principal gave a little speech. Then it was time for the banquet! What a banquet it was! There was lots of really yummy food! Stuffed chicken, pasta salad, lasagna, potato wedges etc. It was all delicious! The desert buffet was too! My favorite deserts were the triple berry sponge cake and the oreo cheesecake. They were both heavenly! Glen and I both ate our fill of food and were both stuffed to the brim!

After the banquet, some of my fellow graduates got up on stage and gave toasts. One to the parents, one to the grads and one to the teachers. I was very impressed. They were funny and touching. Great job to those who spoke!

After the toasts we had an awards ceremony, the Oscar awards! Some of the awards were “Most Artistic”, “Friendliest Senior”, “Best Nickname”. I got to be Vanna White and hand out the awards to the winners. That was a lot of fun! A lot of people complimented me on my job well done afterwards and several said they liked my dance moves (they played music as the grads came up to accept their awards and I couldn’t help but dance)!

Soon it was time for my favorite part of the night, the dance! As people were filing back into the ballroom the DJ played “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Of course Glen and I got out onto the floor as soon as the song started. We never miss a dance! We had so much fun dancing together to that song! I even got on one knee and pretended to propose to him! Soon when everyone was inside it was time for a very special dance, the father, daughter dance. It was my favorite dance of the night. The song chosen was “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw. I’m not a fan of his but “My Little Girl” is a nice song. I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry at grad but I broke my promise halfway into the song. I managed to make it through the first bit but halfway in I lost it and cried. I love my dad very much. He means a lot to me. It was very special dancing with him.

The next dance was the mother and son dance. The song chosen was “Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song and I love Rod (he’s my favorite singer in fact) but they could have picked a better song for mother,son. “Have I Told You Lately” would have worked better as one of the grad, date dances. It’s more of a romantic love song, not a parental love song. I think “Forever Young” by Rod would have been better.

Next was the male grad, date dance. I took Glen onto the floor anyway. I love slow dancing with him! He’s the best slow dancer that I know. The song chosen was Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. It was a lovely dance. Glen and I really enjoyed ourselves. Next was the female grad, date dance, “You and Me” by Lifehouse. We enjoyed dancing to that one as well.

After those dances and the class of 2015 dance (a remix of “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors) I was pooped so I sat out for a bit. Glen stayed on the floor. When “Uptown Funk” came on I got back up. I cannot not dance to that song! I then took another break, Glen didn’t. I was amazed at how he was able to dance that long! After “Does Your Mother Know” I was ready to call it quits because I was exhausted. Glen was too. The poor dear had lost all his energy. It was close to midnight at that point and he didn’t take any dance breaks so that was understandable. I helped him to the car and we headed home.

It was an unforgettable night for both of us. It was awesome having one final party with the class of 2015. They are all amazing people who I’m certain will go very far. A lot of them I’ll really miss when I’m off to CONA in September. I wish you all luck in your future endeavors! I leave you with some words of wisdom from the Lady of the Lake (from “Monty Python’s Spamalot”) “Life is really up to you, you must choose what to pursue. Set your mind on what to find and there’s nothing you can’t do!”



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